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Caleb Holmes
Whispered Memories
Tue Apr 18, 2006 22:29

It was the gritty sound of crying through the intercom that woke Caleb. Groaning, he sat up in bed, rubbing his eyes. “My turn…” A muffled sound of agreement came from the lump of blankets, and he snorted accordingly.

Snatching up his robe, he shuffled out of the bedroom and down the hall, now clearly able to hear the crying coming from the open bedroom door. Scrubbing a hand through his hair, and managing a jaw cracking yawn, he stumbled over the hamper near the door and cursed, which only brought about more ungodly wailing. Sigh.

Peering down into the crib, Caleb gently smoothed down the infant’s hair, tsking just a bit. Normally James wasn’t so finicky, but he had gotten a case of the sniffles, and everything went downhill from there. More often than not, it was a grab for attention if he woke in the middle of the night. Silently thanking God that neither he nor Lucy had the need for actual gainful employment, because he’d be dead on his feet by now, he gently scooped the babe from his bed.

“You, little man, are more trouble than I thought you’d be.” The child suddenly babbled happily, causing Caleb to roll his eyes. “Maybe we can get a refund on you, hmm?” Chuckling, he propped James up and hummed softly, doing the rocking motion he had sworn months ago wouldn’t work on a child. It was supposedly a gimmick wrought by physicians.

That first sleepless night, though…

The humming soon shifted into something with words, a low gentle tune that his son seemed to enjoy so much. Which happened to be the same one that he had sung for Matteo when the man queried if he knew any other songs. God, that had been what felt to be ages ago. It was amazing how the months, then a year and more, flew by in the blink of an eye.

Poooisoning pigeons in the paaark!

“John! I am going to kill you. You changed my ring tone again!” Caleb groused into the phone. “Huh? No, we’re awake. Lucy had a craving for… black olives and ranch dip? I was just about to head out.” Blinking, he paused. “You sure? All right, next time is my turn then.”

“What was that about?” Lucy murmured, apparently enjoying her new pillow named Caleb.

“He’s heading out for Jay and offered to go for me.”

Now that he thought about it, the whole thing was sort of ironic. At the time it definitely hadn’t been amusing, though.

“He’s been gone for an hour? No, I’m sure he’s all right, Sean. Let me call you back, all right?” Someone had started pounding at the door. At two in the morning. Swallowing hard, he made a quick dash for the door, where Lucy stood rubbing her abdomen anxiously. Caleb tried to favor his wife with a reassuring smile, though he wasn’t all too certain it worked by the time he opened the door. “Jesus Christ, John!”

There was a pair of police officers standing with the man, who he could only vaguely recognize. After Sonnet’s death, they had begun donating to the fraternal order regularly, and because of Devon he had known a scant few. The hulking Italian, who managed to dwarf both men holding him up, looked banged and bruised. Really bruised.

“He refused to go to the ER.” Frowning at John, and at the bag which was thrust in his hands, Caleb couldn’t help the laugh that he barked. Black olives and ranch dip.

“I think you’re gonna need a new car.” Huh? Peering out the door at the wrecker that was dropping off a… wreck in his driveway, he could only laugh again and hug John. “You aren’t mad?”

“Mad? Fukk no, it’s just a car! Jesus, you scared the holy hell out of us. C’mon, let’s get you home.”

Now he could chuckle about it, and did so softly, glancing down at little James. A bundle of joy that had decided to enter the world on a stormy night filled with bad traffic. Or maybe it just felt that way at the time.

“She’s going to kill the both of you when she sees that thing!” Caleb preferred to keep his balls intact, damn it!

“You kidding? She won’t even be able to get out of that bed.” He wasn’t so certain of that. “Luciaaana!” Sharing a look with Sean, he reluctantly followed the Italian, who had walked into the birthing room with a camcorder panning the area, red light indicating it was most definitely recording.

While Caleb loved and adored his wife, right now she was downright scary during those passing moments when a contraction came on full force. In fact, the Italian she was growling out at John definitely wasn’t comprised of the nicest things she could have said either. But he couldn’t blame the girl. Sighing, he fetched a few more ice chips for her, and a cool cloth. How many more hours?

“Oh, c’mon Lucifer, do you kiss your husband with that mouth?”

The room seemed to fall into a hushed awe at the words that had just come out of John’s mouth. Three occupants stared at the man with the camcorder, before someone giggle. Then another came after it. Moments later they were all falling into fits of hysterics, for absolutely no other reason than to break the tension that had hung so thickly moments before. Though the laughter was strangled from Lucy’s throat just a few minutes later with the arrival of another contraction.

“C’mon babe, just breathe for me.” Lamaze had seemed like the right way to go during her pregnancy…

“Fukk breathing! Can’t I just blame all this on you, even if I was having fun too?” Caleb had a hard time not laughing, and she sounded so pitiful! Hugging her as tightly as he could, he bestowed a kiss onto her damp hair.

“Sure sweetheart, blame me all you want.”

“Mmm…” Blinking, he turned toward the door, eyeing a sleepy wife shuffling his way. “What’s so funny?”

“Was just thinking about how you blamed me.” Chuckling, he gave Lucy a kiss. “Lay back down, sweetheart. I’ll be right there.”

Favoring her with a fond look as she meandered her way back down the hall, Caleb settled James back into his crib, gently stroking his hair. The little boy was a miracle in himself, because how often had they heard that Lucy may not be able to conceive again? And now… this. He wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

“Good night, James. Daddy loves you…” Caleb whispered, gently stepping out of the room and back down the hall. Sure, the dirty diapers and sleepless nights were a hassle. Though one thing was certain.

It was definitely worth it.

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