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Caleb Holmes
Glimpses of Scenes
Fri Aug 26, 2005 21:51

Frankly, Moira was downright pleased with herself.

Everything for the wedding had turned out marvelously, even the silver lanterns that hung in bunches above every table – which she hadn’t been certain about at all. From Caleb’s giant friend delivering a toast in Italian, to the guests and their riotous behavior, she thought it went spectacularly well. Especially when her brother began serenading Lucy. All right, so she was proud of the oaf, really proud. She thought her ego would burst when a few of the wives eyed Lucy in jealousy.

Hey, she was all about good wholesome family values!

“Miss Holmes, would you care to dance?”

Oh! How in the world had she forgotten about Matteo? So wrapped up in herself and the festivities, she hadn’t given a thought to the perfectly respectable gentleman. No matter what Caleb said about him! Yes, very nice man, who could dance like the Devil himself and make her swoon after a few turns about the floor.

“My dear,” he really was a smooth bastard. Never mind his age; she always had a thing for older guys. From the Greek that liked his country’s foods a little too much, to the Australian that fancied himself another Crocodile Hunter. All silly little men and equally tiresome flings to match. But Matteo… Moira gave him a wistful smile. This one had charm and class, something the others had been lacking. “Would you like to visit the Louvre? Paris? Venice?” Then he went and had to say something like that! It completely blew her out of the water. “Then come with me. I want to show my world to you.”

Said the spider to the fly.

All right. Moira had to admit it to herself, enjoying a drink and dinner with Matteo aboard his private jet had been fantastic. Of course, the first half hour after take off had been spent bitching into a telephone to several people, all so they’d leave her alone. Topping it off with a sweet message to dear old Dad, and she was fully prepared to enjoy this sudden vacation.

“Moira…” Such a sweet voice with a heart-stopping accent coaxed her toward wakefulness. Unfortunately the journey was not short, no matter how far science and technology had advanced over the previous decades. Sometime after the dinner wine and a lovely conversation, she had been lulled to sleep by Matteo’s voice. And now she woke with her head resting upon his shoulder, stocking-clad feet tucked beneath her on the seat. Owwie… Groaning in a none too ladylike fashion, her neck twisted one way then the other, before deciding that the Medici fellow was far more comfortable than this nonsense, and resumed her previous posture.

“We have arrived.”

Wait, we have? Blinking, one green eye cracked open to peer out the window, noticing the ground rushing up at them with an alarming rate of speed. Oh, so they were. Mumbling something about, “That’s nice, dear,” she promptly dozed back off.

Well, it was obvious how she spent her time flying.

New York City. The Big Apple! Hmph. He wasn’t seeing all too much that was grand about the place.

From days spent lurking in Greenwich Village, which was some sort of strange hippie commune to him, into the nights sleeping at the Plaza still. Andrea had an inkling that Matteo would return, if only to see Moira off properly. After that, he’d be left on his own, lost amongst the Yankees. Now why was that such a disconcerting thought?

Enough that he had taken himself outside of the theater to smoke a cigarette. Of course, he needed a break from unnerving the director as well. Half of the time, the man seemed intrigued by his accent, and the rest worried that a group of Italians would suddenly pop out of the ground and go on a rampage. Deep breath. Right, it wasn’t his fault that people in this country were ignorant out of choice. He was merely a novelty to them. Great. Some freaking sideshow attraction.

Wait! There was another show going on. Perking up as he watched a man in the informal dress of a police officer practically drag a young woman down the street, Andrea attempted to pick up their speech, but it was lost in the hum. It all sounded garbled anyhow, with their odd, slurring accents, making it seem as if they were drunk. Unfortunately, the girl turned to his vantage, and for some reason he was not surprised to see the young dancer here. Luciana’s best friend, Penelope. Of course, she visited the theater most every day ever since accepting the position to be lead choreographer.

“Be seeing you.”

Wasn’t that the Holmes fellow that had caused so much trouble when he first arrived? Frowning, Andrea pondered this over as quickly as possible between drags from the cigarette as the leggy brunette slumped against the wall. It appeared that the encounter had taken more out of her than she was willing to admit, which made him feel absurdly proud. The women of this country were too soft hearted for his tastes, but this girl was an import; a man could tell. Once his scrutinizing had completed, he held up the bottle of water he had filched from backstage, which was a staple at the theater. Shake-shake. “Water?”

“Thank you, Mister Turino.” Mister? Brow furrowed as the girl wandered through the stage door and out of sight, he eyed the bottle of water curiously before shaking his head minutely. Even if she was an import, Penelope had been born and raised in the Americas. Not tainted, but tarnished by its unruly and brutish customs. Such a waste. The cigarette burned down during his muses, and was flicked off to the side before he made his way back into the theater. This time it wasn’t to harass the director, but instead seat himself in the audience, where it was dark and inviting. From here, he could observe unnoticed. And there was only one thing he wanted to observe.

“Could you put on the score for me?”

