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Caleb Holmes
Squealing Tires
Tue Nov 22, 2005 22:47

“Who the hell are half these people?”

It was Caleb, with his ever present knack at knowing when to supposedly treat a situation tactfully, murmuring out the side of his mouth to Sean. The blonde only managed to give a shrug before returning his attention to John; for the most part. How was it that he always ended up opening his home to veritable strangers? Oh, a friend, of a friend bullshit really was getting old. But he was merely going to grin and bear it for the time being. So much for a quiet evening alone with his wife.

“Caleb!” Oh hell, not again! Moira was already barreling her way toward him, practically rocketing off Matteo’s lap. That had been the worst mental image ever, honestly. His freaking little sister had perched herself on Matteo’s lap half the night! At certain points, her face would end up as red as her hair, and she’d run off. What the hell was the old goat doing to her? Wait. He didn’t want to know. Oh God, the mental images! “Hey, why’s your face red?” Shit! She was still here!

“Uh…” Yeah, real smooth there. But his saving grace walked through a line of goons, and into the foyer. “Gimmie a sec, eh?” That second would hopefully turn into long lasting minutes where he wouldn’t have to think about… that! Ew, gross. Thoroughly disgusted, Caleb all but tossed Moira at Matteo, if just to keep the pair busy and away from him. Besides, how could he not greet Rob when he walked in the door?

It felt as if ages had passed since he had last seen anyone, Rob especially. Ever since Beth’s death, the SAC had been distant for good reasons. Caleb couldn’t imagine what he would do if Lucy died like that. Well, no, amend that. He’d likely go vigilante and hunt the bastards down, then ship off to Australia or some such nonsense; the same stuff movies were created from. Wrapping an arm about his wife, Caleb sauntered up with Lucy as she greeted Rob via hugging, which he didn’t take very well to. Well, it was understandable he supposed. Hell, the man may even harbor some resentment toward them. After all, if they hadn’t had that picnic…

“Hi, I'm Jane Blue, Rob's niece. It's a pleasure to meet you, and thanks for inviting us.” Huh? Caleb quirked a brow at the girl that had been clinging to Rob’s backside since they walked in, the one he hadn’t given much thought to prior to this. “Uncle Rob thanks you as well.” Wait, Rob had siblings? It had been enough of a shock to realize he was a family man! Trying in vain not to stare with the accompanying revelation, the silence was broken up by another round of introductions.

Then, apparently, the girl decided to assault someone.

“Geno Castelluccio!”

John had been quietly speaking with one of Matteo’s associates as the shout rang clear in a suddenly quiet room. Immediately his eyes widened, wondering who the hell had just screamed that name. They had better have a good damned reason, otherwise…

“JANEY!” Holy fukking shit! Staring in disbelief at the girl that was suddenly in his arms, John couldn’t help himself as he twirled her about. Jesus, she was all grown up! When the hell did that happen?! Then Sean was strolling toward them with a decidedly odd expression on his face, which just made John want to use Jane as a shield. Yeah, like that was really going to help his situation any here. Crap. Bite the bullet, bite the bullet. Bullshit through it!

“Sean, this is Janey Blue, the bane of my college years. Janey love, this is Sean, my…” What was he, anyhow? Realizing he had royally screwed up in that moment, and deciding not to further worsen the situation, John cleared his throat and tried to make the best of it. “This is Sean.” Yeah, like that helped.

“Pleasure to meet you.” Crap, why’d she have to use that expression?! It screamed of all the things she may have known he did, which didn’t make it any better either. The girl wasn’t just coming into her teenage years now. Oh, no. That meant she knew what… Oh God, why’d he even have to think about this? “Come find me sometime. I’m easily bribed for stories.”

“Oh that’s it!”

Much squealing and shouting later, with Janey slung over his shoulder, and John unceremoniously tossed her happy ass into the pool. Hah! Maybe now she wouldn’t be able to think like a potential little perverted if she cooled off a bit. But apparently she had been paying attention when Jeff was trying to teach her all sorts of ways to dupe a foe. Or just the male populous in general. Maybe that had been her mother’s doing. All it took was one small pout from Janey, and he had leaned over to help her out of the pool. His own undoing! She had actually grabbed his ears, for Christ’s sake!

“You big baby.”

Snorting at Caleb, John briskly rubbed his arms in a feeble attempt to garner some warmth. A dark blue t-shirt with some random logo that Sean had picked out for him and a pair of jeans were now his attire, since the others had gotten wet because of someone… Janey had just given him a look that told him he ‘deserved it’. Bull! She started it!

“Jeff taught her too well,” John confessed quietly to Caleb while the girl watched James and Rob continue an animated conversation across from one another at the table. At the man’s quirked brow, he crinkled his nose. “Her father?”

“Ooh…” Had the man been drinking tonight? “Wait, her father’s name is Jeff?” Glancing about with a furrowed brow, John gave a slow nod, his expression said it all. If he hadn’t known Caleb before this, he would’ve thought the fellow one of the dumbest people on earth in that moment. What, did he stutter and not notice? “Jeff Blue?” Now it was a low hiss.

