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John Slepchoski
Surprising Discoveries
Fri Jun 3, 2005 06:27

How the hell did he get here?

It had all began so innocently just a few days ago. Finding comfort with Sean on the morning that Caleb began his rampage, which led to obtaining sanctuary for the night. Nothing had quite happened, but it was quickly leading to it. Was it something he wanted to do? God help him, he just wasn’t sure!

But without Sean around, things weren’t exactly so enjoyable. Doctors and therapists, who claimed that he could safely go about activities that weren’t strenuous without the arm sling. Huzzah! He was free! Alone in a big house, even if it wasn’t his, and with that sort of news? It called for a celebration. For an Italian, there was no better way to celebrate than with a damn good meal and company. Frankly, he was surprised Sean was willing to come over after the incident with Caleb, but perhaps he hadn’t held the man in contempt for what had likely been a nervous breakdown. Steak, vegetables, all simple fare that wasn’t scorched within an inch of its life. Faugh, who was he kidding? He’d never be happy with his cooking.

After dinner, he had put on the Full Monty, just to watch Sean smirk that tiny bit. At least it wasn’t the man’s stage production? Too much pelvic thrusting, his eyes would be riveted to the screen! Then everything had gone downhill from there. Or uphill. Whatever it was, it had been fukking fantastic! No matter how perturbed Sean had been at his personal excitement. No, John was a good guy, and tried to resolve matters through talking. Frankly, he disliked arguments, raised voices, or anything of the sort. But the actor wouldn’t let him get a word in, so he had to show him—properly!

The sex had been amazing, utterly mind-blowing. But instead of rolling out of bed, getting dressed, and going on his way, Sean had curled into his side and fallen asleep! The reaction was completely foreign to John; and while he may not have bedded as many people as the younger fellow, he wasn’t a virgin by any means! Only the women wanted to cuddle and spend quality time, the men were used to relieve tension. Right?

Maybe not.

A loud moan punctuated this thought, slicing cleaning through the air and sending shivers down John’s spine. God help him, he loved that sound! He had lost count with how many tumbles through the hay they had managed that morning, and really didn’t care. His hands hardly ever left Sean’s body, and he was liking this situation just fine. Okay, more than just fine. “Oh God, I’m gonna—!”

“Sean, can I talk—” Who the hell opened the door?! And with a god damned key! A leggy brunette, staring slack-jawed at the scene before her. “I’m so sorry, forget I was here.” Spots of bright pink inflaming her cheeks, and she was rushing out the door.

John lost it right there, teetering on the precipice, and finally over the edge. Apparently Sean did too, judging by his… ahem… enthusiasm, despite the fact that they had just been barged in on. Breathing hard, the giant sat back on his haunches, just staring at his bed partner for a few long moments before bursting into laughter. “Who the hell was that?!”

“Ugh…” What a mess. “Penny, Lucy’s best friend. She comes here when something bothers her.” Sean only shrugged, but it explained it all. John was quickly coming to realize that the man was the mythical Good Guy that every mother wanted for her daughter. Too bad he was with the jock down the street, eh? Hah! Oh shit, what the hell had gotten into him?

“Go shower and clean up real quick, I’ll see if she’s still outside.” Right? Right-o! Sounded like a plan. Taking care to dispose of the evidence – hey, being ‘pretty sure’ and ‘absolutely sure’ you were clean was a fine line – John tried finding his pants, without luck. Crap! Times like this and he wished he’d at least wear boxers. But no, he had to be ‘manly’ and go regimental! Damn. Grabbing the sheet once Sean was in the bathroom, he wrapped it about his waist and took a peek into the hall.

“Psst…” No one was outside the door. Being brave, he poked his head out further, glancing down one way then the other. Ah-ha! There, at the landing. “Psst! Penny!” He wasn’t going to go tromping down there in a sheet! Frantically gesturing for the young woman to come back, John gave a grin and ducked back into the apartment. Waiting… waiting… There she was! Even shut the door behind her, thank God. “He’s cleaning up.” Simple explanation, delivered with a straight face, before making sure the sheet was tucked securely. “Not a typical sight, I guess?”

“Oh, sure. I walk in on him having sex all the time. Just last week he had the jocks from down the hall, old Miss Withers, and her poodle.” Sarcasm and wit? John grinned, happily surprised at this turn of events. Never mind he was wearing only a sheet! That wasn’t the problem here.

“Really now? What else happened?”

“Nope. Ladies don’t kiss and tell.” Pffbt! Snorting rather indignantly at her statement, John reached past her to grab the deck of cards that Sean had on the coffee table, for God knows what reason, and began to shuffle.

“High card tells?”

“No way. Poker, no wilds. High card is too random.” She did have a point, even if he didn’t like it. Bah! “I’ll cut.” Fine then. Shuffle-shuffle, and deal. The first hand went by, with Penny winning by a narrow margin; her two pair to his, but she had the king kicker. Damn! “How long have you been with Sean?” Been with?

“Uh… With? The last few nights, if that’s what you mean. Caleb went on a rampage, and this little shoebox apartment was my sanctuary. I met Sean when I moved to the area.” Right, John Slepchoski. Where the hell did Rob come up with these names, anyhow? “Your deal!”

He lost. Again.

“What do you think of him?” Woo, she was going right for the meat, wasn’t she? Quirking a brow, John gathered up the few cards that were spread across the unfolded futon, trying to figure out how to answer this. Then she started humming the Jeopardy theme.

“Wench!” It was amazing; he could be mouthy when prompted! “He’s the mythical Good Guy. I remember at the picnic bearing down on him, and all he could do was worry about Luciana.” Definitely an admirable trait in his opinion. “I like Sean, from the little I know about him.” It would come with time, he was certain. “My deal. And no more hiding cards up your nonexistent sleeves.” Shuffle-shuffle. It was at the end of the hand that the shower flipped off, and Sean revealed himself in… “Ooh, yellow towel.” Snicker. Then the weirdest exchange ever took place.

“I like John. He’s got a good head on his shoulders and is obviously nuts about you.” Smack! Well, lightly. He didn’t want to hurt her.

“So, twinkletoes, what did you want to talk about.” Such a way with words! Swoon. Pffbt! The game resumed, and he was actually winning, but by the look on Penny’s face he wasn’t going to say a damned thing right now. In fact, he was pretty damned sure she was just going through the motions.

“Ok, fine. Lucy’s bodyguard. He’s … ah … what,” was she blushing? And all this about Andrea? He was definitely missing something here. “He’s … Do you know anything about him?”

“Someone’s got a cruuuuuuush.”

“I … I feel like I’ve been struck by lightning, Sean.” The brunette looked up, her expression grave. “If he’d asked me to go to bed with him, I would have.” That was the… weirdest thing anyone could have said, and it obviously held some significance and weight with both of them. So she didn’t take many bed partners. Or any. A virgin, in this day and age? Always a possibility. Maybe.

“Oh, honey.” John swallowed a snicker, biting his tongue until he could taste copper. Fabulous! Definitely the stereotypical Good Guy. Giving a quick smile, John kept his tones low.

“I’m off to shower. Caleb is having new mattresses and bedding delivered this afternoon, so I’ve got to be there.” John paused, getting a wicked gleam in his eye, but restraining from saying anything about christening the new furniture. “You two are free to come with.” But then he was making a placating gesture, dragging the sheet with him long enough to drop it over both of their heads before making a run into the bathroom.

“Hey, there’s my pants!” was the last exclamation heard before the door shut.

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