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Lucy Avellino
Table for ... Twelve?
Sat Apr 16, 2005 15:46

The taxi had collected Penny barely an hour after dawn, driver politely ignoring the sob fest between the two girls. One would think they were never going to see each other again, but the last week had been such a blast. Really, it had. Lucy stood on the sidewalk, nodding politely to the few early birds around before retreating back towards her house. Her house. It felt so odd even mentally saying that, she mused, as much distracted by the feel of grass against her bare feet.

Caleb’s father had been nothing less than gallant last night, despite the circumstances. There wasn’t much she could tell him at this point. Both men would have to work towards some sort of reconcilement, and Lucy was quite willing to remain out of the picture on that end. One simply did not step between a man and his estranged father. Or family, though the brunette was quite willing to completely ignore Devon Holmes for the rest of his unnatural life.

Wandering back up the stairs, Lucy slid inside and locked the door behind her. A quick rummage through the fridge produced a glass of orange juice, which she drank right there in the kitchen, and a bagel … which she took with her out into the backyard. Down the flagstone steps and into the gazebo, settling her slim frame on the wide swing, Caleb’s nightingale enjoyed a few moments of peace – content to agonize over events scheduled for later that day. Moira was coming by for a ‘get to know you’ shopping trip, and then a family dinner at Scalo’s in the evening.

“Are you happy?”

Caleb had wandered up just a few minutes prior, content to snuggle up behind her, his chin resting against the top of her head. It was such a Harlequin Romance pose that Lucy was tempted to retch. She didn’t, though, simply leaned back against her affianced lover and let him unload some of the worry that had burdened his already overworked mind for the last several days. When his voice finally stilled, she reached up – fingers idly tracing the line of his jaw. Mmm, sexy stubble.


Lucy turned around halfway, bare legs draping over his. Brown eyes scoured his face, noting the burgeoning wings of gray at each temple, insistent mental voice claiming she’d put those there in the last year. “I’m deliriously joyful, Caleb. Happy isn’t lavish enough to describe how I feel about you.” Fingertips busied themselves in rich, dark hair, eventually drawing his face down towards her own. Close enough to brush her lips across his brow. And his eyebrows. Not to mention each cheek. And his mouth – oh, she paid close attention to that.

“I love you, Caleb Holmes. That won’t change because you sprung a family on me. It won’t change when you’re old and gray. ”Her tongue slid along his jaw, mouth abandoning his lips to taste the flesh of his neck. When his arms suddenly tightened around her waist, Lucy knew she’d gotten to him. Ha ha ha. Except his hand suddenly slid under her tee shirt, which ended the abrupt bout of giggling. In no time at all, they’d tumbled off of the swing and onto the slightly less comfortable grass-and-stone ground. Large hips ground down against her pelvis, and the singer surmised that the little gazebo was about to get a private show. Woot.

“Ahem. No one answered the front door.”

A woman’s voice, rich with amusement. Lucy tilted her head back to see Moira lounging just outside the wood construct, clad in tight jeans and a tee shirt as well. Perfect garb for a stealthy shopping trip. “I’ll just wait inside. Help myself to some coffee.” Snickering under her breathe, the redhead strolled back up the walkway with a decidedly perky bounce. Brown eyes slid back towards the aroused man atop her, watching with his best Mr Spock expression – eyebrow and all.

“Uh, we’re going shopping? And … we’re all having dinner tonight at Scalos?” Lucy went for her best ‘Sure, I forgot to tell you, but I’m too cute to strangle’ look. “It was Moira and your father’s idea!” His fingers had begun stroking across her ribs, which meant it took a half an hour before the brunette was able to join her future sister-in-law in the kitchen. It took another fifteen minutes to don clean clothes, another five before Caleb removed his mouth from her own … the man made her knees weak. Totally unfair.

“I love you. Have fun with your … uh, day.” She found herself bundled out of the house pretty quickly by Moira, who paused to inform the eldest brother that his father would be by. Aha. The old divide and conquer trick. When both women were tucked into the sleek sports car, Moira flipped the radio to a classic rock station – bless her – and they were off.

