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Goin' to the Chapel...
Fri Jun 10, 2005 04:14

Oh God, that felt good.

John groaned as the pulsating spray of the showerhead hit his neck and shoulders, twisting and turning beneath the water so it would work away the soreness. Just remembering how he got this way was enough to make him smirk slightly. Or not so slightly. What was this, the second shower he had taken today? At this rate, they were going to drain the hot water from the house for the rest of the week!

Deciding that enough was enough, he stepped out of the shower after turning it off and towel dried, padding off into the guestroom that had served as his bedroom these last few weeks. Caleb would absolutely kill him right now if he walked in; articles of clothing were strewn about, a few obviously not his. How’d they manage to break the bedside lamp anyhow? Frowning at the mess, John wrapped the towel about his waist and began to put a few things to right. Did he really need to have so much clothing? Sean would have probably said yes. Grumbling about Sean’s bad influence, he managed to have the clean clothing put away and the dirty in the hamper. Marginally better; Caleb would still have a shit fit if he saw the unmade bed and floor in need of sweeping.


Quirking a brow, he chanced a glance out through the window, having to crane his neck about to manage a view on the driveway and garage. Penny and Sean were standing there, tossing the basketball back and forth. No shirt… Damn! Grinning broadly at the memory of only a half hour prior, John tried to get himself into a semblance of order by dressing in suitable enough clothing. A fresh pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt with no design were donned before he slipped on a pair of loafers and shuffled out the door.

By the time he had reached the garage, a whoop of glee had resounded, and Sean was scooping Penny up into a hug. John quirked a brow but said nothing, considering it was not his place to interfere in close friendships. He knew he was very much the outsider, and still was. How did Caleb deal with it? All those people! It was unnerving, for he wanted to keep each one out of harm’s way, yet was unable to. What good was he here? Turning the scowl away from the rejoicing couple at the sound of a diesel engine, he nearly breathed a sigh of relief at seeing that damned mattress truck. About time!

“Hey, we’re celebrating!” Not even out of the front door and Sean was shouting, apparently deciding that it was a great idea to spin Penny around like a rag doll. Caleb knew some weird people. Or maybe that was Lucy.

Tequila had to be the drink of the Gods. Mortal’s ambrosia!

“You spilled the tequila! Haha. Truth or Dare?” Snickering, John refused to move his arm at this point, where the shot glass was resting. It seemed the best place, especially how Sean was continually leaning against him. Oh, he had been fine until the actor began wiggling between his legs! He lost three in a row after that one, and ended up wearing Caleb’s boxers on his head for his troubles. Hmph. So a certain type of payback was in order with Sean so close, and John began skimming his fingers over the man’s shoulders.

“Uh… truth?” Cackle! Quirking a brow at that, John thought for a few long moments before giving a grin. He’d attribute it to the alcohol later, because he really was not disrespectful to women. His mother raised him better than that!

“Have you ever engaged in sexual intercourse, physically or orally.”

“That would be a great big No, and again No, Godzilla.” Oh, that was pure bullshit! Especially when she gave the bright grin. Penny’s laughter didn’t really help the case any either! But eventually she managed to stop giving the pillow head and come up with an explanation. “Okay, look. My dad is Greek. Raised eastern orthodox as a child and then he moved to America with my grandparents when he was a teenager. Then he met my mom in high school – she’s half French, half Greek – and converted to Roman Catholicism. Don’t ask me how or why, I just work here. So … basically I can’t do the nasty without feeling extremely guilty about it until I get married. Get it? Got it? Good!” Nope, he didn’t get it one whit!

But a few minutes later Penny was zonked out on the sofa, gone to the world for the rest of the night. Eyeing Sean and his inane pointing up, John emptied the last shot glass feeling rather… warm. Languid and pliable, perhaps. Lofting a brow as his newest lover wiggled and trounced himself across the floor and up the stairs, he could only shrug helplessly to the unseen audience. The rustling of fabric soon followed, and only after a meandering examination did he find Sean’s pants near the foot of the stairs.

Invitation, then? Definitely a very large hint. Trundling up the stairs, he managed to stumble only once, before making it to the bedroom. Hey, it’d only be the second time here, so that was enough of a novelty for him!