“What the hell, man. Didn’t I just say that?” Caleb had to be drunk. Seriously.

“Whoa. That guy is a fukking legend, John!” Rolling his eyes heavenward, asking for divine intervention, the big oaf prayed silently for something to happen.

“Hey, babe. You two want to grab a bite to eat or get some drinks?” Eek, Sean! The one that had been giving him odd looks at certain points in the night. John was already feeling uncomfortable with the situation, and was silently thankful when Janey politely declined with a smile. Whew. “Cool.” Weird.

“Heeey!” With a crooked finger, John tugged Sean back by a belt loop, not even taking a second glance about to see if anyone was looking before giving his lover a goodbye kiss. Chaste, but definitely not of the norm for him. He was trying, that much was obvious. “See you tonight?”


Dispatch, this is officer Tennyson requesting an ambulance at sixtieth and Garden. We have a white male down, mid twenties to early thirties, multiple bruising and possibly broken bones.

Devon crinkled his nose upon hearing the most recent radio chatter. He always hated beatings, they were so messy. Both in the physical sense, and in the paperwork as well. But he had been out of action for too long, and wanted to hop right back in to everything. A mere month ago he had been released from that sanitarium, which he both loathed and thanks with every drawn breath. It had to be for the best, especially since Caleb and Lucy were returning tonight. Maybe he could stop by the theater in the next week or two and give them congratulations. Maybe. Releasing the steering wheel from a white-knuckled death-grip, he flipped on his lights and sped down Garden. Hell, no time like the present, right?

Dispatch, be advised that victim is a white male, five foot ten inches, one hundred and eighty pounds. Age twenty six, blond hair and hazel eyes. Name is Sean Cafferty…

Holy fukk!” Devon couldn’t help it. Right then and there he nearly swiped a parked car on the side of the road. Shit! He had spent so much time in therapy talking about Lucy, it was only natural that her partner in crime would be discussed. But he had never said anything bad about the actor in those sessions. There wasn’t anything anyone could say about Sean. He was squeaky clean. Well, maybe not for long since he had been hanging about Caleb’s former coworker. That big giant guy, whatever.

Officer Holmes screeched to a halt just as the EMTs were arriving on the scene. It hadn’t happened on the street corner where a loud establishment boasting nickel beer was situated. Instead it was a dozen yards further down, at the mouth of the alleyway. Crouched down beside a still body was an auburn-haired officer, obviously Tennyson. She’d been on the force almost as long as he had, give or take a few years. Then again, a few years could mean the difference between life and death in their profession.

“Jesus Christ!” It wasn’t a breathed prayer when he reached the woman with Sean. No, it was shouted. He was absolutely shocked, nor could he help it. Everyone loved the actor; how could they not? The guy was charismatic and charming, but still down to earth. “What the hell happened?”

“Hate crime.” It wasn’t Sonnet that answered him, but the shift chief, who reported to every few crime scenes as he was needed. Apparently he thought he’d be needed here. “Supposedly several attackers came out of the alleyway and ambushed the victim as he walked down the street.” Jesus, he was going to be sick. “You all right, Holmes? You’re lookin’ a bit pale.” Everyone had coddled him from day one back, but this time, he didn’t even notice.

“He’s… uh, shit, I’ve got to go.” Great, now he was getting funny looks all around. “I’ve got to find Lucy.” This wasn’t helping any. “Sean’s my fukking brother-in-law!” Okay, so that got a decent enough reaction.

Which led right to him speeding down the street! Devon wasn’t any fool, he knew that this was a bad situation from many angles, including the personal aspect. Seriously, he had tried to put Lucy out of his mind for the longest time, only to have it explode in the worst way possible. Now all he wanted to do was mend their broken relationship. Of course, he didn’t make the greatest impression with Penny on the street the other day. He couldn’t help it! But maybe now he could help, instead of hinder.

The tires on his patrol car were getting the rubber worn off of them tonight! Screeching to yet another halt before his brother’s home, Devon didn’t even try to get his breath back. The lights were only flipped off before he hopped out of the squad and rushed up the front walk, all but sprinting. Right into some freak with a ponytail!

“Move it! I need to talk to Lucy!” The fellow, and even a few of his buddies, merely stood passively by, like some large anti-violent demonstration building a wall. In Devon’s mind, this guy could only been a goon, who was pointedly glancing at his sidearm every time he tried to move by. Fine! Practically ripping the thing out of its holster, Devon shoved it at the guy’s chest and rushed inside. “Lucy!”

He really didn’t like being the center of attention, not like this.

“Lucy,” Devon started, receiving a very pointed look from his father and glares from quite a few of his family members. “Something hap—”

Repeating: Victim’s name, Sean Cafferty. White male, DLN zero-two…

Furiously twisting the knob of his radio to the off position, the officer took a deep breath, though the shift lead had already said everything he needed to. With silence permeating the room, Devon’s breath hitched.

“Lucy, something happened to Sean…”

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