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Geno Castelluccio
Moving Quarters
Tue Apr 18, 2006 21:15


“Quel bastardo maledetto! Sean! Jane è incinto con il bambino del Nigel!” That bastard got her pregnant! John was absolutely fuming now, all thoughts of time alone with his lover flying right out the window. Well, that was right until Sean shot him a concerned glance, peering over the back of the sofa, revealing exactly how undressed he was.

Well… Maybe things could wait for a little while.

It definitely lacked the usual finesse that they could claim during their love-making, though it was hardly less satisfying. It didn’t help that while he was cleaning up, his cell phone began ringing in the living room, still tucked into the back pocket of his jeans. He watched in amusement as Sean sprinted from the bathroom stark naked, pausing to admire… Well, never mind what he was admiring. It was a shame Caleb couldn’t show up right now and see that. Just to hear him scream would be worth it.

A few minutes later and his lover hadn’t returned, which completely defeated the purpose of taking a shower together. Mumbling and grumbling under his breath, John rinsed clean and shut off the spray, padding out in search of a towel in one of the cupboards. Scrubbing his hair dry on exiting the bathroom, he could hear Sean in the other room, talking in a low murmur, but unable to make out just what he said.

“Babe?” Frowning as the phone was flipped shut, he quirked a brow. “Who was it?”

“Oh, it was the realtor.” Sean’s face said it all. From the furrowed brow to the set jaw; they must not have gotten the house. Damn it! Drawing a deep breath to calm himself, he didn’t even see the actor break out into a grin before it was too late, and they were eating the linoleum in the foyer. “We—mufflethud!”

“Oh fukk…” Wheezing, John brought his head up to peer at Sean, whose face was buried into his chest. “We what?!” What the hell was going on?

“We got it!” His blank expression must not have helped much. “We got the house!” They what?!

“No fukking way!” Absolutely ecstatic – hell, beyond that! – John hugged Sean warmly to his chest. It was an exciting thought, knowing that they would be there. Together! Shit, most straight couples never got that far. Oh hell! “Get up!” Squirming underneath his lover – which was getting both of them absolutely nowhere – he nudged the man’s shoulder. “C’mon, get up! I need to call Jeff.” Sean was giving him another curious yet concerned look, but he was getting up. “Nigel’s gotta be over there by now, knowing him…” Mumble, mumble.

Where the hell was—Oh, there it was. Snatching up the phone, he punched in a series of numbers he always remembered, no matter how often they changed. Hell, who was he kidding? He could never stay away from the Blues for long. They were vampires, sucked you right back in.

Riiiiing. Riiiiing. Rii—

Hello, Blues residence?

“Jeff!” Like that sounded reassuring.

Oh, hi Geno. What can I do for you… The great Jefferson Blue seemed… off.

“Let me guess, Nigel’s there.” Flat and monotone. He received the barest of grunts for his query, which was more than enough. Hell, he could hear the condemned sperm donor in the background, babbling something about how Jay would never lie about this. Did Jane pull the paternity card on him?! He wanted to laugh. “Listen, Sean and I are coming over.” He even punctuated this by jumping into his jeans. Why his lover didn’t question him, he’d never know.

Any reason why? Hah. Funny. No, really? See, he’s laughing. Pffbt.

“C’mon Jeff, can’t I just drop in for a visit? You’ve kept saying how you want to meet Sean…” Maybe now wasn’t the best time for teasing. Voice muffled for a moment as he pulled on the infamous shirt, Actors do it on stage, before searching for his boots. Where the hell did they go? “We’ll discuss that when we get there. Give us ten minutes.” That was a rather optimistic timeline, wasn’t it? There was someone he hadn’t included in this, though.

“Babe?” Eep.

“Darlin’, sit down for a sec.” Worriedly biting the inside of his cheek, John finished lacing up his boots. “Remember the night at the club, when Nigel and Jay were dancing, and we thought that was hilarious?” A nod confirmed such. “Right, not so hilarious any more. She’s pregnant, Sean.” The look on the Italian’s face said it all. “And as much as I love Jeff and Jane, they’re going to drive her insane. Can she…?” He couldn’t even bring himself to ask!

“Well…” Sean mulled it over for a few long moments, likely just to give him hell over it. If he didn’t love the man so much, he could’ve beaten him senseless right now. “Yes.” The actor grabbed his boots – those infamous cowboy boots, which he really wanted to buy spurs for – and slipped them on. “But I’m not sharing a bedroom with her.”

“Oh, now that’s just gross!” For the longest time, John thought that maybe he just batted for both teams, but… No. He didn’t. Couldn’t even really think about it, to be honest. Gave him the heebie jeebies, and he was infinitely thankful he was of the male persuasion, on more than one account. “C’moooon!” Favoring the man with a kiss, they grabbed their coats, and rushed out the door.

Shoved into the Bucket ‘o Rust, as he had once dubbed it – even if it wasn’t – and they were off! John gave decent directions, enough to get them around the heaviest traffic. Once Sean pried the rest of the directions out of him, they were zipping down side streets and alleyways that didn’t even qualify as that. Who knew they still had narrow roads paved with honest to God brick? Would’ve paused for architectural marveling along the way, but he was too keyed up for anything of that nature. Well, he realized with a sidelong glance at Sean, maybe not everything

“Geno! It’s good to see you, dear.” Jane had cracked open the door upon hearing the truck outside. Hugs all around, introducing Sean to ‘mom and dad’, before ushering them off into the kitchen.

Hush-hush conference! He could tell all pretense of actual talking in the living room between Nigel and Jay had ceased. The professor was looking decidedly green about the gills, to be honest. The family probably freaked him out. And seeing that shiner ringing the man’s eye, when coupled with his bandaged nose, didn’t even make him feel one iota of guilt. Huh, weird. The discussion didn’t take long, either, even when he was not-so-discreetly holding Sean’s hand in his, on top of the table.

It was settled.

“Jay-bird? Pack your stuff. I talked to your parents; you're coming to live with us.” Us? Oh, just the two harmless gay guys. No big deal.


  • Jail BirdJay Blue, Tue Apr 18 10:26
    It's a pity I didn't get to hit him myself , Jay thought. Blue eyes were fastened unerringly on the man in the rumple suit -- and a shiner! -- standing on her parents' doorstoop. Whoever had... more
    • Moving Quarters — Geno Castelluccio, Tue Apr 18 21:15
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