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Caleb Holmes
Frustrated Feds
Thu May 26, 2005 21:52

Caleb couldn’t believe it!

Seated there on the edge of the bed, he listened to the sounds of Italians working downstairs. Once already he had shouted at them to leave, moved them toward the door, but they had gone on regardless with a smile and a nod. He had even begun to doubt if those bastards understood him.

One thing was certain; he couldn’t take much more of this. Already he had cleaned up, shaved, and changed into his uniform against the world. Tie knot tightened, cuffs righted and lapels smoothed, he was prepared to deal with Outside. Or so he thought. It had taken a great deal of time and cold water to rid himself of the dark circles beneath his eyes. He had slept like absolute shi without Lucy there, and could only foresee a dozen more sleepless nights until the wedding. God, the wedding! Matteo, that pompous jackass, just taking everything over like that. It was infuriating.

Suddenly, stomping feet were heard en force, and a door slammed. The front door? Shouldering his weapon, Caleb cautiously peered out into the hallway, listening for something. Anything. But there was nothing to be heard. No men when he peered over the railing and thudded down the stairs. Everything was… clean. Swept and mopped, waxed and shined to a high glow. It was all as it had been before, right down to the place he had kept the television remote. God damn it, had these people watched them long before this? It was time for a damned security system!

Locking up the house on his way out, with briefcase in hand, even if it wouldn’t help to use the deadbolt, Caleb was in the Jeep and on the street. Rob hadn’t returned to work yet, and he was still given cart blanche at the office for the time being. It was preposterous, because in any other situation, They would have just brought in an agent from another office that dealt with something similar. It wasn’t right, not at all.

The office really wasn’t any better. Into a parking garage on a secure level, elevators and a lot of walking later, Caleb was on the floor he needed to be. Only a few people bothered with greetings; perhaps he still looked angry. Or maybe there were those that still thought him in the wrong for one thing or another, long since passed. Whatever it was, he didn’t give a rat’s ass, and he just wanted to immerse himself in the work, lose himself in all of it, even for a short while. It would be better this way right now.

An hour later, and he was staring at the damned piece of paper that had haunted him with its tap-taaaps just the other night. Old friend departing on trip to colonies. Anyone could be an old friend. Staying with Spanish. What Spanish were there? The arrival time and car was irrelevant, honestly. Obviously the time has already passed. But… Itinerary includes pasta and dessert. Pasta?

“That fukking bastard!” Caleb swore, crumpling the paper in his grasp as the urge to scream rose.

“I’d appreciate it if you’d call me something else. Bastard is so… cliché, honestly.” Holy… shit. Wide-eyed, Caleb’s gaze slowly rose toward the door, more than surprised to see Rob standing there, the ever present trench coat slung over his arm. “Well, it’s nice to see that you haven’t completely destroyed my office.” Rob peeked into one of the filing cabinets and quirked a brow. “Even reorganized? Lucy kicked your sorry ass out, didn’t she?”

“Fukking Medici.” It seemed all that Caleb could do lately was swear, but it was rather appropriate, was it not? Shaking his head, he set aside the crumpled paper with exaggerated care. “Matteo Medici is staying at the Plaza hotel.” He did sort of relish the way Rob’s brows shot up at that, because it meant the man was in a right enough mind to work. Perhaps it was one lucid moment soon to be lost amongst the thousand grieving hours, but it would serve his purpose yet. “Luciana is there with him until the wedding.”

“Ouch.” Right, sympathize. Bullshit!

“He’s taken over the wedding planning. It’ll be in two weeks, so I suggest you get your tux to the cleaners.” Yes! The man’s jaw dropped. “Oh, oh, oh… Trust me; I don’t want to go along with this. The man has been breathing down my neck, and it’s only been twenty-four hours! Just two more weeks, and he’ll be gone. I can live through that, right?”

“I don’t think you’d be normally so bent out of shape over something like this. What else happened?” How could Rob do it? Even with Beth gone, he was still a friend and confidant. Caleb thought it was insane.

But he told him. Everything.

Eventually the ranting speech wound its way down, and he found he really wanted a drink at that point. And a damned cigarette. But the pair decided, since Caleb really wasn’t all that fond of going home, that he’d continue to put in hours until the wedding, or near enough. Plan ahead, get everything scheduled so it could run smoothly enough while Rob fell back into the habit with him. That had been a heated debate, because Caleb hadn’t wanted Rob to return so soon. But he said he needed to get out, away from everything. They really did have too much in common.

But even he had enough of the office for one day, and ducked out well after dark, but obviously didn’t go home. No, instead he had stopped by some little convenience store, bought the pack of cigarettes and lighter that he shouldn’t have, along with the usual water, and went on his merry way. Through downtown, past the lights of Broadway, and into Greenwich Village. The carefree attitude of the area didn’t exactly lift his spirits, and those jovial enough to meander past apparently did not like the looks of a man in a suit, but those things never became a difficulty. It wasn’t as if he walked far, just enough to reach the Theater.

