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Alan Smithee
Fatal Beatings
Wed Nov 23, 2005 23:19

Repeating: Victim’s name, Sean Cafferty. White male, DLN zero-two…

Lucy couldn't think clearly in the silence, Penny noted with a detached sense of self. It was like watching a movie on television that you had helped created. The glass the singer had been holding slid from her grasp to shatter on the floor, brief noise enveloped by the absense of sound soon after. Lucy's throat muscles worked, convulsing in an attempt to utter a denial, but the radio's crackling blurt hung in the air long after it had been terminated.

Out of the corner of one eye, the dancer watched Matteo rise smoothly from his chair, removing Moira as he did so. One clearing of the throat later, he and his assembled goons were quietly removing themselves from the drama. Penny wasn't sure if they were the most brilliant tacticians on the face of the earth, or the biggest cowards. It was enough to watch the small group pass the mistress of the house, each man briefly squeezing her shoulders before vanishing out the door.

"Take me to him."

Lucy had finally spoken, words unintentionally harsh. They seemed to galvanize the remainder of the guests. Andrea stepped in from the porch, immediately finding his way to his charge's side. Penny sensed movement behind her, a tilt of her chin brought Rob's niece into view, wearing an outfit that managed to emphasis her looks rather than detract them. Moving past her was John, his face absolutely devoid of emotion.

That frightened Penny more than a show of temper would have. It seemed the giant was capable of anything, only his blonde friend's restraining fingers kept him from lunging towards Devon.

"Go. I'll ... I'll stay here tonight. Don't worry about anything but, ah, Sean."

A low whisper, obviously meant for the agent's ears alone, but Penny couldn't help eavesdropping a scant foot away from the private conversation. There was no response, John simply nodded and continued forward until he was looming behind Lucy as well. Caleb completed the odd little quartet, hovering protectively on his wife's other side. There was a rumble of unintelligible words before Lucy strode out the door, followed in short order by Caleb, Devon, Andrea and John.

Penny glanced around, watching others follow suit and vanish out the exit, until only herself, Bennett, James and Janey remained.

"I'll help clean up the living room." The blonde spoke up after a few minutes, her eyes rooted on the fading headlights of her uncle's car. "Least I can do in exchange for borrowing the couch." There was alot of assumption on her part, but apparently she planned to remain there for John when he returned.

If he returned.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The machine drone on, providing a brief spat of noise in the oasis behind the curtain. Sean's bed was not a private one; he was awaiting surgery for a knife wound across his right thigh. The injury ran deep, his assailant had been intent on inflicting as much damage as possible. Only the arrival of the transient beggar had prevented loss of life.

The criminals had not escaped damage, however. One of the five was in a room on the opposite side of the trauma center, suffering from several broken ribs care of Sean's boots and breathing through a tube -- care of Sean's fists. But little mattered to the patient in bed seven.

Sonnet stood to one side, careful not to disturb her charge or any of the staff rushing by to other emergencies. She'd accompanied Cafferty in the ambulance, allowing another officer to drive her cruiser back to the precinct. There would be hell to pay for that in the morning, but the cop decided she didn't care. There were some things you did because it was right.

A glance at the clock told her they had been at the hospital for almost an hour now. The woman yawned reflexively, cursing the fact she had another six hours until her shift ended. Highly doubtful that the staff would let her remain to guard one unimportant victim when her presence could mean life or death for someone else on the street.

Sonnet hadn't even phoned her father yet, bowing to protocol. If Devon returned with Sean's family, only then could she call Ben and let him know. The man was more than likely not at home anyway, off with his longtime partner, Hugh Pierson. She risked another glance at the man in the bed, frowning at the IVs taped to his good arm, the other wrapped securely in gauze.

"Officer Tennyson, the patient's family has arrived."

Devon's deep baritone, normally self assured, was downright shaky. Sonnet belatedly stood at attention, since his leuitenant-ship outranked her own status.

"Yes, sir."

She moved aside, stepping past a lovely, young brunette, the girl's husband, a rather attractive man with a ponytail, and ... possibly the largest man she'd ever encountered outside a pro wrestling ring. It would have been rude to linger right there and snoop, so Sonnet inched away towards one of the swinging doors that led to the er nurse station and pulled a cellphone from its holder next to her handcuffs.

Hi, you've reached Ben and Hugh. Leave a message after the beep.


"Hi, Dad. It's me. Heads up on some bad news ... Sean Cafferty was admitted to the er at Manhattan General an hour ago. He's been beat up pretty badly. Talk to you later, ok?"

Letting out a deep breathe, the cop replaced her phone and sank back against the wall. Why was the world so gawddamned horrible to people that didn't deserve it?

"Shooting bigots is still illegal." She muttered in frusteration.

"Si. But it is satisfactory? No, not the right word. Satisfying, yes?"

Sonnet glanced up, startled to find Ponytail standing too close, his Italian accent clear even through the vocal cahaphony around them.

"Yeah. But illegal."


The man had big trouble written all over him. Damn if he wasn't striking up close, too.

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