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Bennet Holmes
Feeling Like a... Ahem!
Tue Jan 17, 2006 23:18

Beep-beep! Beep-beep! Beep-beep!

Groaning, Bennett rolled over in bed, slapping his alarm clock at the ungodly hour of… Okay, so ten thirty in the morning wasn’t an ungodly hour. Well, it was if you had bade farewell to a pair of gay men after being ditched by your own brother at a club, and going out with some friends afterwards. The sky had been gray with dawn’s light by the time he rolled in, his father just waking up. It was useless trying to creep up the stairs, and he had instead had a cup of coffee with good ‘ol Dad before crashing in bed.

Maybe last night had been a really bad dream. After all, he wasn’t feeling hung over, his mouth didn’t have that funky aftertaste of too much liquor, and he was remarkably clear headed. Then why, oh dear God why, was a little slip of paper taunting him from across the room? It sat there so innocent upon his desk, the edge ragged and the corners curled from a trip in his pocket.

Bennett, this is for you.

“Shit.” That was the only word that he could use at this point in time. One could blame it on a variety of things. He was going to blame it on lack of caffeine and not having his ritualistic hot shower. Once those things were out of the way, everything would be fine. Right?

Yeah, right. Camped out in the kitchen, he had received the usual lecture from his father, about the merits of being home on time and all the nonsense that went with it. Fine, whatever. Bennett had instead opted to stow away his gear, grab the essentials, and head on out to Caleb’s place. But one quick phone call…

“Hello? Uhm… I just wanted to leave a message for Lara.” Pause. “She’ll remember me from last night’s gig.” Maybe. After rattling off his number and pounding down the stairs, he flipped off the cell. “Going to Caleb’s! Later!” This involved one big lungful of air as he was rushing out the door before Dad could give him shit about that too.

“Someone goooot luuuucky!” He couldn’t help a bit of good natured ribbing on John’s behalf, who wore a shit eatin’ grin this morning. At least the man had helped him lug the heavier stuff downstairs. After the inquiry of needing any more help, Benny shook his head. “Nah, it’s cool. Go spend time with Sean.” Another grin blossomed, and he watched the hulking form disappear upstairs. “Lucky bastard.” Hmph.

Setting up the kit was a mindless task for him at this point in time. Bass drum there, snare there… Twenty minutes later every little detail was to his liking. Except when he went to turn off his phone, and it wasn’t in his pocket. Nor were his keys. A quick glance around didn’t lead to their discovery either, which meant they were probably left upstairs. Eh, better there than down here, where he could be bothered. So he made good of the quiet time and closed the door, settling down behind the drums.

Twenty minutes later and he faltered for the third time, which wasn’t putting his nerves at ease, either. It was a mindless under beat that he couldn’t accomplish. Why, you ask? Oh, maybe because he acted like a total ass with Laramie Sorensen! God. He could have curled up and died. Clammed up at the total wrong moment. He’d probably remember that night until the day he died, and regret it for longer. Ugh.

Setting his sticks aside, Bennett crept out of the studio door, and into the listening area. There were a variety of sound boards in there, along with accompanying recording equipment. Damn! Letting loose a low whistle of appreciation, and wondering how much it cost to set this up, he quickly settled down to set everything to his liking, and put a fresh tape on the track. Might as well actually lay down a few while he was here. Who knew when he was going to get another chance?

Oooh, sound sensitive. That was going to come in handy. Happily skipping – all right, sauntering – back into the studio proper, the door was shut, and Bennett sat down at… the piano? Frowning at the keyboard, his fingers flexed, hoping he wasn’t too far out of practice. It wasn’t as if he tried to use these damned things every day. Nor had he been privy to a large part of his mother’s tutelage when it came to the children’s musical talents. He had found his love of the unspoken notes on his own, which led to his studies at the university. Fingers poised, he let out a deep breath, and allowed his hands to find the beginning chords from memory.

There’s no way around what I did today
There’s nothing more than I could ever say
Some things you don’t wanna hear
I’m sorry I know how it feels

And what I said
there’s no real place in that
And what I did
I can’t explain in time

To make you love me once again
Will that ever change anything?

Life’s so short and still we try

It was a piece he had written for a theory class on how major fifths and minor sevenths really could work together in harmony, if you found the right instruments and the correct lyrics to accompany it and bridge the gap. The class had been astonished, and the professor grudgingly agreed Bennett had not gone on a wild goose chase. It had made him feel good on many levels.

Life’s so short and still we try
We take advantage and we never realize
Thirty years just went by
It’s too late for love

And what I’ve done
I guess I have to give in
And how we feel
We just have to trust in

Playing the last few bars, Benny found himself with a small smile on his face. Though the song was a theory in itself – at least for him – it signaled one of his better accomplishments in his short life. And now he had the opportunity to lay it down on a track, which was the next freaking best thing!

His family members would have fallen over in shock at hearing the song, though. It wasn’t a punk or ska tune, nor was it the sappy romantic adult alternative crap that he caught Devon listening to on more than one occasion. It was edgy and hard, something that the rough quality of his voice was good at portraying. He’d definitely never grace a stage like Lucy or Caleb, but this was fun in the meantime.

Life’s so short and still we try
We taken advantage and we never realize
Thirty years just went by
It’s too late for love…

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