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Caleb Holmes
Voicing Worries
Thu Apr 14, 2005 04:50

Caleb didn’t find sanctuary upstairs either.

Well, there were a great deal of theater rats settling in to party the night out, and he could foresee a fleet of taxis in their near future. He allowed himself to be lead around for a few minutes, until Ben came to his rescue doing the tango. Right into the kitchen, thank the Gods! Not many people were in here, seeing as how the liquor was out at the bar in the living room… parlor… whatever it was! The older man was most definitely his savior at this point in time. All he wanted was a bottle of juice or water, and to get these people out! Well, with the exception of a few that were more than welcome to stay whenever they wanted. Funny, with Lucy he had been forced to acclimate himself to people far more quickly than he would have liked.

“Thanks, Ben. I owe you.” Caleb received a pat on his head for his troubles before the man wandered off; loudly declaring that he was searching for his errant bride, with a full fledged description. Jeez.

“Seriously, Nigel. You cannot compare someone like Roger Daltrey with the refuse they try to pass off as singing today! I don’t care how many weeks that Jennifer Lopez spends on the charts. She sucks, plain and simple. It’s like comparing a Scottish broadsword to one of those Middle Earth rip-offs, the elven swords with the handles that keep coming loose.”

What the hell sort of conversation was this? Quirking a brow, he shared a look with Sean before shrugging his shoulders, attacking the open refrigerator for a bottle of juice. Jackpot! Slowly he had been converting Lucy to all things healthy, so much that it was nauseating at times when he absolutely craved a greasy burger and he had nothing in the house like that. Mmm… liquid refreshment. Mid-gulp the fridge door was coming shut on his hip, and a body was toppling from the marble countertop. Ack! But someone was a step quicker than him. It was the most interesting thing to witness, honestly. Sean decided that Penny was obviously more valuable than his bottle of juice, and it went clattering to the ground instead of the dancer. But that was an interesting position…

Caleb tilted his head to the side, trying to take in the sight of Penny’s long legs still propped up against the side of the island, while Sean had her shoulders in his obviously capable hands, all while trying not to laugh. Hey, that looked like something out of the book he had given to Lucy as a gag gift!

“Ooh, nice catch!” Caleb exclaimed, trying so hard not to grin at their predicament. Eh, screw it. Sean was gallant enough about it, helping Penny to her feet and making sure she was all right. Nigel and Jane had averted their gaze for some reason, talking amongst themselves. Okay… Brow furrowed, he gave a slight shrug and headed out of the room, letting them sort it out for themselves.

“Hey, Moira?” Caleb queried in the sitting room, happy to see that the crowed had thinned out somewhat. “Seen Lucy?” She made an offhanded motion toward the front door during her conversation with some of the chorus members; it was the way he had seen Lucy run off after being confronted by Devon. Crap. Well, what else could he do but follow?

The night was cool enough that a jacket would be needed for those of slight build, and he snatched up his coat heading out the door. What surprised him was… His father and Lucy were seated there on the front steps, apparently enjoying the night together with a mug of ale. That was definitely a weird sight. Wandering up behind his fiancée, Caleb settled the leather jacket around her shoulders at the sight of gooseflesh rising along her arms. And without so much as a by your leave, he took a seat on the other side of Lucy, gazing upon the street they lived. It was quiet, cozy, and safe. It felt like he was all of sixteen again.

“When did you two move in here?” James asked in that quiet, subtle voice.

“Just the other week,” Caleb replied, watching Lucy take another sip from the mug that was half empty now. He hadn’t really seen her drink tonight, and figured that she would have partaken a bit more. But… God, she was only twenty! Hah! He was surprised Devon hadn’t threatened to take them all in for aiding a minor. Pffbt, jackass.

“It’s a good neighborhood. I don’t live too far from here, in fact.” Holy shit, that was… frightening. It was the only word he could manage. “What do you intend to do now that you’re retired?” It was obviously a question for Caleb, but James took in Lucy too, eyeing her curiously. It was an odd query, and he could only shrug at first.

“Be a bum, I suppose. I don’t think the Agency is going to bother me too much anymore. Maybe a bit at first, but it’ll die down after a few months.” Pausing, Caleb reached over to squeeze Lucy’s knee, giving a slight smile. “When we were in California, all I did was be a suit, and train the greenies. But… Well, things happen for a reason, whether it be God’s will or otherwise. I know one thing though.

“I’m not leaving Lucy again.”

It had been a hectic night following the conversation that had eventually included Lucy about what they were going to do with their lives. Little information exchanged hands during that discussion. Caleb supposed it was for another time, though. Now he was enjoying the relative quiet through the house, hidden down in the basement with the exercise equipment. Just because the therapists deemed him recovered didn’t mean that he was going to cease his routine. Still, he refused to become out of shape.

Eventually he pounded up the stairs, shirtless and sweaty. Shower! Need a shower! Thudding through the foyer, it was to the upstairs master bath that he went. Mmm… hot water. And no pain medication! Still he was on a euphoric high from the previous night’s performance, and everything that had happened afterward. Which he still had to talk to Lucy about. Where was she anyhow?

Tank top and track pants donned, and he was ready to face the world! Or what little portion was in the house. It was eerily quiet in the house; no Penny around. Maybe she was still sleeping? It was early morning, and not even the television was on. Well, maybe Lucy had snuck downstairs into the practice room while he was exercising? No, he doubted that. Really only one place left to look. Through the kitchen and the mud room, Caleb peeked outside to the large backyard. Precious little was out there at the moment, aside from a gazebo and its cobblestone path from the back deck. Ah-ha!

Wandering barefoot down the walkway, he ducked beneath the gazebo roof, watching Lucy for a moment as she swung lazily on the bench. Had she been crying? He couldn’t tell. Sighing, the fool finally sat down beside the girl, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. It was nice, quiet and simple here.

“Are you happy?” Caleb suddenly asked, turning toward Lucy with a curious gaze. “I mean, are you content with the house? With us, now?” It was worrisome for the man, all the close calls for him, almost losing Lucy with the child… He shuddered to even think of it. “I just want you to be happy, sweetheart. Even the last twenty-four hours have been hectic.” Like six blows to the gut, honestly.

“I’m sorry about Devon, hon. Apparently he grew up to be that jackass cop you always want to bitchsmack when he pulls you over for rolling through a stop sign with no one around.” A mirthless grin followed that confession. “In fact, feel free to put him in his place. He had no right to ask you those things. None at all.” Half nodding to himself, Caleb gave her a little squeeze.

“What can I do to make it better, Lucy?” It was as if he felt it were his entire fault. Hell, maybe it was.

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