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Baby Steps
Sat Mar 11, 2006 17:11

[December 24th. Christmas Eve.]

I love you. You love me. We're a happy fam-a-lee ...

Jay stared long and hard at the television bolted to the far corner of the waiting room, mentally willing it to fall down and massacre the dancing, purple dinosaur. What kind of parents let their children watch this sort of tripe? Fingers splayed protectively across a still-flat abdomen at the thought, wincing at the protective surge that wasn't exactly welcome. Secretive agents didn't get downed in their early twenties by a biological clock that shouldn't even have been ticking.

No, not ticking. Sabatoged. Flatlined. Her boss already knew about this unfortunate turn of events; she'd had to tell him within seventy two hours of finding out herself, and hadn't that been an amusing meeting. There was no room for her inside the New York offices of her agency, not unless she was active and able to continue risking her life for her country.

There was an opening in Los Angeles, a desk job with the occasional field assigment. Both Jay and her supervisor knew it was the best she could hope for, without being bumped down to an analyst position and pay grade. Nigel still hasn't called her, either. Assumedly it was her fault for storming out, but the blonde couldn't scrape up enough energy to care. Just that morning she'd had her first bout of morning sickness.

And since tomorrow was Christmas, this was Jay's only chance at getting a full pregnancy physical before the holidays shut most physician offices down. She eyed the room again, occupants ranging from flat tummies to a couple that looked, and probably felt, ready to explode. Involuntary shivers ran down her spine.

"Jane L. Blue? Please come with me. The doctor is ready to see you..."

Inhale. Exhale. The agent rose gracefully, fingers nervously intertwined with those of a woman in her later fourties or early fifties. Also blonde and blue-eyed, she carried herself with the air of a person who scares world leaders on a regular basis. Jay could only hope to do half the stunts her mother had accomplished. At any rate, she was glad to have the elder Jane Blue at her side.

The sentiment was doubled an hour later, after being poked and prodded and having to pee in a little cup. There was even a tentative due date, some time in June the following year. It seemed to solidify her predicament; there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but it would take at least eighteen years to find.

A folder full of information for new mothers was handed over at the end of the two hour ordeal, though almost fourty minutes had been spent in the waiting room, and an appointment for late January made. They weren't kicking her out of town until mid February, sometime around Valentine's Day, so the future mother kept silent.

"Are you going to tell Nigel the due date?" Mrs Blue speared her daughter with a very stern look, the sort that suggested whatever she'd said was absolutely the best way to go, or else deal with an impossibly trained super spy in a cranky mood. But Jay was made of the same cloth, or a similar cut, and found herself shaking her head. "Nope. I did my part and told him. If he wants to be an ass about it, that's his problem. Not mine." It made the blonde feel vaguely guilty, but she brushed off the unwanted guilt trip from her conscious and added, "Maybe I'll call Caleb after I move, or after the kid is born. He has a cooler head about these things."

Jane, Sr just shrugged and collected the appointment card before ushering her daughter out of the ob/gyn's office. Neither noticed the slim brunette hovering near the bathroom in a state of shock.

Lucy had been sick for three days, absolutely miserable for sixteen or seventeen hours out of twenty four, and asleep the rest. Her appetite had faded somewhat, though she suspected that to be attributed to the horrific confrontation she'd had with Hugh's ... son, Michael the day before she'd become sick. She and Caleb had managed to keep their presence muted over the previous weekend, trying to figure out how to handle the walking asshole.

The same guy who'd hit on her in San Francisco during a period of her life that still brought a knot to her stomach when she thought about it. The same guy who was giving Devon fits down at the hospital over who got to watch over Sonnet. Michael, it turned out, was the cop's brother, or as close to a brother as she'd ever have. Lucy had to admit that, despite his deplorable lack of manners, the man was fiercely loyal to his family. If not haunting the theatre, he could be found at Sonnet's side, practically growling if anyone got too near.

It was almost exactly how Devon acted, when the other cop in the family wasn't stumbling around in some sort of daze, from lack of sleep or drugs, Lucy couldn't tell. At any rate, the entire mess was enough to keep her from hanging around the Playhouse like she normally did, only appearing for the two scheduled rehearsals. It was easier to stay at home and tease her youngest brother-in-law about his ongoing crush with Lara Sorenson. The poor guy hadn't officially asked her out yet, and Lucy was determined that one person in this crazy family have a normal relationship.

It had only been twenty minutes since she'd heard the three words that had turned her life upside down for a second time, unable to believe it was really possible. Hell, the brunette had demanded a second test. That too had come out positive. So, naturally, she'd thrown up in the bathroom. Her hands were still shaking when she stepped out, moistening a dry throat with water from the drinking fountain.

She was still there, leaning against it for support. There were some things that observers were not meant to hear, and she'd just overheard one. There was no mistaking the blonde, though the older woman looked enough like Jay Blue to be her mother. Nigel. Not a popular name in the States.

Thoughts in an uproar (such as the fear of losing this child as well), Lucy collected her little card and made her way outside as quickly as possible. But Jay was nowhere to be found. Damnit! Racing her Bug through the streets of New York wasn't a smart idea, and naturally, she got pulled over. However, the cop recognized her as Devon's sister in law, something she had very mixed feelings on, and let her go with a warning.


What to do? How to tell Caleb?

Naturally, the subject reared itself over dinner. One of the tv gossip shows had reported a big-name star was pregnant by her third husband. So what did Lucy do? "Speaking of pregnancies, I was over at the ob/gyn today and guess who I saw." She didn't even wait for Caleb to wake his mental hamsters up, but kept going. "Jay was there and she was talking to her mother. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, you understand. It just happened. Anyway, she's pregnant and I'm pretty sure it's Nigel's."

Deep breathe.

"Oh. And ... we're pregnant too?"

Small, hopefull look. Perhaps her husband would not go completely ballistic and strangle her in a fit of insanity.

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