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A Twelve Step Program
Fri Jan 6, 2006 14:32

Oh geez, Sean was doing the puppy dog eyes again. He had no freaking defenses against that!

Damn it.

On one level, John hated how easily Sean could manipulate him into doing what he wanted. Like this morning, for instance. They had sat down to their usual breakfast, the news a dull hum in the background. Right until the newscaster broke in with a story on three severely-beaten men. When John heard about the tattoos on their posteriors, he nearly choked on his morning coffee. One inquisitive look from Sean, and John busied himself with the breakfast beverage.

Damn it.

“Fine, but I’m enlisting bodyguards.”

Bennett was an easy catch. John only had to promise to help him get set up in the studio downstairs sometime. He wanted to lay down a few tracks, and Caleb had promised him free reign of the basement. Nigel only needed to be plied with food and the promise of alcohol.

Were all Holmes this easy?

Apparently so. Well, if it would keep Sean from pouting and moping about the house, then it would be worth any aches and pains he may have come morn. It wasn’t as if John really expected the actor to get jumped while out. No, the beating his partner had suffered was almost-random. Almost. Sean had just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Still, that wasn’t going to deter him from calling in the elite forces.

Well, all right. One force, but she was hell to deal with when provoked. The perfect compliment to all this brawn. Miss Jane Louise Blue, the youngest. Not only did she have an attitude that could rival Moira’s at times, she could run interference and be his backup if the need arose. John refused to be caught off-guard. Call him paranoid.

Which found the Giant a little while later enjoying the sarcastic lyrics of a talented female singer that evening. He had even allowed Sean to dress him for the outing, though God only knew why. Apparently the hulking Italian would do damn near anything to appease his lover. Figures.

How to stay paralyzed by fear of abandonment.
How to defer to men in solvable predicaments.
How to control someone to be a carbon copy of you.
How to have that not work and have them run away from you.

“I'm gonna go find a one night stand, okay? I'll call you in the morning before I head out.” Huh? Blinking, John stared at Janey for a moment before outright laughing. He couldn’t help it! The idea of her having a one-night-stand was absurd. Aside from that, the reality of the situation was that there wasn’t much to pick from, here.

“Good luck finding a safe bet in this place, munchkin. Go home, take a cold shower and suck it up, soldier.” Shooting the girl a bright grin, John wriggled his fingers before turning back to the performance, wrapping an arm around Sean.

It was odd. No one really stared at the two men cuddled up at a booth, listening to music and downing a brewski or three. If they did do a double-take, it was typically at the realization of John’s size. He was used to it by now, though when someone – male or female – stared a little too long, it always made him uncomfortable. He was such a freaking novelty due to his size. It felt like some of those people were undressing him with his eyes. Occasionally, he squeezed Sean a little tight, pulling him closer. But the man was squirming, and he damned well knew why.


“Dance with me?”

Nigel had been forced to lean back when Jane stretched across him to tap the Giant on his shoulder. Quirking a brow, he couldn’t help but glance at Benny. The two shared a look before grinning.

Hmph. Typical men.

But the professor felt he was anything but a typical man. Nigel had never bedded one of his students, or even a prospective student, and was proud of the fact. Even if there had been some very tempting offers. Instead, he had the propensity to charm a woman, wine and dine her, dazzle her with some silly knowledge, and escort her to bed. Never did he hurt for a willing partner in the bedroom, even if he had been without a girlfriend for… Well, it had been a while. After the last one decided it would be more fun to bed an older professor for some extra credit, he had steered clear of the dating scene as a whole.

Though a wiggling woman next to him was bringing about many a lewd thought.

Sipping a vodka and tonic, Nigel took a quick survey of his surroundings. It was a fairly young crowd, all in their early twenties. Plenty of bared flesh and grinding bodies, which was rather idea. He had dressed down in a simple button-up dress shirt and slacks, fitting in rather nicely. All it would take was one smile…

“Jesus Benny, you keep staring at her!” Nigel exclaimed over the din, prodding the youngest Holmes in the arm, jesting. The young man had been gazing upon the female singer with something akin to awe in his eyes for most the night. And maybe a bit of envy.

“Don’t you get it? That’s Lara Sorensen!” With Nigel’s flat and uncomprehending look, Bennett huffed indignantly. “She’s one of the hottest underground singers right now!” Then the lad went back to worshipping the singer from afar, much to his dismay.

