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Messers Schmidt und Krueger
Turkey Day Blues
Thu Jan 19, 2006 09:10

“Let’s start over. Hi, I’m Bennett. What’s your name?”

It had been just that easy. Hi, I'm Laramie Sorensen and I think you're just swell! Ok, it hadn't gone quite that cheesily, but she'd been able to get him to stop stuttering long enough to relax. Usually it amused her no end when some hotshot became tongue-tied in her presence, but more often than not it was the spectre of her father and not herself that provided the catalyst for that.

"Honey, would you pour the rest of that gravy into a tupperware bowl. We can have leftovers tomorrow."

Lara turned away from her perusal of the rain falling in sheets just past the balcony window, and regarded the redhead standing in the kitchen. They'd just finished a small, annual Thanksgiving dinner - which didn't take too long to eat when there was only two people. Nodding in silent assent, the second generation singer traded her perch for the warmth of the kitchen and spent a few minutes helping Amanda put away the aforementioned leftovers.

Her mother was heading out with Felix to catch a Broadway performance; the agent preferred his own gender but was quite willing to indulge the lovely woman for the afternoon. Which left Lara by herself, something which usually had her whooping with glee and using said time constructively -- like watching a slew of old tear-jerkers. The classics were the movies she loved. Bogart, Bacall, Stewart. Hepburn. Most of what Hollywood put out today was recycled trash, and there had been alot of prejudice rolled up in the gold age scripts. But still; moviemaking was a real craft back then. Not like now.

Refusing to feel sorry for herself, Lara slumped down on the couch and flipped on the boob tube. Trash, trash, trash -- ah. Casablanca. It only took ten minutes into the movie, just when Rick's cafe was being unveiled, for her hand to wander over to the cordless without prompting and dial in a number she hadn't had the nerve to try all week. Bennet had mentioned his family's plan to gang up on his eldest brother for the holiday, but the singer wasn't sure if he had meant it as a hint.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Holmes residence, Lucy speaking. Oh. Hadn't counted on anyone actually answering. It was only two in the afternoon, for chrissakes! "I ... may I please speak to Bennet, if he's available? My name is Lara and he should remember me." One moment, please. There was the distinct 'tap' of a phone being placed against a counter, she'd done it enough times herself before they'd gotten the new one, and someone moving towards a muted gathering in the background. Maybe this hadn't been such a hot idea.

"Hello? Lara?"

Ok, funny. There was blatant disbelief in Benny's voice. "Yeah, just your friendly neighborhood stalker." Lara paused, trying to ignore the flutter of wings in her stomach. "I was calling to, uh, see if you'd like to ... maybe get some ... coffee, later." Whew. Stutter much? And the long pause on the other end of the line didn't help much.

"Okay. Where?"

"There's a Starbucks about four blocks from your house, well ... your brother's house. About an hour or so?"

"Yeah, that's ... fine."


Look, I'm twenty-three going on sixteen! Lara eyed Claude Rains strutting around on screen as the devious Captain Renault, and mentally saluted her favorite character in the entire movie. Was she using the man to assuage her own feelings of loniless? Or did she really want to see him, regardless. Well, a bit of both, if she was going to be honest with her inner grump. Rolling off the couch, she hied herself away to the bedroom in an effort to find something suitable.

Seventy minutes later . . . Oh, god. She was late! Another taxi, another big tip. There was a note for her mother on the fridge with Bennet's name and his brothers number and address. Not like Amanda couldn't just find her on the cell, but it was the principle of the thing. She'd stopped in the lobby to say hi to a neighbor, a redhead like her mother and an author. The older woman was a real sweetheart, even though Lara had never actually read any of her detective novels.

And there was the matter of the clothing! Seven changes of shirt and three changes of pants found her in snug trousers and a somewhat baggy sweater that hid just about every curve she possessed. Gone were the Docs, exchanged for a pair of ... turquoise cowboy boots. Her mother had gone to Santa Fe the summer before with a seminar on real estate in the Southwest. Lara got the boots and her mother got a real tan.

"You're Lara Sorensen." Oh, no. Not even five steps into the door and several teenage girls had surrounded her. She'd forgotten the popular girls hunted in packs. "Can I have your autograph? My mother is just gonna flip out. Checkmate was her favorite band!" Oh. Squee. No, really. All four were practically bouncing up and down. And she couldn't see any sign of Benny over the flurry of paper and pens.


It was Thanksgiving afternoon and she had partial use of her arm back. Thank God for small favors. Sonnet sat wedged between Devon and John, trying to breath without jostling either jock. Even two hours into the festivities, she felt guilty for abandoning her mother to the attentions of the Chief. Ok, so it had actually been the other way around, she was sure of that. Somehow Isabel had conspired with Devon to get Madame Grumpster out of the house. A new dress. New shoes. The works.

And Sonnet had to admit the outfit looked rather nice. A fitted blue denim bodice over a very lacy chemise, and several layers of black material swirled around her legs. Very feminine. How about way too feminine? She felt like a pig at a wolves all-you-could eat. Caleb had commented on how nice she looked. So had Nigel, John and Bennett. Devon had practically ignored her throughout the entire meal -- and it was on his insistance that she come in the first place!

At least she'd had the ability to work, albeit on a limited basis. Assigned to parking meters over the last week, just to make sure she didn't injure her shoulder again, and the promise of real work after the holidays. And the vest. Sonnet had worn it every day, even submitting to the indignity of being checked in the mornings by another female cop. Hell, she still had a piece of the cake sitting in her mother's fridge. It had felt really, really good to be so welcomed back. Even Devon had been attentive, up until today.

The phone rang, and Lucy excused herself from the table to answer it. This apparently signaled some sort of tribal ritual, because everyone began rising and clearing their places. Stretching her arms forward, and wincing only once, the guest prepared herself to pitch in and was stopped -- not by Devon, mind you -- but by the hulking John. "You go get some fresh air, sweetie. I'll take this for you." His grin brooked no argument. Why were they all being so overtly nice to her?!

Fine. Easing herself away from the table, Sonnet made her way into the living room, where Bennet was holding forth a low conversation on the phone, and quietly stepped out onto the back patio. It was raining, naturally, but the awning was doing its best to hold off most of the cold liquid. Huh. Maybe she should have remembered a jacket.


Someone's large hands rested gently on her shoulders, thumbs absently caressing the areas just below her collarbone. It was enough to make her senses stand up and cheer. But the auburn-haired cop was going to have none of it. "Devon Holmes, I want to know right now why you've been acting like a compl--" She'd turned around to glare at him personally, he deserved that much, but somehow her partner had taken it on himself to shut her up the old-fashioned way.

With a kiss.

A hot, toe-curling kiss. In front of his entire family.

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