How Penelope ever managed to believe that particular shade of green was admiring… Ugh. Regardless, the baggy shorts rode high on her thighs, allowing him a tantalizing view of her legs. All the length, which was an amazing amount to be sure. It was nice, no something more than that, to watch a practiced and knowledgeable dancer perform in her craft. Soothing the mind while the lines of her body led to an intoxication that no spirit could rival. And here he was, safe in the knowledge that it was he alone which could view this. At least, for now. And the practice had only just begun, with no obvious interruptions to her—


Andrea quickly and furious scrabbled at his pocket, before putting two and two together to get five, and extracted his phone from the typical pair of slacks he wore. The music hadn’t ceased, but Penelope’s movements had upon the stage, which he loathed to see. Worse, it was his fault! Consequently, this did not prevent him from snapping into the telephone when it was flipped open. “Che cosa è esso?!”* Oh. Cringing slightly upon realizing just who it was

A series of grunts were emitted from the previously agitated fellow, who climbed from his seat and began walking down the aisle. Right toward the stage, instead of the other way ‘round, as it should have been. Occasionally a, “Yes, I see,” or a, “No,” were emitted. Even once he gave a whole-hearted laugh. Then he turned, past the technician and the orchestra pit, up the side-stairs, and onto the stage. Click-clack. Click-clack. Now there was no music, only the sound of his shoes and the occasional agreeances.

Without warning, Andrea stopped beside Penelope, and held the phone out to her. Right in her face. Or near enough! “Penelope,” as if he didn’t already have her attention, “Luciana wishes to speak with you.”

Something was crawling around beneath his covers!

Gasping as cold air met naked flesh, John burrowed – well, as much as he could – into the warm spot of the bed he had created overnight. Then his covers ‘magically’ disappeared.

“Son of a bitch!” Growling, the Giant tackled whoever chose to wake him up in such a rude manner. And he didn’t even care if it was Penny! No, oh no, he’d smother her to death before she would even consider doing that one again! Of course, the girl didn’t have such well-developed pectoral muscles. Or a wealth of blonde hair. Ah-ha! It must be Lucy. Right? Hmph. “You are such a bastard, Mister McCafferty.” Mumble, grumble, groan. But apparently the resident Raoul and plastic boy toy was not going to put up with it today, because he was already stuffing John into clean clothing.

“What’re you doin—mumblegrumbleshout—g, damn it?!” Sean only laughed and chided him; something about breakfast. Fine! Acting petulant the entire time, which was exactly the reason Penny only got a good morning grunt instead of an actual greeting, John found himself being shoved out the door a scant ten minutes later. Men were just rude!

That was, until a steaming plate of eggs, assorted animal flesh, and pancakes had been set before him at the waffle house. Come to think of it, he had never even seen a single person eat a waffle here. What was up with that? But now his… What was Sean to him, anyhow? Boyfriend seemed too damned fruity, and they hadn’t even developed a relationship of that type. Had they? Well, except when they had snuck off during the wedding festivities to share a dance without any of the Medici witnessing it. Ugh, was he going soft in his old age? Sigh.

But he was being buttered up for something. John could just feel it. An hour later, and he found out what it was…

“Oh no. No, no, no! I am not getting up there. You can’t make me, Sean.” He was glaring at the man, who was giving one of those charming smiles. Yeah, one of those smiles. That absolutely screamed: I’m that damned good in bed you’ll do what I want! But John wasn’t going to have any of it. No! He managed to hold firm, glaring at David the director, who had obviously set his ass up with someone’s help!

“C’mon, babe…” Babe? He quirked a brow but stayed silent, affecting the angry face still. No, don’t… touch… the shoulder! Grahh… It was such a light touch, even affectionate. “It’s just us here, remember? Like last time?” Oh, he was being coaxed into this!

“No! I won’t. I… will… not…” Crap. John began to fold when Sean’s hands insistently massaged his neck and shoulders, scooting closer. “But…” A kiss sealed the deal, one in which it was all too easy to lose himself in. Shit! He was doomed, but he was going to thoroughly enjoy this while it lasted.

“Ah-hem! Gentleman?” Er… Didn’t know the Giant could turn red as a beet, now did you? “If you’d prefer to continue this, you can always take the stage and I’ll sell tickets at the door.” What a rat bastard. John’s glare was easily transferred to David, again, before he could only give a helpless sigh.

“Fine. Just give me the god damned sheet music.” Snatch! Through warm-ups, and then reading the role of… Billis, whatever sort of name that was. Frankly he wasn’t certain that David could pull this off, simply taking in John’s size! But no, big strapping lads, he was assured. Like that made him feel any better! Of course, Sean was reading the lines of Cable – big surprise – which made him feel… Well, at ease of course. But like a pompous jackass all the same when his lover began to ham it up.

“There ain’t a thing that’s wrong with any man here! That can’t be cured by pullin’ him near a girly… womanly… female… feminine dame!”

Sean was giving him a wide grin, so was David! Then where was the clapping coming from? Oh… no. Up the aisle and near the door, with the houselights up and the stage lights down, he could barely make out two distinct shapes.

“Bravo!” Caleb. “Bravissima!” Lucy! God, he felt like a complete ass.

Well, it was safe to assume that the honeymooners were back now, wasn’t it?

* What is it?!

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