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Jay Blue
Jail Bird
Tue Apr 18, 2006 10:26

It's a pity I didn't get to hit him myself, Jay thought. Blue eyes were fastened unerringly on the man in the rumple suit -- and a shiner! -- standing on her parents' doorstoop. Whoever had performed this small service would get a large fruit basket when she found out. Nevertheless, if Nigel remained outside people would start asking questions.

It was this sad excuse that got him through the front door - though, in retrospect, he might have been safer outside. Or in another state. The living room was nicely appointed; furniture expensive but tasteful down to the oriental rug that had to be at least sixty years old. There was a man seated on the couch, his face currently hidden behind the morning paper. Jay took a spot next to her father before gesturing for the intruder to choose one of the recliners facing the sofa.

And then there was Jay's mother entering from the kitchen, expertly balancing a tray of coffee mugs. The older blonde woman took the time to welcome him to the house warmly, completely ignoring the irritated look on her daughter's face.

"I'm sure you have a reasonable explination for all of this. Jeff, honey, why don't we adjurn to the kitchen so Jay can speak privately with ..." Her eyes turned towards Nigel, " with her visitor."


"Jeff ..."


Finally putting down his paper, Jay's father bestowed a less-than-warm smile on the man who'd gotten his princess pregnant and rose easily from the couch to follow his formidable wife into the adjoining room. Which left the blonde all alone with her former lover, a situation she was clearly not happy with.

"Alright. Why did you come?"

There was a cough from the kitchen. Jay winced, refraining from shooting a glare behind her.

"I mean, it was very kind of you to come over so we can discuss this."

"No, its okay if you don't want to see me. I don't understand... I think, but its okay. I just want to help." He was perched on the edge of the stuffed chair, looking for all the world like he did want to help - or bolt out of her parents house and never come back.

"You don't understand?" Jay's brows lofted most disbelieving-ly. "Alright. We slept together, my birth control screwed up, I'm pregnant. I went to tell you out of courtesy and all you could repeat was ... well, basically nothing concrete. And now you want to make it all better?"

There was a second cough from the kitchen. This one sounded male.

"Yes... No! Fukk, I don't know what I mean any more. I tried to fukking talk to you, and you RAN from my office, Jay! And now you've been avoiding me. Between that, and people punching me in the face this week, I can't take much more!" He had the temerity to look like he was the victim. Jay glared.

"You. Asked. Me. If. I. Was. Sure." Each found found itself ejected much like a casette from a tempermental player, which wasn't that far off the mark. "I really don't think you have a damn leg to stand on." Snarl. Snarl. Hiss. She looked ready to toss Nigel out, which was when providence rescued him.

In the form of her parents.

"But he's willing to make amends, pumpkin. Aren't you, Mister Holmes." Jefferson lounged in the archway between rooms, Jane Senior at his side. Both of them were wearing the sort of smile that boded well for absolutely no one. Jay opened her mouth to protest - a futile endeavor.

"So it's settled. Jane Louise will stay here, where she belongs. Mister Holmes will assist you, pumpkin. We have six or seven months to figure everything out, including custody and child support issues." Jeff fell silent when his wife placed a hand on his shoulder. Obviously, it was her turn.

"Naturally, if you are one-hundred-percent sure that it cannot be yours, I'll arrange for a DNA test. Is that satisfactory, Nigel?" Perhaps her warm use of his given name wasn't quite as warm as it should have been.

Behind them the phone began to ring. Jeff exused himself and went off to answer it. "Hello, Blues residence? Oh, hi Geno. What can I do for you ...."

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