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Italians And An Irish Guy
Amerigo Vespucci Strikes Again!
Fri May 20, 2005 15:52

Dreams, dreams may seduce you
But sooner or later they're gone and you're back where you started
Oh look, look at these scars now
How many wounds does it take before we are healing

Lucy stared out the tinted window as the car sped away from the house she’d shared over the last few months with her lover. It was easier to watch the passing scenery than the two gentlemen sharing the interior with her. The Italian mafioso was driving, and since most of his attention seemed to be taken up in that, she wasn’t worried on his behalf for the moment.

What worried her was John.

What in the hell had he been thinking? To blindly offer walk into the devil’s lair with her was an act of bravery rarely witnessed in modern society. In fact, only Caleb …

Her mind resolutely shut down the rest of that thought. Eyes lowered to regard the engagement ring still nestled in her palm where the agent had tucked it. She was unaware that John had tried to smooth things over while she was heading outside, so the abrupt turn-around was another headache that threatened to overwhelm everything.

Lucy loved the spy. To deny that would be to deny the earth itself was round. So why the abrupt change of heart? A sigh escaped her chest, prompting John to curl a hand around her own. Comfort from an unexpected source – and she could only pray they surviving the coming meeting.

Remaining silent for the remainder of the journey, the singer automatically memorized turn-offs and street names in an effort to keep herself calm. Slim fingers tightened around her friend’s when the vehicle finally pulled up in front of a nondescript restaurant. Their driver helped both out of the car, and then gestured to a man inside the restaurant to come out and move the car.

It was this still unnamed man who led them through the gauntlet of security, and then announced her presence to the table of made men. Oh, yes. While only one boss seemed to recognize her on sight, Lucy had grown up knowing who each was and their personal relationship to her grandfather Bernardo.

One of these men had ordered the hit that destroyed her family. One of these men would eventually pay for it. When John did the honors of readying a chair for her, Lucy slid onto it with all the confidence she could muster in thirty seconds, reminding herself that as the last Avellino, she did belong there with the rest of them.

Then John opened his big, fat mouth, and Lucy thought they were both dead. “Usi un tono rispettoso quando parlano, signore Recindi.” Oh, god. You didn’t admonish a Family Boss like that if you were a bodyguard. Sean’s new love interest was certifiable … which helped to explain the attraction, in part.

And then Matteo de Medici walked into the room. He wasn’t very tall, perhaps ten inches or so above five feet. Unlike the stark black of the other outfits, the visitor had selected a light gray suit that made him appear a harmless businessman. Until you looked into dark brown eyes and saw the wolf.

Lucy’s eyes. Medici eyes.

“Signori, grazie per venire su tale avviso corto. Scalda il mio cuore per vedere che il legame fra l'Italia e l'America è ancora forte un secolo dopo che i fondamenti della nostra alleanza siano stati sviluppati.” *Matteo’s voice was warm, deliberately low key. And it did nothing to shake the notion that this silverhaired, slender man was the most dangerous one in the room.

His driver, having now taken his place behind the last empty chair, translated as the Italian introduced himself individually to each boss, employing the melodious language to good use. To be treated with such deference by a Medici was, for several of them, a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Then he neared Lucy, a hand extending to clasp her own. Facing one another, scarely an inch or two apart in height, the similarities in facial structure was apparent. What was not stamped ‘Medici’ had been gifted to her by Avellino genes. Drawing the girl forward, he kissed her on both cheeks.

