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Castelluccio | Holmes
Surprises on Stage
Sun Jun 4, 2006 00:40

“That was weird.”

“No shit.”

John stared out the back door where Bennett Holmes and Laramie Sorensen went. It was likely a good thing Jaybird had been out at the doctor for the baby’s checkup, otherwise it would have become a long drawn out affair. Normally, he would have taken her, but with auditions today, and Sean absolutely psyched over it… Eh, it hadn’t been to hard to twist Nigel’s arm into taking the girls.

Man, the look on Jay’s face when he said that… Priceless. Absolutely priceless.

“C’mon babe, let’s go. I want to manhandle some media folks!”

He didn’t get his wish though. They saw them coming out the front door and locking up, before walking hand-in-hand to the Jeep and hopping in. One shared kiss later, and the photographer went elsewhere. Boo, he was hoping for some pornographic pictures for the family album! Hmph, no fun. For shits and giggles though, they did follow that sedan around the block a few times while phoning in a suspicious vehicle call to the police with the license plate number. No, thank you officer! Hah.

John knew that Sean was getting antsy without performing in productions, though. Hell, the man practically vibrated with energy in the seat beside him! He’d done everything he could to help his lover keep occupied; they worked out together now, took random road trips that ended in odd stops along the way, and silly things of that nature. But he was too much like his sister with a love for the theater that wasn’t going to die as easily as that old building had in the fire. So he was more than happy to give him some support today for auditions.

Well, that and there was a closely guarded secret that had entailed a telephone call to Daniel David McCallister last week. For the last year, in an effort to understand why Sean was the way he was, John had been taking voice lessons. Very secret, very quiet, voice lessons. He would always have them coincide with Jaybird’s doctor visits, various errands, and things of that nature. Sure, he’d long since realized that even attempting to step on that stage with his size was a ridiculous notion. But, hell, why not?

By this point, John knew the production that was taking place rather well; along with a dozen other ones, all thanks to Sean and his knowledge of the stage. He remembered snickering at Caleb during the production of Camelot, long before he had taken that fateful step with his lover, for his enthusiasm. But now he understood, some of these songs were just infectious! Crept right into your brain, laid down to sleep, until you heard a succession of notes that only vaguely reminded you of the music. Then it was constantly played over and over in your head in an effort to rid yourself of the melody. But it never went away. And it was maddening!

Finally they managed to pull into the theater parking lot, and slipped into the building. Of course, nothing was really happening yet, and they took a few minutes to find all the little hidden dirty cubbyholes and corners. Which he fully took advantage of, until Sean became impatient. It wasn’t that he said anything, he could just feel the man’s need to get back on the stage. Almost everyone was assembled at that point, which made him feel a tad better. Then the auditions began!

Halfway through the third person, his palms began to sweat at the thought of actually singing in front of anyone. Just like last time! Ugh, he was hopeless. Just about the time he was debating on wandering out for a breath of fresh air, he heard David mutter something about a ‘new face’ and announce his name.

“Next! Geno Castelluccio!” Oh hell, it was as if everyone turned to stare at him at once!

“What? I can’t make an ass out of myself again?” Smirking, though he hardly felt any humor, John planted a kiss on Sean’s lips and meandered up to the stage. It wasn’t as if he looked any different; at least he didn’t think so? Then why did they stare? Wait, since when did he care? Gah! Inner-conflict wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. ‘Use it’ bullshit. Pffbt.

“What part are you auditioning for, Green?” … He still hated that nickname. Still!

“Let’s see how badly I can butcher Tom Collins!” Grinning with mirth that felt more like nerves than anything, and flipping Bennett the bird when he pointed and laughed, John took a deep breath. Really deep. Then the music for the reprise of I’ll Cover You came over the sound system, and he realized he could do this.

Live in my house
I'll be your shelter
Just pay me back
With one thousand kisses
Be my lover
And I'll cover you

John knew Sean remembered his singing voice from a year ago, and how he really hadn’t bothered to attempt singing since then. First his lover was hurt, then the theater burning to the ground… This was entirely different. Instead of hearing the music, he could feel it. He was hard pressed to not to give a pleased smile at the way a few heads whipped around with the discovery of his voice.

