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Caleb Holmes
Mischief in the Making
Fri Feb 10, 2006 22:13

Yes, I can understand that she amuses,
But to let her kiss you, stroke your hair, that's hardly in your line.
It's not that I object to her profession,
But she doesn't fit in well with what you teach and say.
It doesn't help us if you're inconsistent.
They only need a small excuse to put us all away.

There was a very pregnant pause, before Michael was to sing. What actually came next surprised most everyone. Even Caleb, his hands stilling above the ivory keys for a long moment before jumping back into the fray.

All right, it was really difficult to sing lyrics he was only half-familiar with, play the unfamiliar music, with Sean ‘shouting’ at him. Wow. Talk about over stimulated! Mentally harrumphing, he would have shouted with jubilant joy once the song was completed, except something put a halt to that. And to all the music.

Everyone looked up when the next song did not automatically begin, only to witness a haggard director standing off to one side. Frankly, David never looked haggard, even when he had a hangover. And… wait, what was that funny smell? Caleb crinkled his nose, fully expecting the pungent aroma of things more herbal to assail his senses. When it was the scent of stale cigarettes and old coffee… Well, he actually became slightly worried.

“There’s an emergency broadcast going out from the Bay area. They had an earthquake this morning…”

A few more long minutes spent in discussion managed to unearth the scant few facts that he did know. Right, big ass earthquake. Caleb shared a look with Lucy, and he could only shrug. They had been there, but as for actual permanent relations… Well, that had been impossible during that point of their lives. A more difficult time. Part of him was gleefully rejoicing that the place bit the dust, if only because it held memories that were not so fond. Another portion of him… Wait, why did it matter? He wouldn’t voice the opinion aloud, so as not to cause alarm, but still! They were on the east coast, and that happened on the west coast. If unless someone had friends or relations in the area, what did it matter?


That sure in the hell didn’t calm David down any. Only a bit of prodding revealed that he had the usual vagabond friends. And, apparently, he was concerned for one director missing-in-action; Ray. Caleb cringed when he heard the name, because he should have seen it coming. Okay…

“Jenn?” Most the rest of the cast had picked up the on the songs again, and Lucy had joined in song. “Do me two favors. One, pick up the libretto that we have in the file room for JC. And, if you could, call up a few… Oh, dozen or two friends.” At her flummoxed expression, he could only chuckle. “It’s a joke, dear. Just send out a few calls to the usual chorus members. It’d be nice to get everyone’s collective ass up here again.” Caleb’s eyes widened when she snapped him a smarmy salute, trotting off to do his bidding, apparently. That was… really weird.

Onto step two!

“A word, if you would, David?” In order to not have the need to shout over the music and singing voices, Caleb motioned the director back towards his office. Ta-da! Instant silence. Sort of, close enough for government work. Funny, mentioning that… “Right. You mentioned some friends you wanted to get a hold of?” Leaning back against the desk, the ex-agent listened in disbelief as David actually listed people off. Once it became too much, he had to force the director to specify.

“Most of them are associated with the Bay Theater of Performing Arts.” Right, where Ray produced and directed most everything. Sighing, Caleb scrubbed at a scruffy cheek in vain. Well, he could always be a total ass and not help David, but then he’d be like this for the rest of the week. “Why?” Was he suspicious?!

“Just give me a minute, all right?” Caleb’s cell phone was tucked away in Lucy’s purse, because he thought the damned thing was too bulky. But the razor slim phone that was pulled out of his back pocket was anything but. Usually he carried it, just incase. Was it improper use of government equipment? Certainly. But wasn’t he government equipment? After a twisted fashion, potentially.

Talking into the phone required a great deal of titles, oddly phrased words, long strings of numbers, and a bunch of hoo-hah. When Caleb found himself talking to someone he hadn’t for several years, and consequently shot a look by David about his dilly-dallying, he hurried it up. All he needed was an agent with a SAT phone in the general vicinity, if there was anything left. If not, a military officer would do nicely.