But he wasn’t going to be doing it with Caleb’s boxers still on his head.

His shoulder was definitely getting a hell of a workout! No doctors, nothing strenuous, just a nice leisurely stroll through the damned park! With an arm wrapped about Sean and a leg draped over the man, he did his best to find slumber. Apparently the actor hadn’t as much trouble as he, for after a few sighs he had drifted off into a light doze. But it wasn’t as if he didn’t try to find sleep; on the contrary! John tried his hardest, even pulling Sean closer in an effort to find comfort and warmth. But it just wasn’t working. Giving a disgusted huff, he hauled himself out of bed after carefully unwinding from the man’s embrace, trying not to wake him.

Once successful in this venture, John snatched a pair of track pants from the closet and hopped into them on his way out the door. The house was still quiet, and only one light had been left burning in the foyer, so it was painfully obvious Caleb was not home. Treading down the stairs, he found the open bottle of tequila and discarded shot glasses amidst a slumbering Penny. Chuckling softly, he shook his head at the girl, crouching down beside the sofa so he could lift the girl into his arms. She really didn’t need to be sleeping on the sofa, not when the second guestroom was available. Before, he would have still doubted his shoulder, but that afternoon he had hauled the mattresses up the stairs without aid; somewhat of a test, but more a testament to the fact that the deliverymen didn’t need to be going into Caleb and Lucy’s bedroom for a variety of reasons.

He swore this was the last time he was scaling these stairs! Cringing at a twinge in his shoulder, John got them into the guestroom with its new bed without a hitch. Huzzah! Mentally rejoicing, he tugged down the covers with a flick of the wrist; enough to slip Penny beneath them with little difficulty. But the girl still had a pair of jeans on. Knowing that she’d never sleep comfortably in those, he prayed to God that she didn’t go regimental, carefully unbuttoning the garment before tugging it off her never-ending legs. Were all ballerinas this leggy? Then Penny began to stir, and he gave her hip a light squeeze. “Shh, innamorato…” Cute, panties with little hearts on them.

Once he had her settled, John was retreating as quickly as possible, simply wanting a few moments to himself. And maybe another shot or two of whiskey. He wasn’t like the esteemed Agent Holmes, getting shitfaced when the occasion called for it. Penny receiving her degree from Julliard definitely qualified! Picking up the living room, and taking a shot every few minutes, it was back in order quickly with the alcohol’s guidance, building the warmth felt in the pit of his stomach. Fantastic. Flopping down on the edge of the sofa, he eyed the television, debating on if he wanted to bother watching anything as the sound of a door opening clicked through the foyer.

“What are you doing still awake, John?” Caleb frowned at the man who was cradling a shot of liquor in one hand, and the bottle in the other. He wasn’t too worried about something terrible having happened, for someone would have just called him.

“Couldn’t sleep.” Well, wasn’t that a novel answer! Snorting at the man, he shook his head and reached for one of the shot glasses and bottle of liquor, pouring himself a decently sized shot, before knocking it back. The giant seemed to think that was a grand idea, doing the same. “You’re home late.”

“Really? I thought this was work and I just got here really early. God! This burns! What the hell is this shit?” Grimacing, he poured another shot and kicked it back, trying not to taste it. Just a few more days, and no more sleeping problems. Just a few more…

“Tequila, liquor of champions! Besides, it’s a great motivational tool to get the living room clean before you came home.” Another drink down the gullet! “Oh, the mattresses and bedding arrived, so at least you won’t be thinking of that anymore.” Thinking of what? “Try to be quiet when you go upstairs. Penny and Sean are sleeping.” Caleb tried not to twitch at thinking of just where Sean was sleeping, and went about eyeing the bottom of his shot glass in a contemplative manner.

“If I wanted to say… I don’t know. ‘I love you’ in Italian, how would you say it?” Caleb glanced at John before commandeering the bottle, hoping he’d get an answer.

Ti amo.” How’d he get the words to just roll off his tongue like that? “Like this,” he said, tapping the shot glass, “Is vetro del colpo, or ‘blown glass’. You want to learn, don’t you?” Wasn’t this guy supposed to be drunk?