“Bello, appena come vostra madre era. Lo soddisfa di vedere la sua somiglianza in tensione sopra nella figlia. Sono Matteo de Medici ed il vostro nonno materno. Benvenuto, signora Luciana, alla nostra famiglia. Effettivamente irradierete l'alito che prende la luce in nostre ville..”**

There was no English translation provided for this because there was none needed. He gently turned her to the small assembly, his voice speaking quietly again, “Signore di New York. Può la I presentare la signora Luciana Caterina Avellino il de Medici, il capo de facto Bastone di New York City. Signora Luciana, avreste prego una sede con il vostro picciotto a questa tabella?” He gestured to a smaller table set for two,” È la vostra destra sentire i particolari di questa riunione.”***

A nod towards his associate had the younger man retrieving a stack of manila envelopes and bound leather folders, placing one of each before the Bosses. A sixth set was placed between John and Lucy once they had settled at the lesser table. It was apparent to everyone in the room that Matteo considered the girl’s status to be equal to the Dons. Having her at their table would have been an unforgiveable front.

Here is where the typist got lazy and just pretended everything said by the Tuscan was said in Italian and translated by the driver. “In front of you is a copy of the Medici family tree and a birth certificate for my daughter Caterina, and her daughter Luciana. I encourage you all to familiarize yourselves with her ancestry.” Now finally taking his own seat, Matteo whispered something to his assistant, who nodded .. and quite contrary to common courtesy, removed his side arm and set it in the middle of the table.

“Of the Avellino Family, there are two survivors: A son of William Stefano, born out of wedlock to an goomah by the name of Maureen Cafferty. His Irish blood denies the right to stand in his father’s place. The other survivor is Luciana. As a woman, she is denied the right to stand in her father’s place. Therefore, the Avellino Outfit is formally dissolved. Any remaining soldiers and capos will be absorbed into the Family of their choice.”

Matteo paused, knowing his words were cutting deeply into the silent young lady listening in. But what he did was necessary for them all. Her time would come – he would aid her in this endeavor personally.

He let the Dons have their moments of surprise, allowed the repercussions of this act to sink into their collective psyche before he spoke again, words once again translated by the driver. “I ask but one thing in return for this favor.” Ah, now he had everyone’s attention again. Dark eyes glanced toward Lucy just once, and returned to the group of men. “One of you conspired with Don Piazzo’s son to destroy my granddaughter’s family, including the murder of her parents eleven years ago. I want the name and the reason.”

Absolute silence. Lucy could feel the malevolence swirling around in the air. No made man would rat on another one, which made this request extremely dangerous. Eyes met, messages flashed silently from person to person; one man looking ill at ease for the first. Then an extraordinary thing happened. One by one, four of the Dons rose from their chairs and walked over to Lucy. She received a peck on the cheek from each one, a silent signal of acceptance, before they moved behind her with their assistants.

Bautista Pucceno, head of the second oldest Family in the city, sat alone at the table, his man rooted to the floor behind his chair. Matteo took the seat across from him, handsome face impassive. “Leave us.” My god, the man sounded like a feudal lord exercising sway over his holdings. It hadn’t taken long for envelopes and folders to be collected, jackets shrugged into and other motions involved in vacating a meeting room. Lucy and John found themselves tucked into a booth in the restaurant portion; iced tea and pastries set before them. Several minutes later, the driver appeared and seated himself next to Lucy.

“Don Matteo has given me leave to introduce myself. Do you prefer Luciana or Lucy?” When she admitted to the second, his eyes crinkled in good humor. At that moment she knew exactly who he was, even though his name was still a mystery. “You’re my—“

The man interrupted pleasantly, “Pietro de Medici, your uncle.” He pressed a warm kiss to the back of her hand, and included John into the circle with a brief nod of acknowledgement. “Don Matteo will be along shortly. He will inform us of his plans then.”

A muffled gunshot sounded soon after that, followed closely by a second. Lucy’s grandfather appeared a few minutes later, shrugging on a subdued charcoal overcoat, his hands already gloved.

“Come. I wish to meet this fiancée who works for the American government. Pietro, make reservations for a dozen at Scalo’s.” Delivered in flawless English, albeit the cultured accent of Tuscany province. Apparently Lucy had inherited much from her Italian forebearers.