“This guy keeps calling me sir!” Caleb barely whispered with his hand over the mouthpiece, rolling his eyes. It was amazing how quickly he had fallen out of the insisted respect to a higher officer. If he heard the title ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ now, he looked for a suit. Or a geriatric. What was this guy babbling about? Whoa, ongoing tallies of the destruction.

Then one very long pause…

“You see what?” Caleb blinked, brow furrowing. “You’re telling me that there is a man standing in front of the place, demanding that his theater be fixed.” He was trying to employ his best ‘military voice’, while trying not to laugh. It wasn’t quite working, but at least the guy on the other end of the phone couldn’t see his face. “Flag him down. Instruct him that I have Nick Cameron waiting to speak with him.” He couldn’t believe this. Couldn’t! There was no way Ray was standing outside of that place if it had been through an earthquake. More than likely buried underneath the stage on that same damned mattress that kept magically moving night after night.

David was doing his best not to look anxious during the wait. Come to think of it, this was killing Caleb too. He just wanted it over with, and to smack that annoyingly hopeful look off the director’s face. But then he heard it. Crooking a finger at David, Caleb tilted the phone just enough so they could both hear someone shouting at the other end. A lot of profanities accompanied it. “Is he yelling at them?” Apparently so.

Ni—Ca—Argh! My fukking theater! Caleb automatically drew the phone away from his ear, handing it over to David, who automatically began talking. Shrugging to himself, he jotted down a quick note to find him after the call was done, take all the time he needed, blah blah blah.

Right! Running from the office as quickly as possible, he skirted off to the stage, where Jenn was alternating talking on a cell phone, and handing out the librettos. Sidling up to Lucy, he murmured to her quietly – see? Tact! – what David was so bent out of shape about, and the solution. Nice and quick, before the show got rolling again. Which entailed nametags being swapped about. Caleb sat quietly enough, occasionally giving Lucy a cuddle when available to. On with the show!

It was amusing to see who was tagged with what role this time around, even if Lucy was still Mary and he was still Judas. For instance, to hear John’s voice pipe up as Peter during one song had been a shock. Hell, people got to the point of swapping roles, and generally just goofing off. Everyone relaxed in their own way, or dealt with trying issues – like the morning news – after a fashion. The fun continued for quite a while, enough time for people to trail in and join up in the impromptu show.

You sad, pathetic man, see where you've brought us to,
Our ideals die around us and all because of you.
But the saddest cut of all:
Someone has to turn you in.

“Caleb!” Ack! David’s voice cut into the music, causing him to stop. “Rob’s on the phone.” … What? Frowning, he scooted off the bench, meandering after the director to take the call. On that little phone. What happened last time the bastard called him on that phone?

“Why’d you answer it?”

“I didn’t! He cut in.” Er… crap. Rob could’ve only done that by overriding security protocol. Which either meant that he was pissed, or it was important. Probably both.

“Holmes here.” Caleb’s face went through a myriad of transformations; the expressions ranging from out-right incredulity to anger. “No! Damn it Rob, I’ve had enough of it.” Then there was resignation. “Fine. But I’m doing this my way, Fowler.” Apparently satisfied enough to turn off the phone, he stormed out of the room without a backward glance. Damn it!

He felt like a freaking tennis ball today. Back and forth. Grumbling beneath his breath, and at least partially happy to see someone else had picked up accompaniment, he was forced to wait a few moments until Caiaphas and Annas began singing. Then the infamous trio huddled, and he dragged John with. Why Sean was in on this… Well, hell if he knew. Better than leaving him out, though.

“Apparently Rob decided to go to Nawlins,” he couldn’t say it any other way since their honeymoon, “on some fukking search after a psychic.” Caleb held up a hand to forestall the looks that were likely inevitable. “I don’t know, I don’t care. He wants me at the office again.” Pausing, he managed a slight smirk. “This time its going to be different…”

Now to lay the plans.

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