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Devon Holmes
Dining In and Eating Out
Fri Aug 25, 2006 00:19

“Y’know, she’s gonna kill you when she finds that handprint on her ass.”

“Yeah, but won’t it be great?”

Devon had to admit, his youngest sibling’s grin was infectious. And it never hurt to have a tall bastard around when painting a spacious area that contained vaulted ceilings. Never mind that Bennett had brought over his girlfriend – or whatever they were – Laramie. Hell, he was surprised they even managed to get this far without anyone hounding them.

And there came the shriek from down the hall. The telltale one that let every man within fifty meters know that a female had found a painted-on handprint on the ass of her jeans. Devon cringed and sidestepped, pulling a drop cloth with him, because he could already hear the thudding feet.

“No, Lara, wait—Ah!” Another one bites the dust.

The federal agent smirked to himself, though there wasn’t anyone else to share in his quiet amusement. Instead, he had been a fool and decided that the best thing to do was to get the apartment ready as soon as possible. Besides, Caleb and Lucy would want their home back, though it wasn’t as if he actually intruded upon their lives. Huh, funny. A year ago and the mere mention of his name would have been enough to disrupt Lucy’s day. Now… Hell, last week she ruffled his hair when passing by! Felt like the world had gone crazy. That or he was a freaking angel and finally received his wings.

Damn, he was watching too much late night television again.

Sighing, Devon went to store the last of the towels in their designated space in the bathroom. Nearly two weeks ago Michael had helped him haul any of his personal belongings back to the City, which honestly hadn’t been much. Mainly a portable wardrobe, small items, and his weapons. The U-Haul had plenty of space, plus they only had to make one trip out of town to drop off the furniture that he didn’t want. Though he was sort of attached to this black soft leather recliner…

Well, he had to amend, the townhouse was fully furnished now, along with appliances, utensils, and anything else he could think of. Hell, he had even managed to stop by the grocer around the corner and pick up a few items for the fridge. God Bless New York, it wasn’t greasy food absolutely everywhere! He’d never be a rabbit like Caleb, but he didn’t exactly enjoy soggy French fries either, thank you very much. Aside from that, the Bureau partially paid for home-bought purchases, and fully covered the U-Haul and gas used during the drive. His savings account had hardly taken a beating, which was surprising. Weird.

Well, if unless you took into account the massive ‘multimedia center’ hanging from the wall in the living room. At least that was what the guy at the electronics store called it. He just wanted a big-ass television, and walked away happily with something that could potentially rival Caleb’s system. But he had no clue what to do with the second bedroom, since this place had come with an office already in the floor plans. A gym wasn’t exactly cost efficient, he could get a better work-out at on-site facilities. Or maybe—

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

“Shit!” Pause. “Shit shit shit!” How the hell had he become so wound up in playing freaking homemaker that he’d lost track of the time? Frack, he’d have to fly through the shower, forget the shave that he hadn’t bothered with this morning, and rush off like a flipping bat out of hell. He was going to need a miracle to get there anywhere near to being on time.

“I’m so sorry, Lucy.” Uttered for the umpteenth time.

“If you say that again I’ll kick you!” Oh, stare down time. Devon glared, Lucy glared back, and the whole ordeal was fabulously exhilarating from a spectator’s point of view until he caught Bennett out of the corner of his eye, dancing a little jig. Then jumping up and down and making faces! The smallest grin cracked, before his eyes were darting from brother to sister-in-law and back again. It didn’t take long until he completely lost it and started laughing.

“All right, all right. Here, for you.” Two bottles of red wine handed over, which at least showed the oaf did have some manners in the back of his brain, and he was heading into the home with Lucy. Only stopping to short-jab his ‘little’ brother in the ribs. “Besides, you couldn’t kick me if you wanted to… munchkin!” Run!

“I know where you live!” Teehee.

“Gooo-ooo-oood evening gentlemen!” Devon exclaimed once hiding in the kitchen, apparently much to the amazement of Ben and Hugh, who had… taken it over? Though none of this took place before he had been forced to make rounds with the family, who were all present. God, he hadn’t even bothered to come home during Christmas, hadn’t been able to. Did it always feel so… cramped with this many people?

“My, my, someone is certainly in a jovial mood.” Giving Hugh a smarmy grin – a patented Michael look right there that he completely stole – Devon reached over and snagged a breadstick hot from the oven. “Finally move in to your new place?”

