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Caleb Holmes
Many Happy Returns
Mon Aug 29, 2005 01:19

“We just had to come back home during rush hour, didn’t we hon?”

Caleb sighed, staring ahead at the line of cars that blocked his path home. Move you bastards, move! Absently, he reached over and grasped Lucy’s hand, squeezing it lightly as traffic crept forward slowly. Painfully. Sigh. This wasn’t getting any easier! Dragging Lucy’s hand over, he began toying with her wrist, placing small kisses upon it.

“Hey. Why don’t we go to the theater?” Lucy just eyed him, so his nibbled on her wrist instead. “We can bypass most of this, say hi, and be left alone to hide at home tonight.” Now that definitely sounded like a plan to him. Of course, he was anxious to see friends and family, but another night alone with his wife – wife! – would not be amiss. All right, so he was afraid that something would happen, and they wouldn’t be able to spend enough time together. What, like before? Yes, exactly like that. He had had enough of offices and missions to last a lifetime. He just wanted to be mundane! “Sound good?” Following an affirmative, they were off. Vroom!

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na-na, Batman!

The village looked the god damned same. What would happen over two weeks, anyhow? This place had been unchanged for years! They were silly thoughts, fears that were completely unfounded in his mind. Locking up the rental car that Matteo had given them for the trip, they walked hand in hand toward the theater. Honestly, Caleb had been shocked that the Medici man had gone to such lengths to make the honeymoon private for Lucy. He wasn’t certain that Matteo did it for him at all, but whatever made Luciana happy would make them both happy. A shaky, common ground, but a good one nonetheless.

The front doors were open, which meant that David must have been seeing a few actors today. Even better! Flashing Lucy a mischievous grin as they heard the strains of music coming from inside, the duo tip toed their way along, being ever so careful when opening the door. Peeking inside, it was a scenario Caleb hadn’t imagined would come to pass. Ever! But there was the Giant, singing on stage, and acting as much a ham as Sean was! He could only give his bride an astonished glance before watching the men wind the song down. He was… good. Untrained, but good! Maybe that was the biggest shock of all.



He wanted to giggle like a mad man at the astonished look on John’s face as the realization hit him. Yes, they were back! Grabbing for Lucy’s hand as hers did the same and the pair carved a path toward the stage, managing to get their in one piece. Barely. Caleb started laughing at John’s expression halfway down, which just got better the closer you were to see it.

“I didn’t know you could blush so prettily!” he exclaimed, getting shot a dirty look from the resident Giant in question. Then Lucy was snatched away in a series of hugs, and John using her as a safety shield versus Caleb. Hah! Like that was going to work? Snorting, he instead greeted Sean with a hug. “Maybe we should let those two get a room?” he asked of Sean, considering John had Lucy propped on his hip like she was a toddler. Weird.

“I’m so glad to see you two!” Oh, yeah… David. “I was starting to wonder if you’d ever come back. How was the honeymoon?”

“Good. New Orleans was fantastic.” Sure, any man would think that. But he really did! It was one of the few large cities he had never had the opportunity to visit and enjoy. “John, are you ever going to put my wife down?” Certainly he’d tire of saying that eventually, but for the time being it gave a thrill that he felt right down to his toes. Hell, they both still had those goofy grins associated with newlyweds!

“Nah, she’s perfect size. See?” Riiight. John gave an impish grin before handing Lucy over – literally – to Sean. “Good to see you two back home.” Wow. Caleb thought that was the most emotional he had ever heard John become! Slightly taken aback, he didn’t even think twice of the hug offered, before turning to eye David.

“I take it you’re just about set for South Pacific?”

“Pretty much. Filling out the chorus parts and what not. Have the kids lined up too, so we’ll be ready to start practicing next week at the latest.” Nice! “I have a few theater contractors coming in to build the few bits of the stage that we’ll need, so we can have it here from the get-go.” At least he was an organized director.

“Okay, sorry to crash the party kids,” Caleb spoke up since he noticed Sean on his cell phone. “But I really want to get home. We were just stopping by to see how things were. I’m tired of sitting in the car!” His legs ached, and his hips were sore from sitting there for so many hours. Oh, it was nice to just be with Lucy and talk, but he wanted his bed back! “I’ll give you a call in the next couple of days, David, and see what we can do about that sorry excuse of an office you have.”

“What?!” Uh oh, the director was bristling. “What’s wrong with my office?”

“It smells like weed, there’s old soda cans everywhere, and you have no sense of organization. So this’ll be fixed.” Ooh, stare down at the good ‘ol Village Playhouse! The one without the money for the theater was the first to give in, causing Caleb to give him a consoling pat on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” Turning to Sean and John, he quirked a brow. “You two want to come over and get a bite to eat?” Hell, John still lived at the house, as far as he knew.

“Sure. Let’s get the hell out of here.” Nice, the Giant shot David a glare. What the hell was going on there? Before he was even able to contemplate it, Caleb grunted as John’s shoulder hit his midsection. Then he was in the air, being carried off?!

“Hey! What the hell are you doing?! Put—me—down!” He heard laughter, and could only imagine Sean giving Lucy a piggy back ride. Shit. “Lemmie down, John!” To emphasize his point, Caleb began squirming around as much as he could, before he was unceremoniously dropped in the lobby. “Ow…”

“You said down!” What the hell was going on with John? Eyeing the man worriedly and wondering if he was a pod person, Caleb absently rubbed his hip after accepting the offer of a hand up. “You okay?” Nod. He thought.

Shuffling back to the car with Lucy in step, he studied her from the corner of his eye. She looked happy, cheeks warmed with color. It gave him great glee to see her like that. It had been so long since then! Now, all they had to do was get home. Sigh. Why wasn’t there such a thing as instant transportation? He didn’t want to wait another twenty minutes.

A half hour later and they were pulling into the driveway, while Sean’s truck pulled up to the curb. Yes! Home! Shutting off the car, Caleb just sat there for a moment, glancing over at Lucy with a small smile. “I love you, you know that?” Sealing it with a kiss, he eventually nuzzled her throat. “Maybe we can get the Giant to help us with the luggage. I don’t want to drag all that stuff inside!” He just wanted the sofa and Lucy. Or better yet, the bed.

“Hey… Lucifer. Everything is going to be fine, you know?” Caleb murmured, addressing the far away look in her eyes. “We’ll see everyone soon.

“Ready to return to the ‘normal’ life?”

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