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An Assembled Cast
Sun Aug 28, 2005 23:23

She absolutely loved it here!

Moira’s gaze slid longingly through the same gardens she had traipsed about nearly every evening since they had remained at Matteo’s home. Well, homestead. Plantation. Huge freaking place! That one. It felt more like a dream than an odd vacation of sorts. The Italian man had been a gracious host and an attentive man, which delighted her to no end. But there was more lurking beneath his exterior, any woman could see that.

“Signora Holmes?” dulcet tones called out to her. Upon turning, she found the young maid that had made sure all her… feminine needs had been met. “Dinner will be ready shortly. Is there anything that you need?” Mita, the young maid, queried. The girl truly was a myth, as her name indicated. But she had been a blessing in disguise.

“How is Matteo fairing?” she couldn’t help but ask, with a wicked grin, joining the girl in step to the quarters she had been given during her stay. The ‘home’ was opulent, but held a reserved glory that understated nearly every place of living that she had decorated. Unfortunately, or perhaps not, the decorating had given her many an idea. She just had to implement them upon returning home, to the right bidder.

“Oh, Moira!” Mita giggled, clapping her hands together. “He acts as if he were courting you with intentions. It is fabulous to see him happy when you are near,” she confessed in a whisper, obviously deciding to remain quiet until they had stepped beyond the boundary of Moira’s quarters. The doors shut, and the girl promptly let loose with a squeal. “This is fantastic! And you have been the perfect Italian woman! Come, we’ll ready you.”

The perfect Italian woman? Moira frowned over this as Mita fawned over her ‘lovely hair’ as she put it, and righting her clothing. She had been nothing but herself, albeit playing the game much like Matteo had. Oh, she hadn’t seen it at first, but soon it began to show itself. Gentle touches and surprise gifts, lavishing attention and material wealth upon her. He had been laying the foundation for her seduction over the last two weeks, and now it was suddenly coming to a halt with her departure in two days. All this time she had just been waiting, and for what? Nothing!

Speaking of which, Moira was eyeing their dinner table a short while later. A romantic atmosphere, some of her favorite relaxing music, and a setting for two. Every woman dreamed of this, set in some far off place that a girl would dream about. Now it was reality, with a dashingly older gentleman at her side. She accepted her seat gracefully enough, allowing a small hint of blush and smile at his words. Radiant, he said. She felt like a princess with him near, which was simply silly. Reality, not fantasy! God.

But midway through the absolutely amazing dinner, with her acerbic comments concerning the American populous at large, Moira was sidetracked. By… something. It was not uncommon for Matteo to simply stop everything and bundle her into his arms like that. But where he brought her hand to rest? Now that was definitely not traveled territory!

“I am simply a man, Moira. Come. Let me make love to you.” There was more to what he said, she could just feel it!

“Matteo…” she whispered breathlessly, before a victorious grin graced her features. “All you ever had to do was ask.” What?! Was she really willing to just hop in the sack with the fellow? Obviously, judging by the way her hand gently caressed and teased. “Come.”

With a simple, sedate kiss, the fiery haired woman suddenly took control. Escaping Matteo’s embrace, Moira carefully bent his arm at the elbow, taking the crooked offering to lead them away from the gardens. Few even gave second glance to what had become a usual sight in the Medici home, the pair strolling arm in arm down the wide halls with their expansive ceilings and tall archways. Portions of the building were a pure architectural wonder, a beautiful sight to behold. Others were more comfortable, lending a sense of peace and solitude in the heavy thrum of a home filled with heavily armed men. Yet her mind glossed over all those details, eyes intent upon the set of double doors which would give them solace.

Gently entering Matteo’s personal bedroom, Moira closed the door quietly after, offering the gentleman a lingering kiss that hinted at so much more. The deep burgundies and hints of gold and cream that littered the room imposed a masculine eloquence that would have been atrocious elsewhere. But here, it fit the Medici man perfectly. Yet things began differently. Instead of allowing Matteo to take the lead, as was appropriate, she turned the tables once more and led him to bedside. It was there that Moira’s gentle hand slowly disrobed Matteo, with a few small kisses, before allowing the same for her.

“Now, let me do something for you,” she murmured, crawling beside him…

Several days later…

“I hate New York traffic,” Moira mumbled, deciding it was a better idea to rest her head upon Matteo’s shoulder for a brief, lasting moment. She still had to smile upon thinking of their last days at his home, warming her face just a bit. Bah. “When are the honeymooners due back, Andrea?” such a simple question, but it showed she was taking the initiative once more. She was far from a push-over, and simply hoped that Matteo could understand in her line of work, she couldn’t afford to be.

“Early tonight. When your brother last called, they were just entering Pennsylvania.” Gape. Crap! “Though Penelope is planning a… surprise welcoming home festivity.” Even his mouth quirked wryly about that one. “And decorating…” Oh no.

“Oh God. She reminds me of Benny sometimes. I’ve definitely got to see this.” Pausing, Moira turned the wattage on to Matteo, giving him a smile that would make his bones melt. “Can we? Please?”

Oh, she’d have her way!

Some women were just insane.

She had stolen his phone! Cursing beneath his breath, which David looked upon in interest, Andrea had quickly skirted off after the girl, having to listen for humming and tapping to find out where in the hell she had gone. God, this place was a maze. His only fear was never finding a way out and dying of thirst.