Right. So this was going no where, and quickly. Downing the rest of his drink in one fell swoop, Nigel slapped a twenty on the table for the next round of drinks, and quickly rose from his seat. He wasn’t going to lounge about all night, not when there was so much flesh to experience! Oh yes, most definitely. But, for one lone male to meander onto the dance floor? Hardly a way to entice some young body into his arms. So he did what any hot-blooded male would do.

Nigel snatched up Janey’s hand, tugging her forward with a grin. “C’mon! Let yonder oaf worship from afar. I want to dance.” Of course, one had to pause when the next round of drinks was served, downing his in a timely manner, and giving the waitress a sign to keep the liquids coming. Now he was ready!

“Let’s go!”

This was going no where, and quickly.

Devon knew Sonnet was beyond frustrated; he fully understood this as well. After camping out on the sofa for the last week, things hadn’t become any easier. If anything, the situation had become far more tense and difficult. But why? Was it because Sonnet disliked feeling helpless? Perhaps. Or maybe the woman really did hate him with a passion. After her last outburst, something about mothers and pigs, he was certainly beginning to think so.

Sighing, the veteran police officer remained gentle with his injured partner, though it was silly that she showered in her bra and panties. Even her bloody socks! Partway into the shower, Devon had crouched down and removed the offending items and tossing them into the sink.

It was the look of defeat on Sonnet’s face that made him want to hold the woman, rock all her worries away. But he would have been beaten within an inch of his life if such a thing were attempted. So he did the next best, and slowly massaged her back, the soap slick against her skin. It was difficult to concentrate sometimes. He hadn’t ever really viewed Sonnet in that way, and these damned showers were shedding new light on the situation. Damn it! No, he’d be the good guy. He had to be the good guy.

“Come on,” Devon quietly urged, flipping off the water and helping Sonnet clear of the shower. Per custom, a large bath sheet was wrapped about her torso. But something different happened this time. Nimble fingers delved beneath the towel that he held around her frame, quickly undoing the bra-snap. “Shush, it’s easier this way,” the man chided when he saw Sonnet’s eyes widen for a moment. Straps unfastened from the back, and Devon eased the wet garment out from beneath the towel, setting it aside. Then the moment of truth.

The officer crouched down, and he could practically feel Sonnet’s urge to kick him in places that wouldn’t feel very good at all. She most definitely stepped back when his hands crept beneath the towel’s hem, and Devon could only sigh. “Look. It’ll be easier on you this way, all right? No peeking, no touching anything I don’t need to. All right?” Yikes. She was going to bite him, wasn’t she?!

For the whole ten seconds it took to remove Sonnet’s panties, Devon only once touched her hips to find the straps, and carefully worked them down, never touching. Not even looking. Instead, his face had been trained upward, watching her features. If anything, he was keeping good to his word; that was certain!

“Okay, I’m going to take a quick shower before everyone shows up. Call me when you need help?”

Through it all, Devon had been the perpetual nice guy. Going so far as to pick up the meager house chores that Sonnet normally handled, and couldn’t now. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, little things that made her life easier. But it certainly wasn’t easy on her psyche. What the hell could he do? Seriously.

Devon contemplated this in the world’s quickest shower, scrubbing his hair and face furiously. He’d feel far too guilty to just leave the woman on her own. Not to mention that Isabel would kick his ass. So would Moira! The redheaded terror stopped by from time to time, though it appeared Sonnet only tolerated the visits because she had to. He couldn’t blame her. But none of that was helping the situation any. How could he make it better?

God, his privacy was shot to hell in this apartment! That had made him completely uneasy, especially when he woke up late one night, meandering into the kitchen for some water, and then the bathroom to relieve himself. Isabel had just wandered right in to the bathroom! She wasn’t even flustered, just mentioned to let her know when the bathroom was free. “Remember to flush, darling.” His face had been beet-red after that incident.

Stepping out of the shower and slinging a towel around his waist, Devon padded clear of the bathroom, taking the dirty laundry with him to deposit in the hamper. When the hell had he become so domesticated? It was different, living on your own. No one giggled at you if you made breakfast in the morning. Or patted your damned cheek for being such a ‘good boy’. He was quickly going insane.

“Sonnet?” Rapping gently at her bedroom door, of course waiting to see if she answered. “Would you like some help?” There he went, the good guy bit all over again.

Sigh. It was going to be a long ‘vacation’.

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