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Super Grover
La Cosa ... Necktie!
Mon Apr 24, 2006 16:15

The five men sat around the patio table, all except one under sixty. Matteo di Medici, head of the entire Italian mafia (minus the Nostra associations in Sicily) had called each of the bosses under him to this very important meeting. Now into his eighties, the wily noble knew it was time to step gracefully into the shadows and install another, younger man to take their organization into the twenty-first century.

For two hours they had been quietly discussing this turn of events - each subboss offering reservations on different aspects of the plot, and having his fears allayed by a man whose ancestors had stood toe-to-toe with the Borgias and other Renaissance Masters. Of course, the Medicis themselves were considered the creators, and it really did stand testemount to how highly esteemed the family was that the other four gentlemen had not walked out on the last contested intent of Lord Medici.

In fact, it was far into the black solitude of early morning that the proud man finally sought rest in his own bed next to a stunning redhead, her very presence one of the reasons for the unfolding events, thanking the Good Lord, as he did every night, that Moira was his, and only his.

Sean was seated on his butt in the middle of his living room, hiding unneccessarily behind a pillow that barely covered his chest. From the giggles issuing just beyond the couch, however, the actor's efforts were not in vain.

No where near.

An infant materialized, crawling rapidly across the serene blue carpet until she was almost nose to nose with her quarry. Bravely nudging aside the fluffy obstruction, her laughter intensified upon seeing Sean's face. And then abruptly ended as she tumbled sideways, narrowly missing being impaled on one of her stackable toys.


"I'm coming, I'm coming."

Another blonde appeared, also female, definately much older than the baby. Wrapped tenously in a terry cloth towel, hair dripping across said carpet, it was rather obvious she'd been showering in the extremely recent past. Like - mere seconds ago.

"I'm sorry, Sean. I don't know what it is, but she won't let me leave the room for more than five minutes." Jay sounded desperate, and it was a good assumption to believe she was. Averaging about three hours of sleep a night, the agent-on-maternity-leave often found herself performing acrobatic feats that no sane person would attempt, and often encouraging the two men she lived with to follow suit.

But little Emily Louise Holmes, nicknamed Indigo for the color of her eyes, had proven to be a tough cookie. Everyone but her mother were treated as temporary place-holders until Jay returned. There was a permanent play pen in the kitchen for Emily's use, because her uncle John had begun teaching Mommie how to cook properly.

'Properly' would include everything not ordered from MacDonald's.

It was a very good thing Mommie was just as infatuated with her child. Enough so the ringing of the phone seemed distant, parent and offspring settling down on the sofa for a mega nursing session as Sean picked himself up and went off to see who had called.

He was gone for a long time. When the gentle young man returned, there was an absense of serenity in his eyes that made the hairs on the back of Jay's neck tingle.

"John and I are leaving tonight for Italy. I've taken the liberty of phoning Nigel -- he'll sleep on the couch until we get back."

That was it - no sign of a forthcoming explination. Not when he eventually appeared with two suitcases, and not when he left an hour later to meet his lover at the airport.

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