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Caleb Holmes
Playing in the House
Fri Jan 27, 2006 13:01

Luuuuucifer! I’m bored!”

Caleb huffed and puffed until the house blew down, flopping onto a plush sofa in what was now being referred to as the ‘entertainment room’. Of course, once he had already smashed the room’s contents to smithereens. He wasn’t going to do that today, just because he was bored. Right? Uhm… sure. Right!

“Oh, poor baby…” Peering over the edge of the couch, the former agent’s eyes narrowed at Lucy’s thinly veiled sarcasm. His influence likely didn’t help the acerbic wit she was capable of calling upon in some situations. But the daily sarcasm? Well, he got a hefty dose of that every day.

“Wench! C’mere.” Lucy kept standing there, leaning against the frame. “Oh, that’s it!” Bounding off the sofa, Caleb took a diving leap towards the girl. No, she didn’t shriek or flail, but she did sidestep him. With the woman’s laughter ringing in his ears as his body thumped to the hardwood floor, he managed to catch sight of Lucy rushing up the stairs, her bare feet making small slapping noises against the flooring. “That’s it! You’re on!”


Some time later, after he had thoroughly – ahem – ‘subdued’ Lucy, his mind turned towards thoughts of a shower. Hopefully with his wife, though if that happened… God, when had he become such a dirty old man?! Grumbling to himself, which only garnered a look from Lucy – complete with lofted brow – he hauled ass into the shower. Mmm, hot water was a God send right now! Scrubbed from head to toe, and foregoing the shaving at the moment, all that was needed were some clothes. Maybe. He wondered if Lucy would frown upon him running about the house naked as a jaybird. No, likely not, but if he tried that stunt in the theater—

That was it!

“Luuucy! Let’s go to the theater!” Gurgles answered his call. Wait, when had she stolen the shower? Blinking, he shrugged and toweled dry, hopping into the comfortable wear that she had dubbed ‘conservative hippie’. Like some baggy-legged jeans, a comfortable worn shirt, and some Birkies were hippie wear! Hmph. At least Lucy was all for visiting the theater. The house was too… quiet, right now.

Whilst waiting for his errant wife – oh man, if she could ever hear his thoughts he’d be smacked! – Caleb stumbled downstairs, and did once more, into the basement. He had been gathering oddball sheet music from a few places, as noted by the file cabinets off in one corner. And while he doubted David holding an actual rehearsal with the people that were usually chorus and lesser cast members, it never hurt to have a little bit of fun.

So, bounty in hand tucked neatly away in a leather folder, Caleb hopped upstairs and made a quick sandwich, eventually forced to share half of it with Lucy. Scowling good-naturedly at the young woman, they finally made their way out the door.

To the theater! Na-na-na-na-naaa!

Amazingly, the Playhouse was fairly quiet. Oh, one heard a few snippets of song, and the plunking of piano keys, but otherwise… Damn, this was depressing! Sharing a look with Lucy, Caleb held the door open for her, sauntering down the aisle hand-in-hand with his wife. Hee, wife! Right, so he still couldn’t get over that. Bah! A few people looked up when the door had opened, and even more shot a smile or a wave – sometimes both – upon recognizing the couple. Even if Lucy had a pleased glow about her, and Caleb looked scruffier with hair that was going to be brushing his collar soon, and a five o’clock shadow.

“What, no David rampaging about?” he remarked in good nature, lending Lucy a hand-up on the stage, since the side stairs were blocked with people lounging about.

“The hallway to his office is smoky, if that helps any,” one of the guys offered. No, that really didn’t help. In reality, it made him cringe and shake his head. But then he had a bright idea. Why not see if they couldn’t lure David out of his newly refurbished office?

“Hey! Greg, Mike, Brian?” The three men in question looked up, casting him a curious glance. “Here, presents!” They had all held supporting roles in the plays Caleb had either studied for Lucy’s… past, or participated in. So they were the obvious choice, he reasoned, handing out sheet music to the three of them. “Let’s warm up real quick.”

Caleb stole the piano, staring on a low G, and pushing the envelope to middle A, where Mike’s range began to fizzle without practice. Well, this song would definitely fix that. Scooting over on the piano bench so Lucy could seat herself, he shot the woman a grin when she began reading the lyrics to accompany the song. So he had a mischievous streak; really, he couldn’t help it! Compulsory habit, honest.

“Ready? Three bars in.” Playing the opening harmonics for the men, and the three bars, he vowed to remain silent.

I’m the only gay Eskimo
I’m the only one I know
I’m the only gay Eskimo
In my tribe

Right from the opening chords, a few heads swiveled about, instinctively recognizing the song. Of course, they were known for their… not quite lax morals, but get them drunk, and they were hilariously perverted at any party. Always a nice compliment to your usual guest list.

I go out seal hunting
With my best friend Tarka
But all I wanna do
Is get into his parka

I’m the only gay Eskimo
In my tribe!

Now the lyrics really grabbed the attention of the rest of the cast, bringing about a delighted smirk to Caleb’s features. Lucy was still shaking her head at him, but at leas the woman wore a smile. Even if it was tiny. And her finger kept prodding him in the side, as if punishing him for the whole debacle. Bah! It wasn’t his fault these guys did what he asked! … Right?

These cold winter nights
Are taking their toll
I even get excited when I see the north pole
See the north pole...

He’d never really noticed it until now, but these guys could harmonize amazingly well. No wonder David tried to keep them happy with small parts when they weren’t very fit for leading roles.

I’m the only gay Eskimo
Only gay Eskimo
I’m the only one I know
The only one I know-oh-oh-oh

I’m the only gay Eskimo
In my tribe.

Snickers and applause met the men’s ears, while Caleb’s grin got the tiniest bit wider when he saw Mike’s ears burning red. Hah! Gathering up the sheet music, he flipped through the folder for a song that would be familiar to all of them. Well, everyone but himself. Really, he was trying to gain knowledge and understanding in the things that Lucy loved – like theater – but it was going to take time. And, frankly, he’d never have the love of quilts that she did.

So when a thick tome was brought out, he slid over to give Lucy a half hug, and cracked open the book. Caleb would never grow old of the way her eyes sparkled when they settled upon a song she loved. Or, hell, when she was singing! He’d only been able to duplicate that look a few times outside of the theater; one being their wedding, and the others… Well, he didn’t need to get into that. He already knew.

So when the opening chords of Heaven on their Minds rang across the stage, cast members were suddenly scrambling for a spot. A few murmuring, wondering who would sing what, when Jenn got a bright idea. Remember her? He barely did, considering how much different she looked. No longer waif thin, and hair cut into a bobbed style, Caleb shook his head when she pulled some label paper out of her bag. Why the hell had she been carrying that around? But there it began.

People were slapped with an impromptu nametag. Lucy’s read ‘Mary Magdalene’, while various cast members were labeled as ‘Caiaphas’, ‘Pilate’, ‘King Herod’ on one strapping guy, and then Caleb… He blinked when she slapped one of the tags to his forehead, peeling it away with a grimace. Judas? Judas?! Oh Jesus Christ… Ouch, bad pun. Exchanging nametags with Lucy, he grinned, and played out the opening chords. Jenn was frowning, peering about, as if expecting someone else. Eventually, Mike was named as ‘Jesus’. Who had she been expecting to suddenly appear?

My mind is clearer now
At last
All too well
I can see
Where we all
Soon will be
If you strip away…

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