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Lucy Holmes
Wedding Bells
Fri Jul 1, 2005 15:58

Somewhere during the journey, he let the song die away, frivolous pursuits fading away to be replaced by the enormity of what was going to happen. John was still choked up about being best man, and Caleb looked like he wanted to bolt. Sean couldn’t blame him one bit –marriage was an extremely serious step in a man’s life.

And what do you known about this man?

The actor had to admit that there was still so much missing from what Caleb had told them, deliberately so he suspected. Could he, in good conscience, give his sister over to the agent without reservation in just under an hour? A sister he had spent a year mourning? Sean’s mind eased away from that yawning abyss, it was still too soon to tackle the subject head on.

Just be glad she was alive and well.

Exhaling slowly, Sean roused himself enough to nudge John as the limo eased through traffic towards the cathedral. The stairs had been roped off on either side, leaving enough room for the wedding guests to get through the veritable mob of reporters, photographers and nosy New Yorkers. Despite his propensity for being a ham, the blond wouldn't have wished this scene on his brother-in-law for all the tea in China.

“Curtain is rising gentlemen. Game faces on.”

Smile like ya mean it, Holmes. The minute the door was opened, a gazillion light bulbs began flashing, and if you thought the crowd was riotous before the groom got there, the noise produced in the next ten seconds blew it all away. Look over here, Mister Holmes! No, over here! Can we get a smile from you, Sean? Just one glanced passed between the lovers, and they took up positions on each side of the agent, and ushered him up the red carpet and into relative safety.

Drum riff, kthx.

“I feel like a cheat with this on.”

Lucy turned away from the mirror in the receiving room, nervously fiddling with the veil atop her head. Her wedding gown, the one approved by Grandfather, came with a modern corset, so breathing was now a rationed existence, and would continue for most of the coming afternoon. The device wasn’t fully operational, but the bodice had been tailored with whale bone insertions so that the bride would not mar the lines with a bra.

Best not to tell Caleb about that until the wedding night.

“You aren’t. Well, okay, so technically you aren’t a virgin, but no one has to know that.”

Penny spoke up from the other side of the room, where she was making last minute adjustments to the bridesmaids bouquets. The one for Lucy was situated up near the altar, Caleb himself would hand it to her before they stood in front of the priest. Just one of the Italian traditions that had been inserted into the modern ceremony – the bride had insisted that the groom would not understand many of the customs.

“Hey, sweetheart. Ten minutes to show time.”

Sean peered around the now open door, eying the three woman with a wide smile. Lucy looked every inch a Medici scion, she’d even adopted an aloof air, though her brother wasn’t quite sure the young woman even realized she had done so. The gown was exquisite, almost a copy of the one she’d wore as Christine. However, it was based on the same outfit that Webber had based the character’s on, Empress Alexandria of Austria – beautiful cream silk and brocade, studded with rows of pearls along the bodice, which showed a little too much cleavage in his opinion, but – what could you do?

Moira was dolled up in a lovely gown in the same general style, sans pears, which had been replaced with Italian lace. It set off her blazing hair perfectly, and the woman’s figure was definitely a little more suited to the style than Lucy’s willowy form. “Lucy thinks she shouldn’t be wearing the veil.” Loud mouth.

Penny glanced up from where she was arranging said veil back over the bride’s face. “What does she know? She’s getting married, she’ll wear the veil.” The dancer paused, looking closely at Sean’s expression. “Ok, Bucky. What’s up?” Her fingers stilled against the diamond stars strewn within Lucy’s hair.

“I … uh. It can wait until after the wedding.”

Poor kid had enough on her plate. Meeting another sibling before the wedding would just seriously tip the scales. Hell, he’d only known about Katya for two days, and keeping it a secret from his own lover had been nerve-wracking enough. Not for the first time, he thanked the Good Lord that the Avellino estate had very good lawyers, because Stephano’s last girlfriend had one hell of a grudge about being left out of his will.

At least the daughter seemed calmer. Then again, a nervous hyena would look like Miss Manners next to the Russian woman. Shrieking and yelling …

… and this really wasn’t the time for it.

