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Caleb Holmes
Do Not Pass Go
Fri Apr 1, 2005 02:17

I've heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music, do you?
It goes like this
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah


“Really, Hugh!” It was the first time he had ever heard Ben agitated. But the man seemed awfully agitated since Caleb had waked, but refused to say why, insisting that they had all been through a trying ordeal. “Is that truly necessary?”

“Ben? Could you check on Lucy for me again?” He had been so certain that it had only been a handful of hours, not over the course of two days that he had ‘slept’. But it provided a convenient excuse for the men, one which they had readily employed time and time again. Just a little longer, they would say. With the older man’s instantly softening expression, he felt a twinge of an alarm in the back of his mind. Why wouldn’t she be at his side? God, they had gone through all of this together! Where was she?

“Of course, Caleb.”

Your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty and the moonlight overthrew you
She tied you to a kitchen chair
She broke your throne, she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah


He was tired of watching the red second hand on the clock tick by. He had done it for the last sixty revolutions. At least this time he had managed to stay awake that long. Ben hadn’t returned, which was odd – he would’ve said queer, but that had already happened. Instead Hugh had found it put upon himself to keep the agent company in between a string of nurses and officials. It was surprising to find how many people had really though he had been dead. What, was he to be their martyr now?! Idiots.

“Agent?” There was another MP in the doorway, eyeing Caleb as if he were God’s gift to the government. This seriously had to stop. “There is a…” the young man paused, obviously thinking on how to say the next phrase. “Vicomte de Chagny here for you?” Who!?

“Out of my way, you fool!” Oh God, no. No! This couldn’t be happening to him. By the way Caleb gaped at the voice, and Hugh’s head whipped around, the MP apparently deemed it safe enough and took his leave. Great, so what if the guy had declared himself Charles Manson? Hmm?! Sheep, they were all damn sheep! “Opera Ghost!” The shout came and David leapt into the room, skidding to a halt. “Jesus, you look like shit!”

“See how you look after having more holes in you than Swiss cheese!” Caleb snapped, eyeing the man. “How in the hell did you get in here?” Hugh seemed equally disapproving, sternly eyeing David for intruding.

“Uhm… hi?” It was a timid voice, coming from behind David, and Shelly shuffled to the forefront, looking sheepish as she held out a small object. “Memory nine?” Oh shit. Caleb would have smacked his forehead if he had been able to reach it. Screw that! He did anyhow, and waited for a nurse to come running because he had moved his injured arm. Whew, nothing. “Why’d the guy with the armband call you ‘agent’? And where’d your accent go?”

“I really don’t think that it’s time for this dis—” Hugh began, obviously worried by the blips and bleeps that had sped up, but Caleb waved him off.

“The damage is done,” he muttered, eyeing the pair still standing in the doorway. Drawing deep breaths from the oxygen, he waited until he could hear the beeping slow itself down to a more respectable level. “Why do I always sound like a conspiracy theorist when I go through this?” In fact, he had stated his true name and nature more times than he could count over the time he spent with Lucy; far more than he had in the past. “I work for the government.” Where the hell was Ben?! “Special Agent Caleb Holmes, with the Central Intelligence Agency.” Big Foreboding Capital Letters! Well, at least no one ever knew what else he had done beyond the Agency.

“You’ve got to be kidding. Hugh, tell me that he’s having a fanciful daydream with his medication, would you?” Apparently David didn’t like change very well, fretting over the identity of a no one in his life. It wasn’t as if the Phantom was going to live on anymore, now would he? But Shelly was eyeing him in a fashion that made him completely uncomfortable. Curiosity, tinged with horror, but largely fascination; like he would be a good thing to poke at and get a reaction.

“I am sorry to say, Mister McAllister, that he is telling the truth.” Caleb groaned, flopping back against the bed with a hiss as Rob decided to rear his ugly head. Couldn’t he have a single conversation in this damned place without being interrupted by that man?! “But visiting hours are over now. If you please…” Pausing, Caleb watched Rob do the most undignified thing he had ever done, snatching the streamlined telephone right out of Shelly’s hand. “Thank you! This way, now.” But David wasn’t budging, and neither was the girl. Shit.

“I promise I’ll visit once I get out of this jailhouse, all right?” Sighing, Caleb purposely turned his head away from the uncalled visitors and closed his eyes tightly, wishing them away. Already he felt exhausted, and just from that bit of surprise! Was he really so fragile? It seemed preposterous, but the facts were there. Snuggling his head further into the pillow, hoping to sink into the sofa cushion and out of sight, he tried to rest.

