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Caleb Holmes
Or Even This?
Thu May 12, 2005 23:19

“I hate shopping. This is why I let Lucy buy everything for the house!” Caleb whined, plucking at one of the nearby clothing racks, grimacing at some of the garments there. Yes, it was late on a Sunday, one that was a national holiday no less, and there was a store open? He was beginning to believe that Rob had taken the owner’s family hostage to do this much.

“Its just clothing, Caleb. So stop whining and take care of it.” Now he had to foot the bill? Okay, he understood why on this one, but it was silly. A half hour later they were carting out two suitcases and several garment bags full of clothing that had cost a pretty penny. Why hadn’t he gotten a shopping spree free of charge upon his retirement and reentry to society? Sigh. Of course he couldn’t go home. No, that wasn’t possible! Rob was carting their asses to some hotel nearby.

Well, at least the room service was good.

Rob hadn’t even the courtesy to stay at the hotel! Instead, he had opted to leave two highly paranoid men alone in close quarters, unable to leave, and little to do. Now that had been a fun night. Really! Cough. Caleb had a crick in his neck from sleeping on the sofa – which brought back ‘fond’ memories – and wrinkled clothing that was the same from the day before. If Lucy had been kept in the dark, she likely would’ve been thinking very bad things about him by that time.

“At least you’ve got more than the clothes on your back now, John.” It was back in the conference room the next morning, coffee abound, flipping through some final notes. “Well, at least you’ve got a partial nest egg going for yourself. Any thoughts on where you’d like to live? Or what you’d like to do?”

“Not really, sir.” Every sentence was punctuated with the honorific, making it painfully obvious that John didn’t get out much.

“Okay, let’s go through this real quick. Not every man is sir, not every woman is ma’am. I know you have a crude sense of humor, John. Why don’t you try to be yourself for once, hmm? It might make your life a bit easier.” Pausing, Caleb shook his head and gulped down another tiny Styrofoam cup of coffee. “And I’m not ‘sir’. Just Caleb, all right? I already have enough people looking at me sideways at the Playhouse.”

“The playhouse?” They really hadn’t talked much last night, but he supposed that if John was going to be glued to his side, he might as well know what everyone else did.

“No, the Playhouse; short for the Actor’s Playhouse in Greenwich Village. It’s where I met my fiancée on an information hunt. I suppose you could call me a theater rat now.” The man really didn’t have to grin like that, thank you very much! “But Lucy and I are making the wedding plans now, and with my family around… Things tend to become a bit hectic.”

You have family?” Very funny, jackass!

“No, the government spawned me from the womb of Satan’s wife. Of course I do, you dolt!” He was becoming a bit frazzled now, running a hand through his hair in the usual frustrated gesture. “Tell me one thing. Can you sing?”


It was early. Way too early in Devon’s opinion. But someone was insistently shaking his shoulder like there was no tomorrow, and it was either allowing the joint to be dislocated, or waking from his peaceful slumber. Damn.

“Wake up, dumbass!” What the…

“Ow! You pinched me, Moira!” Devon rubbed his arm – or tried to. Instead there was a little brunette that had claimed the appendage for her pillow. Knuckling his eyes, he yawned and slipped out from beneath Lucy, wishing he didn’t have to. Wait. Well, no, it was comfortable and warm. How long had it been since he had felt something like that? Brij didn’t count, the slut! “What?

“I have to run, but I figured you’d like to be alert when Caleb got home, and not underneath his fiancée. Or am I wrong?” Point taken.

“Wait, he’s not home?”

“Well, since Lucy is still down here, what do you think?” Why did she have to run circles around him when he first woke up? Frowning, he flapped a hand at his sister. “You said you had to go, didn’t you?” Mumble, mumble. Shuffling toward the kitchen, she followed instead, hovering like a damned insect. “What?”

“Just making sure you’re awake!” And she was cheery in the morning too. That frightened him on a level that he could not describe. “There’s fixings for breakfast in the fridge, and the what not.” Ooh, breakfast! Bacon, eggs, and pancake mix were pulled out of their respective hiding places, before grabbing himself a bottle of juice. Yum. But Lucy seemed more like a coffee person first thing in the morning, so he set that to brewing. “I’ll see you later, Devon!” Slam! Hmph.