I've longed to discover
Something as true
As this is

Instead of waiting for someone to jump in, John smirked and pointed at Lara, urging her to sing. It wasn’t difficult when Bennett jabbed her, but she obviously wanted to.

If you're cold and you're lonely
You've got one nickel only
When you're worn out and tired
When your heart has expired

It wasn’t long before the rest of the company had joined in for the song. Though the musical had only been performed for a decade or so, it had a huge impact in the Greenwich Village where the Playhouse resided. Too many people identified with the music, the subject matter, and everything therein. In short, without practice, it sounded fantastic. John was seriously blown away.

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand seasons of love

With one last deep breath, John belted out the last line. And, as cheesy as it sounded, he couldn’t help but look at Sean when he sang the lyrics.

I'll cover you!

“You look like hell.”

“Oh screw off,” Devon muttered.

But, eventually, with Michael’s surprisingly brilliant plan, they were dropped off at a random bar. Nothing really looked familiar, which made him wonder if they had actually been there the previous evening. This became a pattern, in between shared pints of ale, lunch, and various appetizers. It wasn’t as if he were expecting anything more, honestly.

So when they actually found his rented SUV at a parking garage near the last bar they could have visited, Devon was shocked. They hadn’t lost it!

“I don’t think either of us are in any condition to drive that thing home.”

“Oh bullshi—Hey! You just copped a feel on my ass!” Squeaking in protest, Devon clapped his hands over his posterior and hopped back. But it was too late; the bastard had stolen his phone. “Give that back!” Futilely attempting to snatch back the cell phone, the feeb realized it wasn’t going to happen before the call was made, and thusly gave up.

“Cheers. It’s me. We found the car, but neither of us should… drive it. Fancy meeting us at…” What sort of man said ‘fancy’? Seriously! His protests started anew, if for all the wrong reasons, and was summarily shut up when the phone was shoved in his face. “There, it’s settled.” Apparently it was.

At least he had been able to give Michael shit about seeing David McCallister from the Playhouse, who was drinking some sort of clear liquid. Ignoring the theater talk, Devon went ahead and ordered himself scotch, neat, and settled down onto a barstool beside Michael, allowing the dull drone to buzz through his ears.

Several hours later, and a few showers, Devon found he had sobered up enough to fetch the rented SUV from the parking lot. Driving past the bar, carefully might we add, he vaguely remembered something about an audition for Michael. Today? While drunk? Or semi-sober, at least. Hell, that was just too good to pass up. Damning that he didn’t have his digital camcorder with him, Devon nonetheless sped off to the Playhouse.

Yep, cars in the parking lot. There was Caleb’s, and even John’s, so there had to be some auditions today. Spotting Ben and Hugh’s ever economic hybrid in one corner of the lot, the feeb snickered to himself and slipped into the building through the front, where a few people with cameras were hanging out. Pffbt, tourists. Once inside, he did have to amend to himself that even though the place had been wrongly dedicated to Sonnet, it was amazing. But strains of music fluttering through the closed doors drew him in to the theater proper.

Sneak, sneak, sneak!

Up on stage were Caleb and Michael, which seemed… odd. The last time he had seen that was on DVD, from that Phantom production out west. Oh, people thought he didn’t remember those sorts of things, but he did. As always, Pierson looked irritated while his brother goaded someone on stage. From the back, he nearly thought it was John but… “Benny?!” Devon managed to whisper, staring at his little brother’s short-cut hair now dyed and frosted, along with the different clothing. What the hell was he doing here?

Shit, he could be asking himself the same question.

Settling into a seat beside Hugh and Ben as the song began, he shared a smirk with the two men – well, really it was two disapproving stares and a smirk, but hell what could he expect at this point? The music only made him wince once or twice when it got really loud, but his mind was still fuzzy enough to make his body feel pleasant, so it wasn’t much of a shock.

When Michael saw him seated in the front row, all Devon could do was give a shit eatin’ grin and wiggle his fingers in hello.

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