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Thu Nov 24, 2005 20:22

Repeating: Victim’s name, Sean Cafferty. White male, DLN zero-two…


John stared at Devon, still remembering that day in which he decided Lucy truly wasn’t in love with Caleb, and tried to take the girl as his own. Usually thinking upon the incident was enough to raise his blood pressure. Anything that the Holmes officer may have said was lost in the rush of blood through his ears, feeling lightheaded and nauseous soon after. Oh God, what had happened to Sean? His Sean! Only a gentle touch upon his arm pulled John back, staring down at Janey. Suddenly he felt no joy at seeing her features blossoming into adulthood. Instead, he was fighting off the urge to scream.

“Go. I’ll… I’ll stay here tonight. Don’t worry about anything but, ah, Sean.”

It felt as if the cat had his tongue. Janey understood, and did not hold it against him. God praise for small favors. Shifting past the girl, he stood behind Lucy, daring Devon to say something, anything that would give him a good reason to shout and rail right now. But nothing ever came. Once Caleb had solidified their sudden front against the law, the quintet was moving out the door.

“I’ll take Lucy.” It was Caleb stating the obvious, though it may impede their rush to the hospital.

“Ride my bumper hard. Got it?” What was with Devon being charitable?

Feeling like he was caught in slow motion, John was barely aware of Caleb, Lucy, and Andrea piling into the man’s Jeep. Instead, he had gone with Devon in the squad car in a feeble attempt to calm the incessant rampant beat of his heart. Sean couldn’t be hurt that badly, could he? Sure, the guy was little – well, John thought of him as little – but he could hold his own, couldn’t he? Per favore, Dio… Just let the actor be all right, that was all he asked. Let me see him smile again.

“How the fukk did this happen?!” John’s words were harsh and loud in an attempt to be heard over the bleating of the siren and the crackle of a radio. He wanted to kill whoever did this to Sean. Fukk the police, their asses were his!

“It was on the square,” Devon replied tersely. John didn’t want to know where it happened, but how. Why! The officer only glanced in his mirrors before swerving through traffic, the higher-set lights of a Jeep right on the patrol car’s ass. “Near Down the Hatch,” great, a sports bar! “Some guys came out of the alley and jumped Sean. Apparently a homeless person flagged down an officer.” Suddenly swerving down a side street, Devon favored him with a pitying look. “It’ll be okay.”

But if Devon acted like this, and had seen Sean, then how bad was it?

“Il dio lo aiuta…” John breathed just a short time later, standing in the poor excuse for a doorway that led into the room Sean was being held in. For one brief moment, his hand blindly reached out and grasped Lucy’s hand, squeezing tightly; just like he had the day Matteo had made himself known to her.

“Officer Tennyson, the patient’s family has arrived.” Devon had begun sounding like that halfway through the ride to the hospital, as if it entailed some terrible flashback for him.

“Yes, sir.”

John barely took note of the auburn-haired officer that was standing watch at Sean’s bedside. Pausing to clasp Devon’s shoulder in a brief show of thanks – and that was all the bastard was going to get – he was at his lover’s bedside in an instant. God, he looked like shit. One half of his face was already turning black and blue from bruises, and an arm was bandaged up as if it were going to fall off otherwise. What happened to his poor, sweet actor?

A sharp intake of breath from the foot of the bed drew John’s eyes in that direction, finding Caleb glancing over Sean’s chart while Devon stood watch for any prying eyes from those nasty medical-type persons. Reflexively, the Giant’s hand was held out, fingers wiggling impatiently to see the chart. He wanted to see the god damned diagnoses, and now! But he was sorry not two moments after silently demanding the damned thing. Broken bone, severe bruising, laceration, another laceration… Oh Jesus. It took everything he had right there to simply hand the clipboard back, instead of allowing it to clatter noisily to the ground from numb fingertips.

Lifting one of the two visitor chairs over to the side of the bed that Sean’s good arm was, John settled into the contraption as quietly as he could. Eventually, his hand reached out to twine his fingers amongst the actor’s, feeling the cool fingertips against the palm of his hand. Staring into the Irish man’s bruised face, the former agent could only come to one conclusion; this was his entire fault. If he hadn’t opted to stay at the house with Janey, and gone out with Sean, he could have helped. It wouldn’t have been as bad for the man, and John knew he could recover far more easily. Oh God, it was his fault.

“Sean…” Don’t scream, don’t scream, oh Jesus. Leaning down, thick fingers gently rearranged the man’s hair to his usual liking – which just meant downright messy – whispering against his cheek. “Tá mé chomh doirte sin duit… Bheith go maith.”* The thought of Sean having anything to say about his sudden proficiency in Gaelic brought a fleeting smile to his lips. It had been hell trying to find time in between all the hours of the day they spent together, and even then he was lucky when he didn’t accidentally say, ‘I like the humping’ instead of, ‘I like the cooking’. It would be just his luck too, wouldn’t it?

Don’t leave us.

“Hugh, stop whining. We’re home, aren’t we?”

“And not a minute too soon!” Ben shot his partner a look as they walked through the front door of their two-bedroom condo. Well, the landlord said condo, he said apartment, and Hugh said it was cute. So there they were. “Listen to the messages while I liberate the vegetables?”

Sure, why not.