“Quietly…” he had admonished, leading Sean into the living room before Sean and Lucy returned home. Just for a little while, it would do them both good to forget about the worries surrounding everyone, become absorbed in…

Sean put down the razor before he sliced his own throat on accident, staring at the reflection in the mirror. The bathroom was steamed up enough already from a post-basketball game shower, and he wasn’t in the mood to climb back in just to cool himself down.

. . . pressed down against the couch, mouth brushing against his, John’s tongue finally seeking entrance – he’d almost lost it right there. Amazing what three weeks of celibacy will do to a man. Just like the first time he’d gotten past kissing with his first girlfriend. Anything had been fair game during his teenage years. Girl, boy, both had been fun. Plenty of R-rated scenes with exploring hands and exploring mouths. John’s palm flattening against his chest, warm even beneath the cotton …

Feck! Throwing down the sharp object in disgust, Sean climbed right back into the tub and turned the cold tap on full blast. How could the memory of one kissing session get him to the point of arousal so quickly that it was painful? Goddammit. His partner in all this was little more than a virgin, and was still clearly having issues with his own sexuality. Very frusterating for a guy who wasn’t used to taking things this slowly.

But boy was John worth it. Intelligent, funny once you got past his defense mechanisms. Good-looking, if a little on the muscle bound side. Pull yourself together, man! The blond admonished himself and finally stepped back out of the shower. Now it was too late to finish the shave, so his sideburns would have to stay.

Exiting back into the living space, he spent several minutes rifling through his closet for something decent to wear. Eventually he wound up wearing black jeans, a black buttonup shirt and boots. Lucy had said something about six-thirty being a good time to show up, and he had … what, fifteen minutes to get there? Perfect.

When he pulled into the driveway, the first thing Sean noticed was the front door. It stood open halfway, something he knew his sister was uncomfortable about. Unease trickling down his back, the actor reached under his seat and carefully extracted a handgun. Making sure the clip was full, he quietly slid out of the truck and approached the porch at an angle. Keeping the weapon pointed towards the floor, Sean eased his way into the entry hall – staring at the destruction around him. It looked like someone had taken a baseball bat and methodically bashed their way through the kitchen, then headed into the living room . . .

. . . Caleb sat on the couch, a baseball bat next to him. The entertainment system had been demolished, along with at least one of the bookshelves. Coffee table was intact, bearing an ashtray, cigerettes and several empty cans of beer. Apparently he must have given his presence away, because not two seconds later he was staring down the barrel of a government issue revolver.

At least until the man of the house recognized the armed intruder. “Letting off some steam,” he commented by way of welcome, and gestured towards the kitchen with his gun. “Get a beer.” There was a suggestion of cold humor in Caleb’s voice, and it frightened the shit out of his future brother-in-law.

“What happened? Where’s my sister?” Sean wasn’t about to move until he’d assuaged the rising panic. Something was terribly, terribly wrong. Caleb’s next comment confirmed it.

“Devon forced himself on Lucy last night.”

The Irishman’s entire demeanor changed, anything else Caleb might have said lost underneath the blood rushing through his ears. Friendly blue eyes frosted into ice, propelling him from a flamboyant entertainer into a man whose ancestors had run into battle wearing nothing but blue war paint.

“I’ll kill him.” No shouted declaration, it was a quietly issued statement. Sean turned around and headed out the front door, apparently intending to make good on his word.

I can see it all so clearly now
I can hear your voice in a song
And it burns down inside my soul,
it takes me down this winding road
We can find our way back home

*“Gentlemen, thank you for coming on such short notice. It warms my heart to see the bond between Italy and America is still strong a century after the foundations of our alliance was built.”

**“Beautiful, just as your mother was. It pleases me to see her likeness live on in the daughter. I am Matteo de Medici, and your maternal grandfather. Welcome, Lady Luciana, to our family. You will indeed radiate breath taking light in our villas.”

***“Gentleman of New York. May I present Lady Luciana Caterina Avellino de Medici, de facto Underboss of New York City. Lady Luciana, would you please have a seat with your bodyguard at this table? It is your right to hear the details of this meeting.”.

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