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Caleb Holmes
First Steps
Mon Apr 4, 2005 03:43

“Caleb… Wake up Caleb…”

Why was it that all he could do was sleep? Blinking the haze away from his eyes, he focused on the woman leaning over him with a mischievous expression in her eyes. It wasn’t that Shelly was homely or anything of the sort, but he would have preferred to wake with Lucy’s kiss instead of a girl that fawned over him. God, she had probably watched him while he slept! That was a seriously creepy thought.

“Huh? What is it Shelly?” Caleb absently rubbed his cheek, frowning at the three-day stubble he found there. He felt so damned scruffy! But the thoughts of needing a shave and haircut were placed aside as he slowly sat up, pulling his face away from Shelly’s. He hated it when people loomed like that! Only now did he realize that there were a number of people in his room; Shelly, David, Hugh, and Ben were all present. But still no Lucy. What in God’s name did she do with her days?

“Well, we have a proposition for you, Caleb.” David was eyeing him, obviously sizing him up in his disheveled and sleep-laden appearance. Shelly was still swooning off in a corner. “The Greenwich Village and the Actor's Playhouse,” he began with pomposity, slowly losing his hot air at a stern look, “is doing a production. A very specific one, which you know all too well. The Phantom of the Opera will perform its four shows in a few weeks. And, well, we were wondering…” David trailed off there, suddenly looking uncertain.

“You were wondering what?” No answer. Eyeing the four assembled, Caleb scrubbed a hand through his hair. “Come on, out with it! What do you want?” Silence permeated the small area, until one broke it.

“We want to know if you’ll be Erik again!” Shelly blurted out, clapping a hand over her mouth after the outburst, shame burning her cheeks a bright red. Now that was cute, he had to admit. David eyed his right hand girl, harrumphing and preening, before speaking.

“Not the entire production. Simply closing night. I want you all back. Everyone. Ben as Firimin, Hugh as Piangi, Sean as Raoul, Lucy as Christine, and you as Erik. After that production my phone didn’t stop ringing for weeks, Caleb! Everyone wanted to see the cast again for an encore performance.” Seated there, he gaped at David as it was all thrown into his lap. “For just one show…”

“Jesus Christ,” Caleb managed to whisper, his gaze darting between the four people, searching for any hint, anything that would give him information. But all he saw was a group of gleeful faces, so hopeful! “I can’t be Gino Maurizio, David. I can’t be him anymore.”

“Of course not! You’ll be billed as Caleb Holmes, of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He opened his mouth to ask a question, but apparently David already understood. “If Lucy agrees, she will be billed as Lucy Avellino,” he answered quietly, much to the room’s astonishment. God! To be himself? It was asking a lot, and already Caleb could feel his hands shake with the implication.

“Let me think about it, all right? I’d like to talk to Lucy about this, so don’t bloody corner her, got it?” The girl was fragile enough as is, and he didn’t want an idiot pushing her over the edge. Rubbing his cheek, Caleb finally flapped a hand at David and Shelly. “I said I’d think about it, all right? We’ll try and visit you in a few days, and I’ll get my answer to you then. But until that time…” Frowning he paused, hearing footsteps in the hallway. Shit! “Go on, get out of here!” Maybe they would provide enough of a distraction for a few moments. Watching as Shelly and David rushed out with a quick wave, he flapped his hands at Ben. “My cane, quick!” No one had seen him out of the bed without help yet. And he was determined to make Lucy smile today.

The joyous greetings outside his hospital room signaled that David and Shelly were enough of a distraction for now. Ben gave Caleb a reproving look, handing over the cane as if not believing he could do it. But slowly, tediously, he swung his legs around and hit the floor in a pair of slippers, absently adjusting his tank top before hefting himself up with the cane. Deep breaths were used, and he was delighted to find that the room didn’t spin! Yes!

“Go on! Out, you two! Get some rest.” And there she was, his Angel. One step in front of the other, slowly, but he reached a staring Lucy as he gave her a bright smile. God, if she’d only return it!

“Hi, princess…” Gingerly his arms encircled her petite frame, pulling her to his chest. “Be gentle…” Caleb warned quietly. Now he had gone to heaven.

All that would settle it would be a kiss and a smile.

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