After handing Hugh a couple of canvas bags containing their groceries, Ben meandered over toward the phone on the wall, pressing the play button.

You have two new messages. Great! Two less telemarketers that could call him.

Ben? It’s Sean. Lucy and Caleb just dropped in on the theater like a ton of bricks, and we totally didn’t expect them until later. Drop by their house tonight, the lushes are gathering to celebrate!

“What was that?”

“Sean was just saying Nightingale and Caleb were back. Let’s clean up real quick and—”

Hi, Dad. It's me. Heads up on some bad news… Sean Cafferty was admitted to the ER at Manhattan General an hour ago. He's been beat up pretty badly. Talk to you later, ok?

“Oh Jesus…” Ben stared at the phone, his gaze shifting between Hugh and back. Was Sonnet even supposed to be working tonight? “Get your shoes.” No one could claim that they didn’t practically run down those stairs, that was certain.

But at the Emergency Room, they ran into red tape. Why? Oh, because they weren’t blood relatives, that was why! While Hugh attempted to charm one of the nurses, which left Ben rolling his eyes at the silly attempt, he did something far more practical. Like heading to the courtesy booth and paging Caleb. He would have tried for Sonnet, but she was in and out of the ER half the night; why would it be any different now?

Just a few minutes later, Caleb popped out of the back looking rather shaken, with a police officer in tow. But the physical similarities were so striking that Ben stared for a moment. That one had to be Devon, the bastard that caused his Lucy so much grief over the last few months. But if Devon’s brother could hold tight rein, then so could he. Hugh, though… Well, he was what Ben had long ago dubbed a ‘free spirit’. Frankly he didn’t feel like being bitch-smacked during one fight, thus the term was born. Thank God for small favors, for the actor had taken to the term like a duck to water.

“Jesus Caleb, what happened? All I get is a call saying Sean’s in the ER after being beaten. How bad is it?” They were already being flanked by the two Holmes boys, and escorted into the back. He knew the ex-agent had a propensity for the cloak and dagger ruse, but for him to do this concerning a friend…

“Sean was jumped off the square,” Devon said quietly as he navigated through the corridors with the trio in tow. “It wasn’t a fair fight, and he was hurt. Badly. He’s due in for surgery shortly, so this needs to be brief. I can think of at least six rules and five laws I’m breaking by bringing everyone back here, so be quick.” The officer barely paused, actually sounding sincere. “Please.”

Only managing a nod, the pair of lifetime actors quietly walked into the small room. First thing Ben noticed was the way John looked up at them, before returning to whispering in Sean’s ear. Secondly was all the equipment that enjoyed making the ‘beep-beep’ noise. Third, “Nightingale…” Sighing, he joined Lucy on the opposite side of the bed, gently wrapping an arm about her shoulders. This shouldn’t have happened, that much was obvious in the set of everyone’s jaw. Ben could almost hear it now; Why Sean? He’s such a nice boy…

“Is Officer Tennyson still around?”

Now this was intriguing. A female police official. One that was obviously infuriated by the potential gay beating that Lucy’s brother had taken. Was she another admirer of the young man, or did she have her own personal reasons for abhorring what had taken place?

“Shooting bigots is still illegal.”

“Si. But it is satisfactory? No, not the right word. Satisfying, yes?” Andrea’s brow had furrowed as he thought out the proper conjugation, studying the officer. She looked decidedly odd with the gun belt about her slender waist.

“Yeah. But illegal.” Now that earned a half-smile.

“Ah, but you are polizia. This does make the difference, hmm?”

“No.” Why was she giving him one of those smiles that your mother gave when you told her something she found highly amusing, all the while shaking her head at you? Women were taught that expression from the cradle, weren’t they?!


“Well, because—”

“Tennyson.” Andrea lofted a brow at Devon interrupting the brief conversation, glancing between the two officers. They looked so… quaint in their matching uniforms. “Someone wishes to speak with you.” The Holmes fellow jerked his head back toward Sean’s room, and turned to follow ‘Tennyson’, stopped only by Andrea’s hand.

“Devon…” Pausing, he glanced about quickly before lifting the dress shirt at the small of his back and procuring the officer’s firearm. “You forget this. Attento…” Perhaps the fellow didn’t understand the word, but he must have recognized the light in the Italian’s eyes, for he gave a slow nod and rearmed himself. Soon Andrea was left all alone beside the nurse’s station. Taking advantage of the ‘quiet time’, the safe-zone for cell phones was utilized, and he quickly dialed a few numbers.

“Come è il ragazzo?”**

“Povero. Avrà presto chirurgia.”***

“Mantengalo ha aggiornato.”****

“Si.” Flipping the cell shut, Andrea frowned down at the device, wondering why Matteo could possibly want to know. It must have been in what he felt was Lucy’s best interests, and wished to be kept abreast of the situation. But then the giggling began, causing him to quirk a brow at a few of young female nurses and interns behind the desk. One uncertain smile and wave later, and he headed back to the small room Lucy’s brother awaited surgery in. But instead of going inside, Andrea leaned against the frame in the doorway, so no one could enter or leave without his moving aside.

After all, he was here for Lucy’s sake.

* I love you so much… Be well.
** How is the boy?
*** Poor. He will be in surgery soon.
**** Keep me updated.

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