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Homles at Large
Nine Months
Mon Mar 13, 2006 13:37

What the hell did he do in a past life to piss off a deity this badly?

The day had started off so innocently, too. Caleb had woke at a reasonable time, enough to give Lucy a kiss goodbye between sips of coffee while seated at the breakfast bar in the kitchen. He couldn't manage much more at that time, and was rather content to listen to the morning news and attempt to join the land of the living in a fashionable manner. Of course, that never worked.

Instead, the fellow decided to run through the normal morning routine. By this day and age, everyone knew his routine, even the stray cat from down the street that Lucy fed sometimes. One shower, shave, and change of clothing later, he was feeling far more awake. But there was a slight hitch in his usual plans.

Lucy wasn't around, so he couldn't harass her like usual, and with Michael's arrival from the west coast... That left the theater out for the most part. Well, during the morning and early afternoon, he could likely slip in, but it wasn't worth the hassel. Not just yet. It was bad enough having to see Devon like that. Even after everything that happened, and though he still held a grudge against his brother for the shit he had pulled, Caleb couldn't help but feel massive amounts of pity for his kin. Lucifer had to understand what Devon was going through.

Frowning as he pounded down the stairs, Caleb took his usual stock of the lower floor. Well, it didn't seem that John and Sean were going at it anywhere nearby, much to his relief. Those two were freaking rabbits! And while he was happy for the two in their relationship, he really had no desire to watch that.

Right, the living room! Half of the time, people were too tired or too drunk to bother putting away the DVDs and tapes, which left him to pick up in the morning. At first, Caleb had been irked by it, but now he just went with the flow. After all, they were just movie cases and what not. It wasn't as if someone had trashed the place. Besides, the usual movies were out, and he tossed them back into their places. A few tapes went into the cabinets as well, from past performances, all clearly labeled. But when he came across an unmarked tape...

"Weird." Popping it into the VCR, Caleb pressed play while finishing his clean up. He never expected to see what was on the screen. The club had been Axis, with poor lazer lights swirling about, and colored spotlights in various locales. Otherwise, it had been dark, dingy, and smoke-filled. The clientle was strictly male, all of them seedy and disgusting, pawing occasionally at the performers. Caleb felt his stomach do a sickly flip-flop when the terrible techno music cued up, because he knew what was about to happen.


He had found John in bed with Sean, actually sleeping since it was still fairly early in the morning for the household. Pouncing them on the bed likely hadn't been the best idea, he realized in retrospect. But hindsight is twenty-twenty. There was much shouting, and consequent laughing later, when they had pinned him to the bed before he calmed down. Which hadn't helped the situation at all. Caleb was beyond mortified that anyone had witnessed that tape! Hell, if he was a lesser man, he had a sinking suspicion that the water works would have begun flowing. Which only brought an even brighter hue of red to his face.


In the end, the tape had been 'mysteriously' broken, meeting its fate in the middle of the street. The rest of his day had been spent perusing a few shops in search of things for the theater, because he couldn't go home and face that again. Caleb was making an effort to become more immersed and knowledgeable of Lucy's world, consequently causing him to buy a few interesting looking libretti. David typically had the say in what they did perform, but a suggestion here and there went fairly far. Aside from that, he picked up a few directors notes to accompany them, when it was available, in an attempt to gain a different perspective.

This led to dinner time. Why? Because it was at the end of the day, damnation! Caleb had taken it upon himself to make rigatone, easy and quick for the two of them, with plenty of leftovers for the fridge-raiders that always visited the house. Like Nigel, Bennett, John... The list could go on. It was just easier to drop a couple hundred a week in groceries and avoid people griping that there was no food. Caleb was reading from a libretto in between bites of dinner, occasionally responding to something that Lucy had said. So he wasn't being all that attentive. It was the damned play in his hands that had most of his attention! Nod, nod, grunt, chew. It was a good set up, one he was happy with. Even with the gossip about some third-rate actor was pregnant.

"Speaking of pregnancies, I was over at the ob/gyn today and guess who I saw."

"Hmm?" Taking another bite of food, Caleb glanced up from the book for a moment, quirking a brow at Lucy.

"Jay was there and she was talking to her mother. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop, you understand. It just happened." What just happened? Blinking in confusion, and resisting the urge to continue reading - even if he glanced at the script a few times - Caleb did his best to remain attentive. "Anyway, she's pregnant and I'm pretty sure it's Nigel's." What?! "Oh. And... we're pregnant too?"

Oh... shit.

