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Lucy Avellino
With Strumpets Blaring
Mon Apr 18, 2005 23:57

“Okay, no one wants to hear any more about that, Jane!”

Lucy waited until James had stood and embarrassed every one of his offspring with toasts before grinning at Jane across the table. “I most definitely want to hear more about that.” Really, how could anyone refuse the sparkle emanating from those chocolate brown eyes? Certainly not the lawyer with her own practice, especially at the expense of her eldest brother.

“If you insist …” Caleb’s older sibling slanted an absolutely wicked smile towards him, the kind that women use when they know the fit is about to hit the shan. “It got much worse when he hit high school, you see. My brother insisted on joining ROTC and quickly became one of the junior officers. Aside from demanding perfect behavior during their routine drills, he became notorious for insisting on chivalrous behavior. There was this one young lady….”

Lucy sat in her chair, absolutely spellbound as Jane, with interjections here and there from Marc, proceeded to give a blow-by-blow account of Caleb’s high school years; this produced occasional rounds of giggling from the young woman, and quietly muttered threats from the victim himself. When Jane ran out of stories fit for public consumption, the ex agent was saved by the arrival of dinner – huge plates of pastas, steaks, salads, and everything smelled divine.

Tucking into the chicken parmesean with her usual gusto, the Italian found the once bouyant mood was slowly being chipped at by the looming silence of Devon. He would offer a comment here and there, usually in reference to someone else’s question, and the rest of the time remained quiet. You could have suggested that he was ignoring Lucy, except for the fact his attention returned time and time again to the animated woman stuck between himself and her future husband. Surely dislike could not be radiating so blatantly from his eyes? Well, whatever the emotion was, he felt it strongly.

Towards the end of the meal, Jane rose with apologies, explaining she had to get back home before her boys set fire to the babysitter and caused enough damage to ruin another fine teenager. The males stood as one, prompting Lucy to rise as well, feeling the eldest child of any family deserved that much respect – and Jane had been so kind to her.

“Sit down, Hester.”

Devon’s drawl cut through the jumble of farewells. He knew full well what he’d implied, the smirk on his mouth attested to that much. And … she lost it. Ignoring the sullen silences throughout the meal had been one thing, but a deliberate insult was too much. Without really contemplating the result of her actions, Lucy picked up her half-full glass of water and silently poured it right into the asshole’s lap. “James, thank you for a lovely evening. Caleb, I’ll be waiting outside.” One collected purse and coat later, she was weaving her way through the late night crowd, hoping she hadn’t just demolished her image with his family … though she was prepared to marry the man without their blessing.

Predictably, the ride back home was silent. Unsure if she had overstepped her bounds, or if Caleb was just tired, Lucy kept her mouth shut even into the living room. However, any anger her fiance might have felt was obviously forgotten when he peeled her jacket away, tossing it onto the couch before continuing an all-out assault on the red dress. Tugging it off inch by inch, his mouth and hands told her far more than words ever could have.

Hell, they didn’t make it to bed for almost two hours … and sleep was a pipe dream for a long time after sliding under the sheets.


Once. Twice. Thrice.

Ugh! Lucy rolled over, reaching across her lover’s sleeping form to eye the clock as she picked up the phone. Who in the hell called someone at nine in the morning? “Hello, Holmes residence. Madame Fortuna speaking.” Only, there were hands moving underneath the covers, thus defeating Caleb’s attempts to look asleep. Difficult to do when one is aroused on waking up, no?

“Lucy! This is David. Would you and Caleb mind coming down to the theatre in a few days and audition for Camelot?” Brows lofting in interest, she turned away from the reciever and whispered the director’s newest project to the other half of the Dynamic Duo. When no form of disinterest came forth, she returned her attention to the phone. “Sure thing, Dave.” A pause, fingers scrambling to find pen and paper to write down the date and time. ‘Place’ was pretty obvious. “Ok, thanks. See you on Wednesday then.” Click.

Yawning, the brunette sat up fully, arms stretching above her head before Caleb tugged her back down on top of him. “Is that a sword or are you just glad to see me?” Boy, wasn’t that a rakish grin. Wriggling around, she settled atop his hips in a rather delicate position, and titled her head … long hair sliding down past her shoulders to obscure certain curves. “So … feel like trying out for a medieval musical this time?” How could the new theatre rat possibly turn down her ‘sad kitty eyes’ expression. Especially when she leaned down to lick his chin.

Sad kitty, indeed.

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