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Nigel Holmes
A Brief Interlude
Tue Feb 7, 2006 15:50

She… wasn’t going to kill him?

Nigel had a difficult time believing this, honestly. In fact, he had been absolutely certain that Jane would’ve ripped his head off on sight. But no, instead they shared an uncomfortable silence, in which he became extremely busy with the drinks menu. Wouldn’t be such a bad thing to get smashed right now. After all, he had kissed his career goodbye tonight, hadn’t he? Monday he could go in, and clean out his office. Maybe Declan would lend a hand.

“Get your things together. Meet me outside in fifteen minutes.” Huh? Blinking, the professor’s eyes followed the bobbing blonde head as she sauntered out of the club, to God only knows where. Fifteen minutes? What the hell was he supposed to do in fifteen minutes?

Oooh, scotch!

Ten minutes later, and two belts of scotch settling into the pit of his stomach, Nigel felt the tiniest bit better. It didn’t take much to retrieve his belongings from the coat check girl, giving her one of those smiles. It always made life easier. So when she giggled and wiggled – which didn’t make him feel any better – he managed to get his things without being dragged into that little dark room. Funny, he wasn’t supposed to feel relieved about that, was he?

Coat slung about his shoulders, suit jacket in the crook of his arm, and satchel dangling from his fingers, Nigel meandered off in the direction that Janey had gone. And, true to her word, the girl was waiting for him, complete with taxi cab. What the hell was going on here? It felt like a miniature cloak and dagger ruse, which would have normally been extremely amusing. But he was working on his last nerves, and could only feel annoyed.

“Take us to LaGuardia, please.”

“LaGuardia?! I can go there Jay—” Mmmpfh! Nigel’s protests were easily snuffed out by a pair of lips that were oh so attentive. Oh God, did she have to do that?! Feeling himself melt into a puddle beneath Jane’s intent ministrations, he barely even noticed when they had arrived. But… They weren’t flying?

All right. This really did feel like a cloak and dagger ruse now! Why rent a car from a damned airport? There were hundreds in the area they could have reached without having to hit up the airport. Frowning, because it made absolutely no sense, Nigel found himself soon after in the passenger seat of a sporty two door, black. Mmm, nice, but nothing he could afford. Hence why his ‘reliable’ Taurus was in the shop. Again!

“It's Saturday. You have one day before you go back to work. I've just claimed it.” Uh… huh. Quirking a brow at the woman, he idly wondered where she got the audacity. Scratch that. Where the hell did she get the balls to pull off stunts like this? Courage and confidence was one thing, but this… Shit, if he tried this with any of his past… erm, flings? Smacked. Very hard. It was almost guaranteed.

Nigel knew the road well enough to see that they were heading along the Jersey turnpike, and further into the state. Was this south, or west? Hell, maybe it was north. He couldn’t tell in all the darkness. Trying not to grab the dashboard and hold on for dear life, the professor forced a few deep breaths into his lungs. Gah, that scotch had done nothing for his nerves! Well, if he was booted out of the university – and he most assuredly was – he could always find a nice, private school to settle down in. Ugh, his stomach churned at the mere thought. “Take a nap. I'll wake you when we get there.”

But would she?

The classical music was soothing, after a fashion, especially now that Jane wasn’t even driving like a mad woman. Or had all that been a dream? Nigel was waking several hours later, shoulder being shaken by the nefarious blonde that had gone and kidnapped him. They had to be across state lines by now, so chalk one up for the federal offense! Smothering a yawn behind his hand during the whole flirting debacle in the lobby, the professor decided to just nod and go with the flow. Always worked in the past, should work now. Right?

Honestly, he couldn’t remember much of the previous night. Waking up to a ceiling that had bad stucco could do that to a person. So he stared at the terribly wrought shapes, attempting to straighten out his thoughts. Wait, why was he even awake? He was still tired!

And I repeat. We have breaking news from the state of California. There has been an earthquake in the Bay area. Preliminary estimates place it above 6.6 on the Richter scale…

Freaking alarm clock! Mumbling, Nigel managed to half slap a hand at the infernal instrument of technology, succeeding in silencing the modern day beast. Only then did he become all too aware of several things. One, he needed to piss. Two, daylight was streaming through the windows. Three, there was a wiggling woman pressed against him, consequently nudging his bladder. Since options one and three were obviously more important, he jumped out of bed without concern for his bed partner, and leapt into the bathroom.