In through the back door with the key David had given him, one he hadn’t used in too long, surprised to hear nothing coming from stage. But his principal cast had abandoned the man in his time of need, and Caleb had been certain that he would stage another production in the meantime. Apparently not! Drawing a puff off the cigarette dangling between his lips, the foolhardy male meandered through the backstage area, flipping on a light here and there so he wouldn’t trip over his own two feet. But…

Think of me, think of me fondly… Lucy?

Blinking, Caleb moved a bit faster, happening upon David’s office. The door was cracked, opened just enough to reveal the television and stacks of recorded performances. Phantom of the Opera was playing on the screen, the volume turned up high, and David was sitting in a chair, lighter to a pipe that had been carved in some psychedelic design. Hey, he knew that smell! Snorting, he barged right into the office, tossing the door shut behind and startling the hell out of the poor director.

“Jesus! You didn’t have to do that!” Bellow. Too bad, hippie. David took one look at Caleb smoking, shrugged, and went back to his pipe that was most assuredly not packed with tobacco. Why did people even use that shit?

“Sure I did. It was fun. Why else wouldn’t I?” Flashing a mirthless grin, he settled into the chair before the desk, snagging an old soda can for an ashtray before grimacing at the state of the office. “God damn it, David. Aren’t you ever going to get a filing system going in here? One day you’re going to crush the first five years of your directing experience underfoot. And I’ll laugh at you for it.”

“Piffle.” What the hell sort of word was that? “Just… thinking.”

“Like the rest of us,” Caleb mumbled, flicking off the ashes from his cigarette. “Using the time for renovations?” David nodded like he figured the man would, so he chanced it. “With luck, it’ll be another three weeks at most. Maybe a month, seeing as how the wedding has been moved up. You could always try John and Sean in that time for something small.” Helpful suggestion, glossing over the rest of what he had said.

“Moved up?” Crap, dollar signs in the man’s eyes. “Maybe we’ll do South Pacific this time,” David commented, taking another inhale.

“South Pacific? What’s that?” Caleb wanted to groan within, because he said that every damned time a new play came around. At least it wouldn’t be a reproduction of Cats!

“You don’t know what South Pacific is? Blasphemy! Has that girl taught you nothing?!” David paused for one last hit, before setting it aside and rifling through the assortment of VHS tapes and DVDs accumulated in mass amounts on the shelves in the small office. “I know I have it here somewhere…” Mumble, mumble.

Great. Just great. So South Pacific and a stoned director were his companions for the night! This couldn’t end well.

John eyed the Plaza curiously, his neck craning upward as far as it could, hoping to see the top in his immobilized state. No luck. Well, he hadn’t left Sean all that long ago and it was nearing dusk now. He had timed it so dinner would be long since past, hopefully not interrupting anything of import. Why he was showing up here was beyond him, but he knew that Caleb wasn’t going to do it. Sean might, but the boy had no idea that he was coming here. Just said he had a few things to do, promised to call him, maybe they’d do something together tonight. Hell, perhaps a few nights with him would not be amiss—Not like that! No, not like that. Just company.

Drawing a deep breath, he wandered through the front door of the immaculate hotel and went straight to the concierge desk. He didn’t have the urge to wander about, and try to get up to whatever floor it was that Lucy was on. Likely the penthouse, but he wasn’t a man about hunches. It didn’t take but a moment to get the attention of the woman behind the desk, and to state his intentions. “If you could, please inform Luciana Avellino that John Slepchoski is here to see her.” There, perfectly executed, and he received a bland smile for his troubles before the woman went to do just that.

He didn’t have to wait long, either. Instead of someone coming to fetch him, the woman blandly informed him of the floor and room number, and that he was expected. Right-o! To the elevator we go! At least there wasn’t terrible muzak, because that would have driven him nuts. Then again, as mellow as he was still feeling with the damned drugs that the doctors insisted he taken, maybe he wouldn’t have cared. Ding-ding! Housewares, electronics, and ladies lingerie. Off the elevator he went, spying the whole two doors on the floor. One to the left, and one to the right. He was betting that Medici was using both, but he went to the door that he had been instructed to go.

Knock-knock! Two seconds later…

“Si?” It was the fellow from the dinner, the one with the ponytail. God, what was his name? Odd sounding, just like the old country instead of like John’s simple name taken from the bible. Oh! Andre? Eh, something like that.

“Sono John Slepchoski, qui vedere Luciana?”(1) Just a test, then, for he was offered admittance. The suite was opulent, which was expectant at this point in time, at least from the Medici. Instead of wandering further, he waited patiently beside the door, which was the proper thing to do until given further entrance. It wasn’t like he had to wait long, because the girl came around the corner, looking a bit worn. It was like she hadn’t slept well. None of them had, more than likely.

“Ciao, innamorato…”(2)

(1) I am John Slepchoski, here to see Luciana?
(2) Hello, sweetheart…

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