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Caleb Holmes
Disbelief Abound
Sat May 21, 2005 01:41

He looked like a kindly old grandfather!

John couldn’t believe it when the older man walked into the room, saving his collective hide. And Lucy’s to boot! He did not shuffle along, but still radiated the warm air of a gentleman that would be better off dealing with children than rowdy men. Until you saw his eyes… He drew a deep breath, refusing to stare or gawk. Not only would that not be polite, but it would hardly be a good idea either. Easiest way to die in a meeting of this sort.

The driver translated what the older gentleman said, who could have been no other than the Medici that had been spoken of. It was a shame that there was a need to translate, honestly; it only showed that the men surrounding the table had never truly gotten in touch with their ancestral roots. Kept ignorant by choice, most definitely not by need. But then the introductions came, the lower ranked men standing behind the chairs obviously given no heed. The singular protection that a boss was allowed at this sort of meeting, and more often than not, when it came to a brawl, it was those men that decided the outcome.

But when the man came around to Lucy, she was pulled up and forward, kissed upon each cheek. All of this would have been lost on Caleb, who dealt with the darker side of organized crime. But this was something bewildering and beautiful in its own sense. The words the grandfatherly man spoke were not translated for painfully obvious reasons. Any of the men around the table would have been infuriated to understand it in its entirety. Even now, a few brows quirked, understanding a word here and there. John would have thought that was the end of it, but instead she was turned toward the assembled men with a quiet, powerful proclamation. De facto Underboss of New York City?! Oh, he was so happy he didn’t employ many facial expressions at that point, for otherwise he would have gaped.

Drawing a breath as Matteo requested Lucy seat herself at a table, and he with her – which was typically unheard of if unless the person truly was recognized as a boss – John held yet another chair out for Lucy, reluctantly taking the one beside her. It was a slight barb when he sat himself closer toward the second table, but he needed his firing arm free and a clear shot if need be. Yet, after Matteo resumed speaking once seating himself, he doubted that any man was thought of immediate bloodshed was not on their minds.

Lucy had not opened the envelope that had been placed between them, and John could only wonder if it was a silent viper. Oh, he knew he was being undoubtedly paranoid, but these men were… powerful. His eyes never settled on one place, barely processing what Matteo was saying. It was unnerving to hear the man mention Sean, but he wouldn’t think of that now. It wasn’t the place for it. Then Lucy, with the typical traditional Italian values system, dissolving her family’s faction. Ouch, that had to hurt. But then the real kicker came. John knew that Lucy’s grandfather had been murdered, but her parents? Caleb definitely would have understood all this information in a trip to the department of back story. But he was just a grunt. Grunt-grunt, see?

When the Dons began to move toward Lucy one by one, John could feel his body tense, a new bout of pain coursing through his shoulder. But he wouldn’t say a damn thing if unless one of those men or their underlings decided to harm the girl. Apparently they thought to hold a united front against the usurper that had crossed over their bounds in this case; Bautista Pucceno. Caleb would have likely lunged at the man, and even so, John was feeling his trigger finger become rather twitchy.

Leave us.

Oh… shit. Waiting for the other men to file their way out, he gathered Lucy’s paperwork, escorting her into the restaurant proper, in some little booth, set to wait. It was a shame he didn’t have another man with him; at least then Lucy could be properly flanked! But no, that wasn’t going to happen. Odd conversation later, punctuated by muffled gunshots that set the hair on the nape of his neck on edge, before the Don was emerging from the back room. How much blood stained those gloved hands?

“Come. I wish to meet this fiancée who works for the American government. Pietro, make reservations for a dozen at Scalo’s.” A dozen? Who the hell else was going to show up, honestly? John would refuse to be away from Lucy’s side, and even with Caleb there… So confusing!

Upon leaving the restaurant, his primary concern was the girl, but they were ushered into the Mercedes with no difficulty whatsoever. Lucy and her grandfather into the backseat, while the thugs sat up front. Though Pietro was obviously more than a thug, being Lucy’s uncle. A high-ranking strong arm, then. Through the ride, John did not bother turning an ear to anything the two in the backseat said, because at this point, any information was valuable. If this was to bite Lucy in the ass later? It was quite possible he would be the only person that knew and understood what had happened today.

Finally, they arrived, though the journey seemed to take twice as long as it had before. Two god damned Medicis! Two! Right in the backseat. Refusing to shiver at the implications that resided in those two, all surfacing from his childhood, John held the car door open for Lucy and offered her the good hand to help her out. His stomach lurched when he saw Sean’s truck out front, refusing to exchange looks with the girl right now. But the door was slightly ajar – though he didn’t understand why – a few pieces of clothing littering the deck. Great.

Taking front point with Lucy practically right up his ass, John gently nudged the door aside, eyes widening at the foyer. But when he turned toward the living room…


Cigarettes! And a lighter! Fantastic.

Lighting one, Caleb pulled a deep drag off the nicotine stick, inhaling deeply. Which promptly led to a bout of coughing, but he barely noticed. It was Devon he still saw, that rat bastard! How could he have even believed that Lucy would have done something like that with his brother? Still, they had done something, and he didn’t know what, which made his stomach churn. He forced her! That… that… Running out of adjectives, he snatched a beer from the refrigerator, which tasted absolutely disgusting going down. But the burning sensation only added fuel to the fire, and he was feeling it down to his toes.