“Let me go see how the seating is going.”

Sean fled the room, stationing himself near the entrance to the church with a decent view of the altar. John was standing pretty much at attention, his eyes following Caleb – who was obviously trying not to pace and failing miserabley. The actor grinned, admiring both men in their Victorian-cut tuxedos, with the long coat tails and turn-of-the-century air.

“Pssst. Mister Cafferty. Father Gino would like me to inform you that we are ready when Miss Avellino is.”

He turned around abruptly, noting that five minutes had indeed passed in a blur. Well, then.

Let us entertain you.

“Caleb Holmes , prenderete Luciana Avellino di Medici qui presente, per la vostra moglie legale secondo il rite della nostra madre santa, la chiesa cattolica?”(1)

So far, so good.

Lucy had barely made it down the aisle without fainting, heart beating faster than that cartoon roadrunner, gripping Sean’s arm so tightly it was a wonder the limb hadn’t come with her when he, after a very short pause, hand silently handed her over to Caleb's waiting hands. And now she stood next to him, facing the priest imported from Rome just for this purpose, wondering if her husband would be able to answer the question.

But there was a glint in his eyes that worried her more.

"la I, Caleb Holmes, vi prende Lucianna Avellino di Medici, per la mia moglie, per avere una d da tenere, da questo giorno di andata, per migliore, per più difettoso, per più ricco, per più povero, nella malattia e nella salute, fino a che la morte non li faccia parte."(2)


She stared at him, and almost missed her own cue.

“Lucianna Avellino di Medici, volontà prendete il presente di Caleb Holmes qui, per il vostro marito legale secondo il rite della nostra madre santa, la chiesa cattolica?"(3)

Speak, girl. Speak now!

"la I, Lucianna Avellino de Medici, vi prende Caleb Holmes, per il mio marito, per avere e tenere, da questo giorno di andata, per migliore, per più difettoso, per più ricco, per più povero, nella malattia e nella salute, fino a che la morte non li faccia parte."(4)

And with those simple, ancient words, Lucy sealed her life to Caleb’s officially, the faint trembling that had encased her frame since she’d stepped out of the little room forty five minutes earlier and made her last walk as a single woman now ceasing.

But the Father was now intoning a blessing over the rings! Lucy hastily sent her attention back where it belonged.

"Con questo thee dell'anello I wed e thee di impegno il mio troth.."(5)

Caleb repeated the invocation, and slid … Lucy blinked twice to make sure that she saw it correctly, a Claddagh ring over her finger, hearts turned inward to represent fidelity and marriage. How had he found out she wouldn’t wear a diamond?

The singer fell in love with him all over again in that moment, eyes tearing up even as she repeated her vows and slid a second ring onto her husband’s finger, time standing still as the priest pronounced them married a few seconds later.

“You may kiss your bride.”

The last was said in heavily accented English, producing a cheer as Caleb tried to lift the veil off of her head, not realizing it was anchored by a few bobby pins. When it tore, the Medici guests began clapping exicitedly, for that was a sign of good fortune.

It took a few minutes for the roar to subside, during which Lucy found herself the very willing recipient of a kiss to end all kiss. In fact, she rather thought that it blew away the one from Princess Bride ten times over.

“Ladies and Gentleman. May I present Mr and Mrs Caleb Holmes.”

The bride shrank against her husband at the second round of defeaning roar, leaning up to whisper something in his ear.

“You win. Next time we get married, we elope.”

(1) Caleb Holmes, will you take Luciana Avellino de Medici here present, for your lawful wife according to the rite of our Holy Mother, the Catholic Church?
(2) "I, Caleb Holmes, take you Lucianna Avellino de Medici, for my wife, to have an d to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."
(3) " Lucianna Avellino de Medici, will you take Caleb Holmes here present, for your lawful husband according to the rite of our Holy Mother, the Catholic Church?"
(4) "I, Lucianna Avellino de Medici, take you Caleb Holmes, for my husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part."
(5) "With this ring I thee wed, and pledge thee my troth.."

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