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Vittorio Castelluccio
Thoughts of Old
Fri Feb 17, 2006 08:50

If there was one thing to be said of Vittorio Castelluccio, it was that he hated flying.

The trip had gone smoothly enough, even if he was not fond of leaving his home in Sicily. Too many things could go wrong without his presence, especially with Giulio accompanying him. But he had been assured that nothing would go wrong during that time. While it was difficult to believe, he had to bow out on that point.

For when a Medici gives you his word, you believe them.

Lord Matteo de Medici had become a… business partner of sorts over the years. Vittorio’s father had held a good relationship with the man, but it never went beyond the boundaries of civilities around a dinner table. Instead, after his father’s death, Vittorio had taken it upon himself to push the family forward into a new domain. Something that the federal governments watching would never have believed.

He had taken the Family legit.

On the front, he had anyhow. Vittorio chuckled over this small thought, seated in the receiving room of his suite at the Plaza. Over two-thirds of his business was driven over the line, into lawful territory, providing a wonderful front when the Medici had needed to make use of it. And that was where his business arrangement with the family came into play. Very rarely did he lord about like some goon. Oh, no. Vittorio was made of classier stuff than that. But in his region of Italy, he was overseer of most things.

It had become murky and difficult to separate truth from fiction at this point, which had been done purposefully to distract anyone attempting to peer too closely into their lives. But the fact of the matter was that Matteo de Medici was the only man who answered to no one in Italy’s… quieter side of business. Vittorio, for all his hard earnings and scrambling, had managed to work his way into the man’s good graces several years prior. And he resolved to stay there for his lifetime, no matter how short it may become.

It had also afforded the Castelluccio family a great honor. If Matteo ever needed anything that was not in his disposal – which was rare – or had need of certain business matters to be taken care of that he did not want his hands sullied with… Well, Vittorio was the man he could trust. He took great knowledge and comfort in this fact, for otherwise, he would be far down the food chain.

Now, that was exactly the reason he had traveled to the United States. It was not his first visit, but the trips were few and far between. But Matteo de Medici had fallen ill, which had most everyone holding their breath. He had been volunteered to visit the States, specifically New York, and carry out the instructions that Matteo had trusted for his ear alone. Not only was this a great honor, but it allowed him to further cement his trust with the Medici man. If he could carry out this errand with no difficulties, he could only rise higher.

L’indoss? Here are the things you requested.”

Ah-ha! Vittorio took the offered folders with a nod, flipping through them slowly to gain and overall perspective. Eventually though, he settled down with one folder, and began to work his way through all the information offered. Which, in some cases, was a great deal.

Luciana Avellino, the Medici scion, had wed a man named Caleb Holmes. The last name held a familiar sound, though Vittorio could not place it. Perhaps due to too many novels read at a young age. Luciana had been a student, up until the government’s intervention in the form of Caleb Holmes, posing at Gino Maurizio. They had entered the Witness Protection Program together, where the family Pucceno had followed Luciana to nearly every safe location she had. Yet the government had intervened at regular intervals.

Vittorio rubbed his forehead slightly, moving on to the next file. It was the career of Caleb Holmes, various partners – both work related and not – along with any training he had had. Well, he surmised, if Matteo wanted Luciana protected, this man could do the job admirably. But then something leapt off the page at him, causing a strangled noise to emit from the man’s suddenly tight throat.

“Giulio!” He could not sound frantic. “Retrieve the military and government records for Geno Castelluccio.” He was supposedly dead, with the rest of his family.

Vittorio remembered that summer well. Though he was a few years older than Geno, the two had found an amiable enough companionship during the boy’s visits to Italy. But suddenly one summer, the family was not to return. His father had been more than unhappy for most of the season, and after careful questions at his young age, Vittorio had pieced together what had taken place.

Salvatore Castelluccio had taken it upon himself to build a Family in the New York area after leaving Italy with his wife and young son. Every summer like clockwork, they would return to the old country and make their platitudes. But then he had become greedy, and too powerful. Things had to be taken care of, lest the man actually believe he was a power to be reckoned with. So they had been… taken care of.

Rumor had been that the family of three were all dead, even the child so as not to carry on in his father’s name one day. But, apparently, that did not happen. Vittorio felt no anger at this realization, for Matteo must have known all along. And whatever the Medici lord wanted, he received in bountiful amounts.

Giulio brought the new set of records, and Vittorio hastily began flipping through it. Geno Castelluccio, now known as John Slepchoski – that was a terrible name – had enlisted in the military the day after his eighteenth birthday. By that time, he had reached the startling height of six feet and five inches, and a surprisingly heavy weight of over three hundred pounds, he was a prime candidate for recruitment by other agencies. The CIA had snatched him up first, for dirty work.

Vittorio quirked a brow as he went through Geno’s history, beginning with the sketchy childhood, and on through foster care, then into the military and government work. It was most definitely the man he believed him to be, no matter the physical changes. At one point, Geno had been put on medical leave due to various fractures in his legs that had requires invasive surgery. Apparently he had needed to jump from a roof that was several stories high, into a full dumpster that barely cushioned his weight.

Slowly, the Italian began to see a burgeoning history come about that the two shared. They did the dirty work for their respective bosses, clearing things up in the aftermath. Though, apparently, he had disappeared from the records for several years after the injuries, and then suddenly returned to work just as abruptly. What had occurred there?

Drumming his fingers against the file, Vittorio thought to himself. He’d never been much of a family oriented man after seeing the ruthlessness that had to be used. Even against kin. So the thought of his cousin being so close… It came as a shock. Apparently he was ensconced with the Holmes family, with his live-in lover, Sean Cafferty.

Geno was gay?

Vittorio thought that perhaps it was a mistake in the spelling of a female name. But accompanying pictures proved otherwise. Sean Cafferty, half-brother to Luciana Avellino through an illegitimate relationship, was irrefutably Geno Castelluccio’s lover. And the tightly knit group was involved in a local theater house, performing as principles more often than not. This was proving to be an… informative trip down memory lane.

L’indoss? Your meeting is in one hour.”

He was to visit a small restaurant just beyond the New Jersey turnpike, for a meeting with the five family heads. And while he was conveying Matteo’s wishes as something like second-in-command, he also had business to take care of beyond mere conversations. The newest family brought into the fold, Di Cicco, was having some difficulties relating to their business partners. Nor were they earning what they should to stay firmly in their place. And while it was work, Vittorio did take a certain joy in breaking these men, the same ones that vaguely remembered their ancestors.

Well. Perhaps he would have something more to look forward to during his stay.

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