“Fukking bastard!” There went the dishes on the counter, crashing to the floor with a resounding sound. Cherishing it for as long as it could last, which wasn’t long enough. Then he saw it; the baseball bat beside the back door. He had used it so long ago to knock a few balls to Jane’s kids, and it sat there ever since. Perfect! It reminded him of the night in Gino’s apartment, so god damned long ago. A bit of therapy was needed. Draining the first can of beer and going for a second, he partially emptied it before snatching up the bat, its heavy weight comforting. Nothing like a firearm, but he wasn’t about to start shooting things.

Through the kitchen and into the foyer, items methodically smashed and maimed, all in the good interest of attempting to keep his temper in check. Obviously it wasn’t working, but it was better than using the bat on his brother, who would undoubtedly be at their father’s house by now. Oh, if he could have seen his eldest son! Smash! Bye-bye, lamp. Oops, there went the stand it had rested on. But the living room was much better for this! Cigarette dangling from his lips and beer can in hand; he assaulted the large living space. Mental note: Buy new mattresses and bedding for the house later.

Ooh, plasma television. Now that cracked nicely. Offering sounds of encouragement with crashes and shattered glass, Caleb pummeled the expensive equipment, not stopping until several DVD cases were crushed beneath foot, and every electronic in the room was demolished. Now he felt better. Huffing, and muttering about kith and kin, he settled onto the edge of the sofa after absently brushing aside a few broken things, only to light another cigarette. Ten minutes was all it took to take everything down and render it unsalvageable. Ten minutes was all that had taken to turn his life upside down with Lucy, several times over.

How could Devon do that to him? Caleb understood that he had been ‘dead’ to the family for a number of years, but attempting to seduce his fiancée by force? Not only was it uncalled for, but it was uncouth and uncivilized as well. He had a good mind to rid the world of one less procreator, and do away with his brother’s genitalia. But something in the back of his mind nagged at him, saying that it wasn’t his fight. Bullshit it wasn’t! Lucy was his fiancée, god damn it. You can’t fight all her battles… While that was true, he could still fight the ones that he could for her. All he wanted to do was help the damned girl! First her parents murdered when she was young, then Bernardo and Jackie – who she had obviously loved, no matter his treachery.

A whisper of fabric, the crumble of clay underfoot…

Without thought, Caleb drew the firearm that was holed up in a docker beneath his suit jacket, spinning about and aiming blindly. How the hell had someone gotten in here?! His trigger finger began to tighten, slowly squeezing… Oh. It was him. The guy that liked to make out with his friends in the kitchen. Great, just great! “Letting off steam,” he stated with Sean’s venturing look. A gesture toward the slightly-less-demolished kitchen with the gun, “Get a beer.” He could use another one. Or some hard liquor at this point.

“What happened? Where’s my sister?” They fell into the role of siblings so easily! He expected that from the Irishman, but not Lucy, who had grown up as an only child with no family. Sean, at least, had that much. But Caleb couldn’t answer properly, he still saw red.

“Devon forced himself on Lucy last night.” If he had believed that he had known Sean prior to this, he was gravely mistaken. There was a god damned gun in the boy’s hand, for Christ’s sake! His entire opinion of the fellow changed once he witnessed the transformation from worried sibling into misunderstood soon-to-be-murderer. That was insane.

“I’ll kill him.” Quiet, seemingly innocent, if unless you heard the tone. And he was leaving!

“Sean, no!” Oh, screw this! Before the kid could leave, Caleb was raising his gun, the sound of the hammer being drawn back never having sounded so loud before. It spoke of finality. “Sean… no. Turn around.” Drawing a deep breath, he almost shook his head before realizing what that would do; offer a chance for him to run out while slightly blindsided. “This is Lucy’s problem.” Ouch, that sounded cold. “This is something she has to take care of, not us. I doubt she’ll be happy with me for throwing him down the staircase,” ah, so that was where all the bits of clothing came from, “but I needed him gone.” This wasn’t coming out quite right.

“Someone came for her earlier. We… had a fight. I didn’t understand what had happened with her and Devon until John said something, and I acted like an idiot.” That was the understatement of the year. Caleb looked every inch the government puppet he was in that moment, somehow having a still-clean suit, his gun hand never wavering. “I… was not allowed to accompany Lucy, so John did.” Feckin’ Italians! Never mind the Polish name, that bastard was an Italian through and through. “Apparently government men were not welcome.” Snorting a laugh, he wanted to lower the gun, but feared that Sean would run. Any minute now…

“Caleb?” Shit! Eyes flicked toward John, Lucy staring at the destruction just behind him. A fellow toward the back looked as well, but with far less interest, obviously searching for something. And… Oh God. Still possessing a few of his brain cells, Caleb released the hammer on his firearm and flicked the safety on, holstering it once he had laid eyes upon the older gentleman. The only one that would have accompanied Lucy here, and willingly… Shit.

“He wanted to go after Devon,” Caleb managed quietly by way of explanation for his fiancée. That wouldn’t exactly help him any, considering John was glaring at him. Oh, boo-feckin’-hoo, he pulled a gun on Sean. At least he hadn’t fired! But what more could he really say?

“Who are you?” He didn’t like that tone at all, coming from the grandfatherly figure that almost everyone towered over. The voice was soothing and melodic, deceptively mild in a way that you wouldn’t see the knife going into your back before it was too late.

“Caleb Holmes. Luciana’s fiancée.”

Well, wasn’t this a nice get-to-know-you meeting?

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