He really wasn’t aware of how much time had passed, only that the nurses visited with increasing frequency, checking his vitals every time since the last outburst. But he had calmed, though slightly agitated they kept waking him out of a pleasant dozing state, only able to count the minutes and wait. What he didn’t see was Hugh rising worriedly when Lucy arrived, glancing back and forth between the lovers. No, he was blissfully unaware of the reaction, and everything concerning it until someone gasped. No more visitors! I can’t take it!

“Oh God. Caleb.” Lucy?! Blinking the sleep from his eyes, he turned toward her voice, smile dying beneath the mask. A nurse had exchanged it out earlier, claiming that it would help him rest better; he just hadn’t anticipated the constant sensation of floating and falling, which was quite unnerving. “Hi.” A nervous smile from the girl as he took in the sight. An I.V., a wheelchair, a gown, and a pale girl did not make for a very good combination. What in the hell was going on here? “I love you.”

“Mmm…” Refusing to grunt out an answer through the thick plastic of the mask, he tugged it down around his neck. There he could still breathe oxygen-enriched air, but not be impeded by the construct. And if the nurse bitched, she could go to hell. “I love you too.” Any other time, he would have eyed Ben suspiciously for being the one to wheel Lucy in and lower the railing on his bed; but now he had eyes for only the girl. “Is the baby all right?” She was obviously fine, so he’d ask about what he couldn’t see.

“I lost her. I’m so sorry.” What? Momentarily confused, and wondering if he had heard Lucy wrong, his furrowed brow deepened, searching her features for the answer. “I’m so sorry…” Oh God. Jesus Christ! No, he was hearing things, he had to be. A glance toward Ben did not help him solidify his suspicions, instead only bolstering Lucy’s statement.

“No…” Caleb whispered, snatching up Lucy’s hand to press it to his lips, before pulling her as close as possible to his bedside, tenderly stroking her hair. At least there wasn’t any pain; the intravenous drip was taking care of that! Looking over her head, Caleb could see several people, and had to immediately stomp on the urge to recite Wizard of Oz lines while giggling. “Rob, what happened.” Not a question from him this time. Worst of all, the man seemed hesitant to answer, rubbing a red cheek. Had he been slapped?

“Lucy is a bright girl. She figured out that you were here as Gino under my orders, and decided to bitchslap me for it.” Gape. Really?! Man, he had wanted to do that to Rob so many times, and she got the chance to and he didn’t?! “The MP took it upon himself to quell the disturbance.” It was the first time he had ever seen Rob grimace while recounting events. “Lucy was thrown against the wall before he could see reason. The doctors checked her over, and declared her fine.” His hand had stilled stroking Lucy’s hair, trying not to grip it instead. “But when you started to wake…”

“Nightingale began hemorrhaging,” Ben finished, lightly grasping Lucy’s shoulder in a sign of comfort that she didn’t affect to notice. Frankly, he couldn’t blame her one bit. Instead, he was seeing red.

“Sit me up.” Rob was already beginning to make platitudes, and he couldn’t take that. Not now. “Help me sit up, god damn it or I’ll do it myself!” Blip-blip-blipblipblip… It was Ben that offered the assistance, being careful of the injuries as the bed rose. Oh Jesus… The room spun and tilted dizzyingly, bile rising in his throat at the newest distorted view. But once the wave of nausea passed, he began to feel better, grasping Lucy’s hand in as strong a grip as he could muster. “Bring the MP in.” He really wasn’t being received well, but his request was humored.

“Yes, sir?” It was the same oaf that had announced the Vicomte earlier. Bastard.

“Come here, please. No, this side of the bed.” He didn’t want the man to be close to Lucy, and even with the I.V. in his hand, it was his uninjured arm. Everyone but the MP saw it coming. Caleb went so far as to yank out the detachable I.V. arm from the bed and use it against the soldier’s midsection. No one dared help him, maybe because the lunatic in bed was waving the metal bar menacingly. “I want him demoted!” Caleb shouted, though the machinery declared that his heart was at a steady and even pace, if a bit fast. Now he hurt. Throwing the metal bar at the soldier, his free hand pressed the button for the pain medicine, wincing at his own frailty. Bastard! “Now, Fowler. Now!” No, deep even breaths were needed. Calm and collected. Through it all, he had forcibly kept Lucy’s gaze away, though he couldn’t even imagine what she thought.

“Lucy? Hon? I’m so sorry… It’s all my fault…” And he truly believed that. If there hadn’t been so much stress on her petite frame, the baby would still be alive, and he wouldn’t be in a hospital bed. He should have refused, gone on with their lives, and made the best of it. Gulping, he squeezed her hand hard, forcing out the next question.

“What’s her name?”

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