Bacon into the skillet, eggs whipped, and pancake poured, the beginnings of breakfast were nigh! Cackle. Every so often he plucked at the clothing Lucy had given him to wear while his dried in the bathroom; one of Caleb’s tank tops and a pair of track pants, both a bit too long for his liking. But, then again, they were almost too tight as well, which could have brought about lewd thoughts. But this was his brother’s fiancée, and those things just didn’t happen.

“Hi?” She wakes! Motioning for Lucy to pull up a bar stool, and trying not to melt at how cute she looked upon first waking, he quickly tended to the omelet before pouring them each a cup of coffee. Mmm, good stuff, definitely couldn’t afford it on his salary.

“Sleep well?” Murmur from assent around the coffee, and he tried to bite back a smile. He wondered if sugar could even melt in her mouth. Jeez! But shortly afterward Devon became a bit too busy for such musings, dishing out breakfast. An unhealthy one at that. “I know you and Caleb lean toward the healthier side of nutrition, but you haven’t lived until you’ve tried the patented Holmes Omelet.” That was all he said before taking a seat and beginning to eat. Really, the omelet wasn’t that unhealthy; Jane’s boys ate them all the time! But for a health nut like Caleb, it’d be instant death. Meats and eggs, melted into a gooey cheesy mess. Heaven on earth.

“Moira said that Caleb wasn’t home yet.” Aw, don’t pout, darlin’! Sniffle. Got to fix this, fast. “What do you say to a day at the zoo?” Pause. “I’ll even see if we can go for a swim.” What, a cop has to have his contacts too, damn it! None of these people would ever hold the Football, or press the Big Red Button, but it came with perks all the same. “C’mon, get dressed. We’ll make a day of it.”

Pod person!

“Lucy?” Caleb called out from the foyer, a rather nervous looking John in tow. Honestly, he was just anxious from dealing with things today, and meeting David at the Playhouse. Introduced as an ‘old friend’, given a knowing look, and made to sing before complete strangers apparently terrified the capable man. But the director had said John had a voice that was more than passable, and wanted him to come around to practices in between shows. Great! “You home?”

“In here!” That was not her voice, if unless she had suddenly begun taking testosterone supplements coupled with steroids! Blinking, Caleb dared to peek around the corner into the living room when someone screamed.

Nooo Lucy!” the exaggerated patient tones of a youngster came. Oh boy, Jane’s kids. “Hit back, back, forward, forward, back, forward, and the B button!” Sounded like the second boy, but he couldn’t be too sure. Shouts of joy soon followed, and once Caleb managed to take in the scene, he could only boggle. The boys were… corrupting her with Mortal Kombat?! Okay, he seriously missed something here. And where was Jane if they were here?


“Damn it!” Devon shouted, tossing the controller aside in frustration. Hah, she kicked his ass. That was beautiful. Now that the match was finally done, he couldn’t help but grin at Lucy, even in all of his rumpled clothing and scruffy glory.

“Hon? Can I talk to you for a second?” Caleb was shocked when Devon challenged one of the boys to a game after catching a look at the expression on his face. His brother was being… considerate? All right, he had to search the basement for pods later on. Scooping Lucy up into a hug and giving her a sound kiss, he finally dragged her out into the foyer. “Sweetheart, I’d like you to meet John, an old friend of mine. He needs to steal the guestroom for a few weeks.” What, just like that?

“Pleased to meet you, ma’am.” The man was huge. Huge. Bigger than life, and not because he enjoyed eating at McDonald’s either. Slightly taller than Caleb, he looked like a larger, more beefed-up version of the retired agent, which was a frightening thought to anyone. Dark hair and eyes, swarthy skin spoke of Italian heritage, or perhaps Mediterranean.

“I didn’t want to spring this on you, but Rob stole my cellphone so I couldn’t call ahead. John is… going into retirement. Like I did.” Oh. Oh! Well, that sort of helped shed a bit of light on the situation, now didn’t it? Not really.

“Agent Fowler felt it best if I were to acclimate myself to civilian life with Ag—Caleb’s help.” They were going to have to beat John over the head with something very heavy if they were ever going to get him to loosen up.

“Like the walking G-Man says over here, Rob is full of ‘brilliant’ ideas.” Right. No wonder he was in a position of power in the government! Hah. “I’ve already had him meet with David, which turned out to be a good thing. At least I won’t be the only out of place performer at the Playhouse.” Cackle! John looked really uncomfortable at the mention of that, which just made needling him that much more fun.

But what did Lucy have to say about all of this?

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