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Caleb Holmes
Toasts and Wedges
Sun Apr 17, 2005 00:48

It was only mildly worrying that Lucy had never returned home from her shopping trip with Moira.

“I need to get that girl a cellphone…” Caleb muttered to himself, staring up toward the bedroom ceiling. The day had been going by tremendously slow, and it was killing him! There was only so much nonsense one could do before becoming bored to tears. Then again, the plasma television across the way…

“Shit!” The screamer rolled off the bed and fell, thudding heavily against the floor. “Ow…” Caleb’s dark head popped up over the edge, peering at the clock that still remained fuzzy. How the hell had he managed to fall asleep? “Serves me right for watching The Trilogy.” One that could make you fall asleep? Had to be Lord of the Rings and no other. Scrubbing his cheek with a sigh, he stumbled off into the bathroom to clean up and fix the bed head he was currently suffering from. Ick, his mouth felt like it was stuffed full of cotton! Listerine, the thing of Gods! He was still sleepy enough to idly wonder if the alcohol content in this nasty stuff had the potential to get a person drunk. Huh.

Then it came time to inspect the wardrobe. So he hardly owned any suits now, the sizes all wrong, which was frustrating to say the least. So a basic charcoal suit was plucked out, along with coordinating accessories and all the hoohah that accompanied it. It was odd to think that he enjoyed his comfortable jeans, soft shirts, and sandals now. It was pure anathema to what he had been doing for the last decade! Lucy’s influence asserted itself once more, though he couldn’t help but feel guilty. Like he was a cradle robber! She was so much younger than he was. Even if their experiences in a budding relationship were relatively matched, he worried that his cynicism would rub off on her one day. Never mind that she already had her hefty doses of the critical nature liberally placed throughout her personality in certain instances.

Straightening his tie in the mirror, Caleb took a moment to actually fix the collar and cuffs, having no clue what he was getting himself into here. If anyone asked? Oh, just heading to dinner with my estranged family. I have no idea who these people are, honestly, just a bunch of strangers. But already he had invited these people into his home – their home – and treated them like… family. His father was the only one he even remotely remembered, and would’ve been able to pick out in a line up. The rest… Well, it was disheartening to say that they could have been similar matches to the features he remember as a child growing up. Bennett was a young man, but Caleb had no clue who that man was! Jane he could see, Moira, even a bit of Devon. Because he had always been a jackass.

“Now or never, I suppose…” he muttered to his reflection. Why did he feel that he was throwing himself into something far beyond his understanding? Oh God, why had he told his father all those things earlier in the morning? It was with something much akin to stage fright that he departed the house, making sure to lock up. Into the Jeep, and going with some Grateful Dead instead of Broadway this time around, he sped off to Scalo’s. What the hell sort of name was that, anyhow?

Of course, he was early. When alone, he was consistently early to the point of nausea. When Lucy around, Caleb had this horrible tendency to become… sidetracked. Ahem. Valet parking! Handing over the keys to the Jeep, he retrieved his trench coat and wandered into the establishment. Knowing his father, the man was likely already there. Eyeing the hostess, who glanced at him with a bland expression, he was forced not to roll his eyes. It was at times like this that he was reminded exactly why he disliked society as a whole. But, when one must… “Holmes party. I’m expected.” Well he better be!

“This way.” It was funny. Even that swaying glide that the woman had affected really didn’t interest him all that much. Shrugging to himself as he was lead toward the back of the restaurant, in a private corner. Nice! Allowing his coat to be whisked off, he took the menu with thanks and set it down, eyeing the assembled cast. Not everyone was present yet. His father was, along with Bennett and a young girl, Jane and her husband Marc – whom she had married before Caleb had left – engaged in an animated conversation with Devon who sat predictably alone.

“Glad you could make it,” James murmured, quirking a brow. “Going stag tonight, are we?”

“Of course! I figure if Devon can make such a bold statement, I can as well.” Ow! Smacked on the hip for his troubles by Jane, he shook his head, taking a seat near the head of the table. “You know Moira took her out shopping. I haven’t seen hide nor hair of either one of the girls since. Sort of frightening. The last time that happened, I had given Lucy my credit card and free reign to decorate the house.”

“I can hear the steam roller of bankruptcy heading your way!” James declared with a chuckle. Introductions were made around, to Bennett’s little slip of a girl named Renee, Marc finally realizing who he was, and the appearance of Nigel with a lovely blonde on his arm named Vanessa. Only a ‘fling’, he had assured Caleb in an aside that wasn’t too quiet, but the vapid blonde tittered on, blissfully unawares as to her surroundings. Too many paint chips as a child, perhaps? Nothing else could have stained her lips that color of red permanently! He was certain of this.

“Sorry we’re late, traffic was a nightmare.” Ah-ha! Unfortunately for Lucy, these men were raised in a proper household, and all rose as the women arrived. He even got a kiss for his troubles! How sweet. The conversation had settled into a dull hum now that everyone was here. Of course, good things could never last.

“Have you all ordered already?” Gazes shifted to Moira, who seemed unperturbed by the scrutiny. He could only shake his head in amazement.

“It’s a wonder you’re so thin with as much as you eat, Moira,” Caleb commented, before the ordering began. Chicken Scampi was his choice, and water his drink, though he encouraged Lucy to try a few particular wines if she so desired.

If only the night could go so smoothly!

“And there he was, his tiny hands balled into fists, shouting at a boy nearly twice his age for badgering children on the playground.” He was feeling absolutely mortified by now, Jane having decided to regale Lucy with tales of his childhood. Unfortunately, his older sister was a talented storyteller, having several children of her own, and he knew there was no way he could get out of this. “Imagine our surprise when Caleb jumped on top of the boy and started wholloping on him like there was no tomorrow!” Groan! “He broke the boy’s nose and got suspended for a week for that fight. Mom was pissed.” He definitely remembered that, especially after a few licks with his father’s belt. Corporal punishment had not been frowned upon in the Holmes household.

“Okay, no one wants to hear any more about that, Jane!” Pointed glare, which she returned with an innocent smile. Ugh. So far, the dinner had gone splendidly, though Devon didn’t talk much. That he was grateful for; the man seemed to resign himself to observing for the evening.


“Everyone?” James rose at the head of the table, glass in hand. “I’d like to make a toast. To family and friends, and the newly engaged couple. May the two of you find happiness, and let it take you where it will.”

“Here, here!” There went Jane, the ever-romantic sap. Sniffle!

“Also,” James continued quietly. “May you both excel in what you desire. One day I’m sure we’ll see your names in lights.”

“Cheers! Now, let’s eat!”

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