“I don’t know, Lucy.” They studied her reflection in the dress department at Macy’s, eyeing the pale pink creation that the younger woman was currently trussed up in. “The green one and the black one looked better, color wise.” She sighed. “We either go Audrey Hepburn or Lana Turner.” The saleslady standing on Lucy’s other side agreed. The pink dress was a silk sheath, held upright by two small straps that came together at the nape of her neck, and exceedingly backless. The green, which she had tried on before, had a plunging neckline and long sleeves. It had also looked lovely on the girl’s petite frame. The black one had been a standard number, found in homes across the country for dinner dates with both family and friends.

Lucy stared at herself in the mirror along with the other two. This was the fourth store they had tried, finding plenty of beautiful evening wear, and a new item of clothing for Moira herself, but nothing that brought out the Italian’s dark hair and creamy skin. “What about that one?” A bit of red had caught her eye, go figure, and Lucy pointed to a shorted-hemmed dress off to the side. Red was always a good choice, being her favorite color and all.

Saleslady shrugged and went off to retrieve the dress in her customer’s size, while Moira unhooked the back of the pink dress so Lucy could climb out of it in the dressing room stall. Less than an hour later, the two were enjoying a lunch at one of the downtown bistros. Damn Caleb for making her accustomed to salad and soup! “I used to be pure carnivore, damnit”, Lucy lamented, which prompted a giggle from Moira. “He was always like that. Scary in a schoolyard brawl …bruised and bloodied one minute, and seated in front of the tv, watching Chuck Norris and eating a salad the next.” Eyes wide at that apt image, Lucy found herself trying to coax more childhood stories from the redhead.

Well, it made the afternoon go by a little more quickly, didn’t it.

Her hands were shaking, damnit. Brown eyes stared at the offending appendages inside the taxi. She and Moira had eventually wound up at a friend’s loft, slithering into outfits said male friend claimed shouldn’t be legal, and applying newly purchased makeup. Lucy never wore makeup off the stage, at least not on occasions that weren’t holidays. Caleb’s family would be waiting for them by now; there had been a fender bender on the way to the restaurant, so both women were now twenty minutes late.

Being punctual was important. Wasn’t it? Staring out the window as the scenery flashed by, she gave herself a mental pep talk: Family was also important, but none of them would change how she felt about their sibling. Even Devon, the irritating little shit. “Lucy .. we’re here.” Moira’s quiet voice broke through mental daydreams about planting a boot up the policeman’s rear end. “Oh. Okay.” Splitting the fare, she tossed a ten dollar bill into the front seat before following Caleb’s sister onto the sidewalk.

Scalo’s was a New York institution, boasting native, tourist and celebrity clientele. It was usually crowded, so making reservations was a must. Clutching her new purse in a death grip, Lucy forced herself to calm down and bravely stepped into the restaurant first, Moira almost on her heels. The hostess looked up expectantly, seemingly assured at Lucy’s sudden bout of superior air. “Holmes party, they should be expecting us.” Damn right they should.

“Ah, yes. Follow me please.” Tinge of Russian accent there, the blonde collecting two menus before guiding them through the maze of tables and chairs to a large, private corner where an equally broad table was laden with James, his children and any current significant others. And Caleb. There was an empty space between himself and .. and .. Devon. Oh, joy. Choosing the high road and no fuss, Lucy allowed the hostess to help remove her coat, revealing a scarlet dinner dress. The long sleeves were exquisite, see through lace, the body a curve-hugging velvet. It ended a few inches above her knees, which provided a very nice view of bare legs and a modest pair of low heeled sandals in a matching color. Her dark hair had been nudged into a single braid, a small amount of makeup highlighting her mouth and eyes.

No jewelry, but for the engagement ring.

“Sorry we’re late, traffic was a nightmare.” Lucy slid into her seat gracefully, then leaned over to plant a kiss on her lover’s mouth quickly, as not to leave any trace of lipstick. So, a nice friendly dinner with family. She could only hope Devon would keep his mouth shut, though he was giving her an inscrutable look. The sort to make one uncomfortable. Blast … looked like a long dinner.

“Have you all ordered already?” Leave it to Moira to ask the important question.

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