“I do. Not only for Lucy’s sake, but if Matteo keeps poking his nose in our business…” Caleb shrugged helplessly, punctuating his distress by taking another drink.

“Well, first thing first. You won’t remember shit if you keep that up.” Hey! That was his drink! “Now, this is called…”

If anything, at least Caleb was an attentive student.

The days had begun to fly past now, which was amazing. He would have never thought this day would come! Rob had been absolutely fine at work yesterday, and even David had been productive beyond his wildest dreams. The books at the theater were finally being straightened out, and everything was going smoothly. A bit too smoothly, perhaps.

“Damn it!” This was his third go at attempting to twist his bowtie into a semblance of order, and failing miserably. Sometimes he swore these things were worse than the cravat he had worn on stage in Phantom! Sighing, he unknotted the material and began once more. Only to be interrupted by that horrid jangling ring of the cell phone. No! He was busy! But this was D-Day, and he couldn’t ignore it. “What is it?”

“Agent Holmes! This is Angelina Brennar. Have you thought about selling the rights of your story for the purposes of creating a movie?”

“What? God, no! How the hell did you get this number?!”

“This is a deal you can’t pass up, Agent Holmes. We already have Gerard Butler lined up for your role, and—”

“Gerard Butler? Who the hell is that?” Shit. Letting loose with a swear, Caleb growled into the phone. “Do not call this number again, Miss Whatever-Your-Name-Was. Do you understand me?”

“But this is a great—!” Click.

Grumbling and swearing beneath his breath, Caleb gave up on the tie for now and stole out of the bedroom, pocketing a few items and snatching up his trench coat. Thudding down the stairs in a house that seemed way too quiet, he chanced going into the kitchen for a quick cup of tea, hoping that would soothe his jangled nerves. Yet to no avail! John had Sean up against the refrigerator, and the two were mauling one another quite avidly.

“Can’t you two keep your pants on for ten damned minutes?” Caleb grumbled, wishing he didn’t feel faintly envious in the fact that Lucy wasn’t here to take advantage of in the lewdest sense possible. Snatching up the tea kettle, he filled it and set it on the range, waiting impatiently.

“You’re a mess.” Well, thanks for stating the obvious, John! Glaring at the brute when he came closer, Caleb held his tongue when the man fixed his bowtie in a quick manner, thick fingers being far more dexterous than they looked. Smartass. “Do you really think tea is wise?”

“Probably not,” he grumbled, turning off the burner, refusing to fidget. “Penny already left?” Yep! “We should go.” There was no argument, which almost made him feel better. He was so close to the end of his waiting! Shrugging into the trench coat, he led the way out the door, into a frenzy of people looming at the edge of his property. They hadn’t dared to come to the front door after he had them all arrested, and was prosecuting. Hah!

“Agent Holmes! Smile!” Those bastards! He was going to be blind behind the wheel! Instead of rushing, the trio made a stately pace to the limousine waiting in the long drive for their arrival. Yet another one of Matteo and Moira’s fabulous ideas.

“Tell us how you feel about marrying into the Medici family!” What the hell sort of inventive questions were these? Muttering some very off-color remarks, they climbed into the back of the limousine, and for a brief moment he wondered if John was going to even fit through the door.

“Idiots…” Caleb mumbled, shaking his head as they pulled out of the drive. “John, hang on to these for me.” It was so unceremonious that he dropped two boxes in the giant’s hand; one black, and one white. It was painfully obvious what they were though.

“But these are…” He only gave John a curt nod, not trusting himself to speak. Caleb wanted him to be his best man. Not Rob, not any of his family, but one of the few men he trusted with never a doubt in his mind. It didn’t help when John grinned like a fool! “I’d love to.”

“Goin’ to the chapel… Gonna get married…” There went Sean, the ever-loving smartass. John didn’t have to join him in the song, either!

“Oh shut the hell up, both of you!” Caleb grumbled, trying not to crack a smile. He failed miserably.

Gee I really love you,
And we’re gonna get married…
Going to the chapel of love!

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