Sean Cafferty/Penny Alexander
Courtesans and eunuchs!
Sun Jun 5, 2005 16:09


“That makes three in a row, Legs.”

Arms shot forward to catch the orange ball as it rebounded off the garage door, then cradled it against a curvy chest. “Yeah. And?” Penny had been mouthier than usual since they’d hopped in their respective vehicles and driven back to Caleb’s several hours before. Nobody knew quite when the mattresses would arrive, since the company was one of those that promised delivery between ‘9am to 5pm’.

Then she’d found the basketball and wandered outside to let the menfolk make googly eyes at each other and possibly start necking again. She wasn’t exactly jealous, not in the way of wanting Sean for herself … at least not anymore. No, her problem was a far more personal one. There had been times over the years when the greek dancer seriously thought about breaking the tenants of her religion and sleeping with someone outside the bonds of marriage. But then she pictured her parents faces and always chickened out.

Penelope Alexander was a coward.

“Here. You try.” Sticking out her tongue, the brunette tossed the ball at Sean, who was smirking a little too widely and not wearing a shirt. Sweat dotted the corded muscle barely noticable across his shoulders as well, suggesting strenuous activity in the recent past. Very recent.

“I will.”

Toss. Swish. Thunk. Toss. Swish. Thunk. Toss. Swish. Thunk. Toss. Swish. Thunk.


“I know. “

“So … let’s get shitfaced tonight. I want to celebrate.”

“Celebrate what?”

Penny grinned fully for the first time since barging in on the sex, and pulled a photocopied page from her shorts to hand over. Sean dutifully unfolded the slip of paper, silently mouthing the words that proclaimed her release from Julliard as a fully fledged dancer – with degree.

His whoop of glee almost drowned out the sound of the mattress truck finally rattling down the street.

“You spilled the tequila! Haha. Truth or Dare?” Sean settled back against John’s thighs, the couple lounging on Caleb’s living room floor. The coffee table had been shoved to the side, throw pillows now taking its place, along with three drunk people. The agent’s fingers were idly skimming along the actor’s shoulders, which made it almost impossible to concentrate.

“Uh … truth?” Penny giggled, licking the last drop of alcohol from her bare knee, where she’d stilled it just a second ago. Caleb had been absent a good portion of this week, no doubt due to the impending nuptials just a few days away now, and since the ballerina didn’t have a place of her own, she’d opted to crash with Mister Universe and his sidekick, Acting Boy.

John speared her with a nasty smile. “Have you every engaged in sexual intercourse, physically or orally.”

Blink, blink. “That would be a great big No, and again No, Godzilla.” Shiny, perky grin. The disbelief on his face just made her crack up worse, her face soon buried in a pillow to stop the laughter before her sides ached beyond all reckoning. Finally, though, she sat back up and attempted an explanation.

“Okay, look. My dad is Greek. Raised eastern orthodox as a child and then he moved to America with my grandparents when he was a teenager. Then he met my mom in high school – she’s half French, half Greek—and converted to Roman Catholicism. Don’t ask me how or why, I just work here. So … basically I can’t do the nasty without feeling extremely guilty about it until I get married. Get it? Got it? Good!”

Smart ass.

She curled up on the sofa and passed out a few minutes later.

As if her slumber was some sort of signal, Sean unwound from his position against his lover and pointed up. The living room, kitchen and pool house had already been defiled during the three-day-long slumber party. Hell, he even wiggled his hips before bouncing across the floor and wandering up the stairs. A pair of jeans were tossed down a minute later, more than likely as bait.

. . .

A long while later, he nestled in the curve of John’s shoulder, listening to the all star cricket band playing outside the window. Freshly showered, wearing nothing but a certain agent’s leg draped across his groin and the sheet covering them both from the waist down. The older man still couldn’t quite get the concept that sex with Sean included cuddling, praise afterwards … enticements beforehand.

It was really a religious experience.

The actor sighed, his mind returning to the idea floating around since he’d met John Whose-Last-Name-Was-So-Not-Polish. Maybe it was time to start looking for a house.


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