The fork that had been held in Caleb's hand clattered to the table, screeching noisly across his dinner plate. The libretto fell from numb fingers, and he stared gape-mouthed at Lucy, doing his best impersonation of a fish. They... were...

"What?!" Ouch. Cringing, Caleb realized he hadn't meant to shout or scream, and he was quickly rising from his chair. Said piece of furniture went skittering backwards, to fall with a thud against the rug. Then he was on Lucy! "Holy shit!" What, that's all you can say? As if his wife were nothing more than a ragdoll, the ex-agent hefted Lucy out of her seat, pulling the young woman into a bone-crushing hug. Or perhaps something a tad gentler.

Now, if he stopped jumping up and down, screaming, "Oh my God! Oh my God!", it'd be a fairly nice evening.

"What the hell is wrong with me?"

Nigel stared down at the stack of papers on his desk, a few splotched with red ink from his pen, and furiously scribbed writing that was nearly illegible. Winter break had been declared a few days prior, and he had taken the time to catch up on the theses that he was too far behind in. All because of what had happened on campus with those damned pictures, and then...

God. He hadn't found the courage to even call Jay ever since their 'discussion', which involved the girl storming out. She was pregnant, and it was his! Part of his inner-male wanted to ask if she was sure it was his, though he valued having portions of his anatomy remaining attached throughout his livelihood, thank you very much! But something had to be done about this. Shit, was he even ready to have a child? Judging by his lifestyle and home environment... not especially.

What could he do? Tossing money at the situation was degrading and silly. Jay's... employers were likely taking good care of her. Jesus Christ, what was this going to do to her career? Why was he even caring?! This was because of careless sex, though she had drunkenly said that she was protected. Giving up on the papers, because his concentration was shot to shit, Nigel instead decided to thump his head against the desk a few dozen times, in hopes that it would make the entire situation better. Of course, it didn't, and he received a splitting headache for his troubles.

"Stupid..." bang. "Stupid..." bang. "Stupid!" Thud.

But that was when it hit him! And not the desk either, mind you. In a flash of epiphany, lightning struck Nigel's brain, and he reached for the phone. Then stopped. No, the phone wasn't going to be a good way to get in touch with Jay. So he searched the telephone registry, and then dialed four-one-one. But there was no listing for a Jane Blue in the area. Which figured, honestly. In her line of work, was she actually going to have a public address? God! He couldn't believe she hadn't told him. Jay had to know his brother and... Ugh. Right, that wasn't the answer either, for all he wished. Why was everything so damned complicated?

Abandoning NYU, Nigel rushed to the academic lot and took off with squealing tires in his rental car. From what he had seen from the few interactions, there was one person that would have the answers to all his problems. On the way, he narrowly avoided a number of accidents, all of his doing, and gunned the engine. He had to be home!

Knock, knock, knock. More like pound, pound, pound! Again, and again.

"... Nigel? What's wrong?"

"Oh thank God, you're here, John." Deep breath, before he sized up the slightly worried expression on the hulk's face. "Listen. I need to talk to Jay. I'm afraid she'll hang up on me. She's got to be staying with her parents, though." Shit, this wasn't coming out the way he had hoped, judging by the man's narrowed eyes.


"We... we had a fight." That was totally the truth. "She left before I could say anything else," which could have gone two ways, if he opened his mouth before thinking. "I just... Please, John? I'll get on my knees and beg, if that's what you want.


An hour later, and Nigel was staring at a well appointed townhouse in a nice section of the city. He hadn't the courage to get out of the damned rental car yet, which was something he'd normally never drive. Come on, a hybrid? Frowning, his gaze shifted towards the dash, wondering if wandering up to the front door and knocking was really such a good idea. It sounded like a great way to get his ass kicked into next week. But... "God help me..."

Climbing out of the small sedan, Nigel cautiously wandered up the walk, to the front door. Several well-appointed knocks later, and... No one answered. Biting his lower lip, the professor tried once more, before becoming convinced that either the door was not going to be answered, or there was no one home. Considering the predictament, he was betting on the latter. Why, you ask? Oh come now, what parent would pass up the opportunity to beat the ever loving hell out of the man that had knocked up their little girl? So, instead of doing something completely oafish, which he would regret later, Nigel sat down on the stoop to wait.

He had no idea what he was going to say to Jay, but he had to know she was at least okay. He didn't want this ending in shambles; she was a nice girl! Head held between his hands, Nigel refused to cry like a baby over this. There was a solution, there had to be a solution.

They just had to find it.

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