“Mmhmm…” Receiving the look of death for even attempting to eat with a mouthful, Devon quickly finished what he had while nodding. “Everything’s done as of an hour ago. You two should come over sometime and see the décor.” Pausing, he leaned in conspiratorially. “It’s a gay man’s dream.”

“Oh really now?” This came from Ben, who was obviously amused with the way his mustache was twitching. Devon nodded. “Is that a fact?” Another furious nod followed, before the life-long partners shared a look. “You know what that means, don’t you, dear?”

“Uh huh.” Hugh paused long enough to eye Devon. “You have one of those ratty old leather recliners hiding in the corner.”

“It is not ratty–!” Ugh. Glaring at the two men, he crinkled his nose. “Nor is it hiding. It’s in the living room. And no, you cannot borrow it to have sex on. Hmph!” Right, all joking aside, there really were too many people coming in and out of the kitchen. It was feeling a bit claustrophobic in here.

“Michael’s out back,” Hugh called over his shoulder, which only rankled him even more. How did he know?! Huffing to himself, Devon wandered out the backdoor and through the mudroom, peeking out of the window. Sure enough, just out of the security light was a floating red light, and wafting smoke. But why was he feeling so reluctant to go out there?

Sucking it up, the feeb waltzed out the back door and across the patio towards the cloud of smoke that hung heavy in the dead air, but the man didn’t stir. Well, fine then! Slinging an arm around Michael’s shoulders, he filched the pack of cigarettes from the man’s shirt pocket and ‘borrowed’ one. Some weird British brand he had never seen before, though the actor swore by them half the time. The other half Devon was pretty sure he was too drunk to even care.

“Fancy seeing you here!” he half-managed around the cigarette, lighting it up. Amiably tucking away the cigarettes, Devon quirked a brow and stepped to the side. “You’re tense. Is every—Oh hell. I didn’t scare you, did I?” Grinning at the Brit, who affected his typical surly demeanor – or what he thought was it, in the dim lighting – Devon shrugged slightly. “Never knew you were scared of the dark.” Snicker.

“Hey you two, dinner’s ready.” It was Caleb, though he didn’t dart back inside, apparently deciding it was a nice enough night for a stroll across the patio. It made sense when he snagged the cigarette from Devon’s fingers and stole a drag. Before coughing shortly afterwards. “Jesus, you’re smoking Players?” What the hell did that mean? Frowning at his brother, who apparently had enough and was heading back inside, Devon finished off the cigarette.

“C’mon. I’ll even hold your hand.” Snicker.

Meals at the Holmes household were always an affair in themselves. First you had the twins, who were thankfully not here but with a babysitter, and then you had the five Holmes children, minus one who was overseas. With assorted close friends of the family, it was always one hell of a gathering. Nearly a dozen people seated at the table, and things became cozy quickly, even with the large piece of furniture. And, wouldn’t you know it; they were shoved together at one end because they had been outside.

But dinner was spectacular – he hadn’t known that Hugh could cook – and the conversations were decent enough, though it centered upon family, and extended onward. Benny and Lara regaled everyone with tales from their tour, and even he was queried on some of the work he did with the Bureau. Couldn’t elaborate too much on some things, for obvious reasons, though it almost felt as if everyone viewed him in a new light after recounting his tale of little Beth, right before his imposed vacation.

A few times during the night, Devon could feel something brush against his foot, which just freaking tickled, and at first he nudged the offending object away, or tried to. It was probably just a table leg anyhow. But it happened again, a lot lighter, causing him to brush the object aside. And again. By the time the plates were to be cleared away, his foot just tickled from it all and he got up to help and retrieve the coffee.

But during mid-sip, he could distinctly feel someone brush up against his foot. And, God help him, he had no clue who it was. Chalking it up to accident, Devon was more than happy to allow the evening to wind down with small talk, until the babe became fussy and had to be put down for bed. Well, it had been a nice enough night while it lasted, once he became acclimated to all the damned people being right up against him. And who the hell just tried to play footsie with him?! Right, definitely time to head home. But first…

“Hey Mick!” Caught him during goodbyes on the front porch, which was lucky enough for him. “Want to check out how the place looks?” Pausing, Devon managed a surprisingly roguish grin. “The liquor cabinet is unloooocked!”

Tee-hee. And such.

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