Downstairs then! He had taken to studying the theater while Caleb and Lucy had been gone, since they both spent so much time her. His ignorance would be Lucy’s downfall, and Matteo would never abide by that. Hell, he wouldn’t either! So at least the dressing room areas were familiar to him, and there was only one with a shut door. Conclusively, the girl must be behind door number one, correct? He hoped so.

“Hey! Naked person in here! OUT!”

Andrea came from a different class of men than Matteo had. Nudity was a tentative thing, but accepted as well, so he hardly saw the problem of strolling in and retrieving his phone. Eyeing Penelope still clad in at least one undergarment, the Italian only shook his head, murmuring something about, “Touchy women,” in his native language, and left as calmly as he entered.

Well, it had proved at least to be a sight worthwhile…

“Andrea, could you carry this for me?” What? Quirking a brow, he had been outside smoking a cigarette before Penelope called from the curb. She had driven Lucy’s Bug, which surprisingly bore no scratches after her escapades in the city. “Mister Turino?” Gah! It would be rude not to help, considering she had a full armload herself, but… Unable to think of a good reason to continue with his daydreaming and not help, he found himself stumped. Damn brain.

Drawing one last pull off the cigarette, he sauntered down the steps and flicked the butt into the road, snatching up whatever Penelope had left to carry. The sooner she was done, the sooner it was over. Right? Sure… He had spent the day making sure nothing unseemly happened in the house while he had not been on its premises; and not anything that Penelope or the other two men had done, either. Into the house, following the girl into the kitchen as she unpacked.

“Crepe paper streamers?” he read off the package, frowning. “What are these for?” She just gave him a look like he was the dumbest man in the world, before asking when Caleb and Lucy were due to arrive home. “He said… ‘Around six o’clock’.” The words sounded wrong rolling off Andrea’s tongue, but Penelope looked ecstatic at their return. Which was sort of odd, they hadn’t been gone very long at all.

“Good, there’s still time!” Time for… what? Twenty minutes later, he found out. “Here, hold this end.” Wait, why? Andrea eyed the lime green crepe paper in something akin to horror, before turning his gaze on Penelope. She was not going to wait patiently, and shoved it into his hands before he could protest.

“Why are we doing… this?” Shudder. A hand waved about the place in an extravagant gesture to take in the horrifyingly bright colors of crepe paper, along with matching balloons. If she expected him to fill those with air, she had another thing coming! Of course, Andrea received another withering glance for his trouble, and he was just about to give up on it all.

“We’re welcoming home Caleb and Lucy. Why else? Here, tack these up, I need to make a phone call.”

Right. At least he wouldn’t have to put up with this for long. Just another half hour and he could beg off, to run an ‘errand’. Just another half hour…


“Mister James Holmes?”

“Er, yes. Who’s this?” James hadn’t recognized the phone number on the caller I.D., which didn’t mean a lot of anything now. He was old enough to have acquaintances dead or dying, and his children only ‘visiting’ at times.

“Oh! This is Penelope Alexander. I was Lucy’s maid of honor?” Apparently she only hoped he remembered. “Anyhow… Caleb just called, and they’ll be back tonight. Would you mind calling everyone for me?” She sounded cute too. James grinned to himself, waiting for it to wind down. “Oh, and maybe, uhm…” The girl paused, whether in thought or for another reason, he wasn’t sure. “Rob Fowler. I know the happy couple is close to him.” Ah.

“Of course, dear. I’ll take care of it all, and bully them into going whether they want to or not.” James laughed softly; as if that would ever happen. The Holmes clan was a close bunch of lunatics, and had only grown closer over the last year. Though he didn’t always like the circumstances, he was happy to see that they could still band together united. “Call me if the plan changes. Do you need us to bring anything?” Ah-ha. Now that he mentioned it… “Of course. We’ll see you tonight. Thank you for calling.” One cheerful goodbye later, and he couldn’t help but laugh again. God, his son had changed!

Considering who the party was for, and who was obviously going to be there, when James called up Jane, he mentioned that she’d need to get a sitter. She didn’t sound all too enthusiastic, and rather tired, but that had been the norm lately. He felt bad for his little girl, but she insisted that she could take care of it. Well, if that was what she thought… Nigel was a lot easier, reached via his cell phone at the university. Yes, yes, tell your co-worker I said hello, and it went downhill from there. It always did with the boy. Moira was still gone, Devon had to work and couldn’t come. Benny was cornered as soon as he walked in the door. Otherwise, it went smoothly enough, even if it killed a half hour of his time. Just one last call!

“Rob? It’s James Holmes. The kids are coming back home tonight, and their friend is throwing a welcoming party.” Pause. “Probably another reason for liquor, but hell.”

“Oh! Well… er…” That was odd, Rob never hesitated. “My niece just dropped in, decided she’d take care of me.” Oh, by the tone of his voice, she was sitting right there! “I would, but…”

“Well, how old is she?”

“Twenty-two? Shit, she’s glaring at me. Yes, twenty-two.” James started laughing, and shook his head.

“Well, bring her with. Half the kids are that age anyhow.” Oh, now they were all kids? After assuring Rob it was fine, and telling him to show up in an hour or so, James hurried himself up to dress and get out the door to make a quick shopping trip.

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