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Lucy Avellino
Fruits and Vegetables
Sat May 14, 2005 23:39

“Take Sean inside, would you?”

Sure. Take the varmint inside and keep him under house arrest. Sean glanced towards the locked door, then wisely decided not to press his case. Italian women were very much like Irish women – one did not stir the hornet’s nest when the hornet was already buzzing angrily. It was for this reason alone that he turned away and strode across the lawn, vanishing into the house well ahead of Caleb’s new spook pet.


A hand swept aside a bowl of fruit, the collection of food falling victim to the Irishman’s temper. Anger shattered as easily as the baked clay, marred Pueblo Indian design lying on the floor now like a shaken jigsaw puzzle. Uh oh. Lucy had brought the bowl with her from Santa Fe. The very last thing he wanted to do was hurt the young woman who shared a man’s genetics with him.

“She’s my half sister.”

Yes, he’d heard John step quietly through the door, but only because he was trained to do just that – listen. As an actor, his livelihood depended on listening for cues and interpreting them according to the unspoken wishes of an audience. Capable, nimble hands braced themselves against the very counter he’d just struck, flesh pressing down on the wood until his breathing evened out.

When the blond turned around, he found himself face to face with the big ex-spook. Chiseled jaw, vaguely olive skin tone, startling green eyes. Oh shit. Attraction flared between them, at least on his end, and the widening of those incredible eyes told Sean more than if he’d voiced a question. Don’t ask, don’t tell. Wasn’t that the unofficial policy of the armed forces? Then John must have realized he was giving more away than he wanted to, for the man’s face closed up tighter than city bank at five in the afternoon.

Without demeaning the moment by offering one of his usual flip comments, Sean stepped sideways and out of the very potent personal space of Caleb’s old friend. “I’ll just let myself out. Lucy knows where to find me if she wants to talk.” His steps were quiet as well, after years of stage training, though nothing like the silence of a well trained CIA officer. Within minutes he’d closed the front door behind him, staring disbelieving into space. “Christ. That is the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on.” And Sean Cafferty had both seen and laid a lot of men.

Behind him, a certain half-sibling wept into the shoulder of her affianced, and made the choice not to say anything about what the tenor had revealed. Lucy had to come to terms with this first.

“I loved you once in silence, and mis'ry was all I knew. Trying so to keep my love from showing, all the while not knowing you loved me too.” Jenny stood in the royal bedchamber, so noted by the prolific use of a mockup of a four poster bed and two very shiny crowns on stands. Well, one shiny crown, as Arthur was off getting himself trapped by Le Fay. Naughty boy.

“Yes, loved me in lonesome silence, your heart filled with dark despair, knowing love would flame in you forever and I'd never, never know the flame was there.” The queen pressed her cheek against Lancelot’s shoulder, eyes glittering with unshed tears. This was the last time she would repeat this song, and as always, it broke her heart.

“Then one day we cast away our secret longing; the raging tide we held inside would hold no more. The silence at last was broken! We flung wide our prison door. Ev'ry joyous word of love was spoken... and now there's twice as much grief, twice the strain for us, twice the despair, twice the pain for us as we had known before.” Faces drifting towards one another, into the embrace that would seal the doom for the Table that Arthur had so carefully put together.

Wham, bam: Guard and Mordred rushed in, caught the couple in a most compromising position. Lance escaped, his lover did not. C’est la vie, no? Oui. Lucy was rushed offstage, tweaked Mordred’s nose before slipping into her dressing room. The plain gray shift hung there, looking extremely forlorn about its future demise. She sank into a chair, staring at her face in the mirror. This was the last performance. Party at the Holmes place, as per usual. Despite the fact that these reviews had been lukewarm compared to the Phantom ones, they’d still managed to sell out almost every show. Ok, time to go get burned at the steak.

“Sean? May I talk to you privately?” The brunette inched up to his back and pressed her cheek against the denim jacket he was wearing. She’d done that years ago, when they were both in high school together, as freshman and senior. Wasn’t that a real trip? He nodded warily, but extracted himself from a conversation with Penny and Hugh before gently guiding her out onto the front porch, since the backyard was currently being overrun with cast members and members of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Lucy settled on the top step, resting her head against her brother’s shoulder once he’d joined her. ‘I’m sorry.” Great opening gambit! “Dad had affairs. I think I always knew that, but chose to ignore it, y’know. Because Mom did. We’re still friends, right? Even though now there’s that whole blood thing, and the whole … will you please walk me down the aisle, Sean?” Nope, the sauve say-anything-that-comes-to-mind gal hadn’t gone anywhere. Her brother loved her for it, because everyone knew where they stood with Lucy Avellino.

“I’d be proud to.” Did his throat have to tighten up so annoyingly? Yep! She made him stay outside for several minutes, obviously getting accustomed to seeing him in a slightly different light. It was hard to image a person so caring and so thoughtless at the same time, but the brat managed the combination nicely.

“Come on. I think Caleb has something big planned.”

He let the brunette dart inside right away, preferring to remain in the cool air just a little bit longer. Peace and quiet for just a few moments, please. Not to be, however, as the noiseless crackling energy that accompanied John appeared, signaling the man’s entrance onto the porch. Why had the agent come out here? Didn’t he understand that the few times Sean found himself in the man’s presence, that he wanted to .. to … well, lets just say talking didn’t enter into the mental fantasies.

“Caleb wanted me to—“ John started, visibly uncomfortable.

“I know, “ Sean interrupted. “I’ll be right in.” His tone held an impatient roughness that could be taken for just about anything right now. Except possibly for what it is. Raw animal attraction. The kind of emotion that Penny had once desired from him. No, Sean definitely preferred the menfolk. This insane jumble of feelings and expectations and hopes rather sealed it.

It didn’t help that he had to ease around the chap in the doorway, passing so close that he could have reached out and admired that huge frame. Oh kay. Do not think dirty thoughts, Cafferty! Too late. Masterfully reigning in the growing urge to slam John against the wall and shag him senseless, our favorite half-Irish tenor permitted himself one pat on the poor guy’s shoulder before stalking inside.

Yep. He’d seen the spark of electricity in the air. Sheeeet. Oh, we got Trouble. Right here in River City.

And speaking of musicals …

Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high. There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby. Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue. And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.
Someday I'll wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far Behind me. Where troubles melt like lemon drops, away above the chimney tops. That's where you'll find me.

A sixteen year old Lucy stood onstage within the television screen, leaning against a wooden wheelbarrow, gingham dress and adorable pigtails showing off the young girl’s obvious innocence. Someone fumbled with the camera’s tripod, bringing several seconds of shaky footage before the viewer righted itself and continued recording.

“Oh my god! Caleb, you turn that off right now!” Cheeks flushed red in embarrasment, Lucy lunged for the VCR, only to be blocked by her own boyfriend. Smiling wickedly, he picked her up and stepped carefully across the actor-strewn floor and deposited the wriggling girl right next to Devon. “Watch my girl, willya? We got a whole night of these.”

By the invisible daggers racing towards Caleb’s back from Lucy’s glittering eyes, the future groom might not last the entire evening. Above the tv sat several brown VHS cases; “Grease”, “Into the Woods” and “Music Man” labeled clearly down the sides.

“You are dead meat, Holmes.”

And that’s her final answer!

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