Stream of water, flush, tap turned on, tap turned off, and Nigel had enough common sense to manage in reaching the bed before he fell back onto it. And now that certain portions of his system weren’t screaming, he took the opportunity to snuggle into the backside of the poor woman that had fallen for whatever line he delivered last nig—Wait. “Oh God… It wasn’t a bad dream!” Groaning to himself, Nigel buried his face in Jay’s cleavage, and for all the wrong reasons.

“You’re going to suffocate down there.” Was that… amusement? Hmph.

“Nope. Just need to take a deep breath every now and again.” He demonstrated the technique, before diving beneath the covers once more. Instead this time, he made his way south.

“Do we have to go back?” Nigel whined, some time later. You all know what that little phrase means. Mmhmm. But soon, his protests were muffled by the pillow flung in his face. Bah! Seeking retaliation, he grabbed Jane by the hips, effectively dragging the woman back into bed. “See? That wasn’t so hard.” Humming happily, he idly nibbled and kissed a path along her throat, interjecting a word now and again to slowly form a cohesive statement. “Besides. I probably don’t have a job now. I like this better.” Indeed! And he was just about to show her how much better he enjoyed it…

“Why wouldn’t you have a job now?” Look! A woman that didn’t screech, wail, bluster about, or demand. Nigel was definitely in love. Snickering inwardly at the preposterous thought, he drew out the silence with a few more languid kisses.

“Mmm… Bad dinner with the alumni last night.” Yep! That it was. “I told them all off, and left.” As if Jane understood, she respected his privacy and didn’t even attempt to pry into his professional life. Which was absolutely fantastic, in his opinion. This led to a bout of happy humming, and a few other things…

“Next time, if it’s more than an hour away, we’re flying.” Nigel groaned, cracking the car door open and toppling out accordingly. “I can’t feel my legs!” Flashing a grin at Jane when she rolled her eyes, he hobbled back to his feet and led the way to his front door. The drive really hadn’t been terrible. He just hated traveling by car. Always so damned cramped, it felt suffocating! At least there hadn’t been any uncomfortable silences; the ride had been filled with idle chit-chat. Some about his major and work at the school, and Jane’s checkered college years. Each had ended up laughing at the other for one story or the next.

“It may not look like much, but its home.” Indeed! Nigel cracked open the front door, allowing Jane to enter first. It was only proper! Satchel and jacket that he had been carrying soon found their way onto an armchair, and he started flipping through the mail that he’d missed for the last two days. Quick sketch of the house: Located in a quiet neighborhood, it was definitely nothing like Caleb’s and Lucy’s pad. Modest three bedroom home, full kitchen, one and a half levels. Simply a nice, quiet place to live and study in. Which was all Nigel needed it for. “Ooh, look! New Playboy came in.” Smirking and tossing the plastic-wrapped item onto an end table, he quirked a brow.

“Take a load off while I get us something to drink.” If she didn’t sit, he’d push her happy butt down, anyhow. It wasn’t like there was anything too valuable to break in here. It all held the old world European feel, apparently something Nigel was obsessed with, considering his line of work. On his way into the kitchen, he slapped the answering machine with its blinking red light.

You have twenty-eight new messages.


Message number one: “Nigel, Dean Sanders here. You weren’t being reasonable earlier. Call me—” Beep! Message deleted. Message number two: Nigel, this is silly. Why don’t—” Beep! Message deleted. Message number three…

Unsurprisingly, this continued for a great number of messages. Though one was left by a grad student, who had a question about her thesis. Another was from Declan, wondering how the meeting with the Dean went. But the rest were messages from the Dean, who was sounding increasingly harried. Not to mention worried. Good! Let him worry!

Message number twenty-six: Nigel, I swear if I find your resignation on my desk come Monday, I will beat you with it! So what if there were some pictures of you with that girl from the club? I don’t give a shit! And you had better ignore ‘Miss’ Muntz for that comment she made about your brother-in-law’s sexuality. Just… Don’t do anything rash. We can talk this out. He didn’t delete that message, and the last two were hang-ups. A peek at the caller ID revealed it was the Dean. Damn, had the guy been drinking? He’d never heard Sanders talk like that before!

Then again, the man never had Jane stare at him like Nigel was receiving just now.

“Uhm…” Refusing to cringe, he handed her a bottle of coke, complete in the glass. Looked ancient. Shit, he was doing to die by her hand, wasn’t he?

“There were some pictures…”

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