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Caleb Holmes et al
Interludes for the Inept
Tue Dec 6, 2005 00:14

Ah-ha! Spic and span.

Falling into the office chair situated behind the desk, Caleb heaved a sigh of relief. No more empty soda cans, no more ashes and cigarette butts everywhere, the office was finally clean! Wow, David was totally going to shit when he walked in here. It had taken far too many cleaners to get the scent of marijuana out of the room. Besides, the little bastard should be happy he bothered to upgrade any of the equipment!

Bundling up the last of the trash, it was set outside the office door, before he retreated to the computer. Gasp! Actual technology! No more dingy lighting either, though for everyone’s sakes multi-level lighting had been installed so the director didn’t go insane from sitting under a halogen all day. Several programs were booted up, a ledger drug over, and the former agent began the arduous task of inputting all the information. This was going to take a while.

“What the HELL happened to my office?!” Uh oh.

Caleb watched the satchel in David’s hand fall to the floor, before the director began to appear faint. Well, if he hit the ground hard enough, maybe it would knock some sense into him! Punching the last few numbers into the computer, the agent-cum-actor saved his work and hit the print button, ceremoniously tossing the ledger he had been using for the last… Yikes, what time was it anyhow? Regardless, the book went into the trash, which sent David into another conniption fit. Mental note: Do this more often. It was fun!

“Calm down. Everything is still here,” Caleb muttered, gathering sheets from the printer and placing them into a new file in the cabinet. “It’s dust-free and organized now.”

“What the hell is that?” Yet another exclamation, David pointing frantically at the desk. Well, there wasn’t much on it, and Caleb was immediately confused. “That! What happened to my computer and my files?!” Ah.

“I threw it out.” My, that was a charming shade of red! “Stop throwing a hissy fit. All your files were copied over. Now you can view porn without it crashing.” Even his ears were red now! Fantastic. “Anyhow, that ancient piece of shit you called a computer wasn’t cutting it. At least this one can do part of the budget for you.” Screw paying for an accountant – or ten. “Check out the media closet.”

Well, it had been a closet until Caleb tackled it. Another string of curses arose, becoming more colorful by the second, after the door opened. Every sort of question was shot at him, ranging from inquires to the location of the television and players, to: Where the hell did all my tapes go?! He had a real control issue.

“Old equipment was trashed. Now that there’s actual room in here…” Flipping the lights on, Caleb motioned to the small three-seat sofa against one wall. Across the room was a widescreen plasma television hanging at eye level. Every other wall space was taken up by racks of DVDs. It was a small space, but at least it was used advantageously now. “The tapes are stored in a dry, climate controlled center. Everything was converted over to DVD. Any other questions?”

“Jesus.” That really wasn’t a question. “I need a smoke.” Ick. “You need to get a life!” Well, there was no arguing that point.

“Hey, I had to get out of that house for a while. Lucy and John are driving me up a wall. I almost feel bad for Sean.” The man had been released a few days prior, and the two were coddling him endlessly. Caleb had tried to drag Lucy out of the house, but she was having none of it. Instead, the girl had insisted on cooking one of Sean’s favorite dishes for dinner. “If it keeps up like this, the entire theater is going to be reorganized by Halloween!”

“Still having the party?” It wasn’t like any of the theater rats had the opportunity for a real one once David had cancelled South Pacific, much to Caleb’s dismay. But the man had insisted, making note of how they could finish all the building upgrades during that time. He couldn’t argue with that logic.

“I have to! I swear it’ll be the only human contact those three will have outside family.”

The tension was going to freaking kill him!

“That’ll be a nice shiner.”

Devon grunted his response as the nurse decided to cover his face with a flimsy protective sheet while assisting the doctor. At least the injury hadn’t been his fault. Some idiot had been arguing with his live-in girlfriend, who happened to call the cops after he hit her. Devon shows up, and the first thing that greets him when the door opens is a flying fist of fury! That was bullshit. Hell, he had even managed to play nice cop through the entire debacle, though God only knew how.

Which led to a neat little row of stitches just below his eyebrow.

“All right, Officer, you’re all done. Its going to itch, so wear an eye pad at night until the stitches are removed.” Mumbling during clean-up, Devon accepted the prescriptions handed his way, and tried his best to glare at Sonnet Tennyson across the room. Half of her was blurry, but the other half was most definitely doing that secretive amused smile that all women had possession of. How was he supposed to know that she was in the E.R. after dragging in an O.D. victim?

“You think this is funny, don’t you?” Pausing, Devon tried so valiantly not to crack a grin, and began to fail. “I thought the guy was going to shit himself when he realized he punched a cop.” Had definitely been amusing. Rising from the table, the officer wobbled a bit, not saying a damned word when Tennyson offered a steadying hand. He merely accepted it while regaining his footing.

“You’re going to be dizzy for the next day or two,” the doctor was explaining. Likely due to a mild concussion when his head had rebounded off the door frame. “Just get some rest, and have someone drive you home.” Uhm… Right. “And remember to stay awake the next twelve hours.” What?! Shit.

“All right. Thanks, doc.” Slowly meandering out from behind the curtain, Devon tried to quirk a brow at Tennyson following, which only made him wince. And stumble. The woman caught him again, much to his chagrin. So maybe he really was going to need a ride home. It was just down the hall and through the lobby, to where the out-patient pharmacy was. Little blue slips of paper handed over, and all they had to do was wait.

“How the hell am I supposed to stay awake on this stuff?” Devon mumbled to himself, leaning his hip against the counter. It wasn’t like he could actually ask Tennyson, ‘Hey, want to help me stay awake for the next twelve hours?’ Especially without sounding lewd! Jesus, he was supposed to get Lucy’s groceries today too. Ever since Sean started bunking with them, Devon had taken it upon himself to help his brother’s wife out, while staying away from the house at large. So far, it had worked.

“Hey, my brother and his wife are having a Halloween get together this weekend.” Oh? “I know Ben and Hugh are going to be there. Want to help me keep my sanity?”

Oh dear. That grin couldn’t mean anything good.

“No way! I’m not coming out of here!”

John couldn’t believe he had allowed Sean to talk him into wearing this get up! It was bad enough that everyone made a comment about his height and size, but to have it magnified to this degree?

“It isn’t freaking decent!”

Eyeing himself critically in the mirror, John sighed and shook his head. Rich green latex body paint had been decided upon, since it would supposedly be easier to remove later. Toga-style, the leafy garment – which it barely was – hit mid-thigh, before the tights began. Then the boots ended it all. Something that vaguely looked like it could be leafy lettuce rested atop his head as a skull cap. This was absolutely horrifying.

Oh God, there went Sean, knocking lightly on the door.

“Fine. But you had better be making an ass of yourself too!” Mumbling, John finally opened the bathroom door and stepped out. At least only Sean was here. Everyone else would have been just too much! And there he stood, in all his glory, the Jolly Green Giant.

It really bruised his ego when Sean started laughing.

“I swear I’ll put you in a faerie costume if you keep that up!” Ooh, nice threat. “With sparkly wings.” Ah-ha!

“Well? If I’m the fecking Jolly Green Giant, you had better be giving in to some stereotype, too!”

That sounded like a threat, Mister Cafferty!

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