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Holmes at Large
Surprising at Market
Sun Aug 27, 2006 18:35

Will I Lose My
Will Someone
Will I Wake
From This

Devon had to admit it, while being seated in the center section with a fantastic view of the stage, that Michael played a very believable bastard. Or perhaps because that’s exactly what the Brit was. Frankly, he found it amazing that the people he considered family – especially Caleb! – could convey so much emotion while on stage. The whole production was… seamless. Hell, the woman next to him had to borrow his handkerchief when the Green Giant had begun singing during his lover’s funeral.

Even he had chills run down his spine.

Yet there was something intoxicating, watching the pure intensity that crossed Michael’s face while on-stage. Devon was hard pressed to admit, even to himself, that his mind barely registered family members rushing across stage, instead anxiously awaiting the reappearance of… you guessed it, him. What the hell was wrong with him?

He was absolutely enamored with a man! Someone of the same damned sex! Oh, let us not forget that he was his dead partner’s brother, for all intents and purposes here. But the nights that Michael did not show up on his doorstep for a fifth of vodka, a bad movie, and a night of human contact… Devon found he just could not sleep. He’d toss and turn, becoming restless, and manage a few fitful hours where he never even felt as if he had achieved slumber. Jesus, this was going too fast.

The house lights rose, and the federal agent jaunted out the normal exit for audience members, before taking a side hall to reach the stage doors, which were already being mauled by rabid fans. With a great deal of sidestepping and wiggling, he managed to slip through the doors, almost halted by John. One unabashed grin later and he was sauntering backstage, having a few quiet words here and there with the people he had come to know over the last month. All because of Michael. Lord knows his family had been performing here long enough, but it was the damned Brit that got him to show up to rehearsals to watch.

“Lucy!” Devon called out, spying the brunette exiting one of the dressing rooms. The young woman seemed genuinely surprised to see him, though he couldn’t imagine why. “You were great, doll.” Seemed the hug caught her off-guard too. Well, he was trying, that much was obvious.

Then, there he was.

“Astonishing. Who let you in here?”

“Very funny, jackass,” Devon muttered, giving Michael a quick embrace with the customary pat on the back for a job well done.

“C’mon, I’ll buy you a drink.” Oh, code-phrase! Score!

The feeb hadn’t had the opportunity to really wander about the theater since its reconstruction, so the way they went seemed absolutely foreign to him, though he was happy enough to be dragged along. It was dark, and a hidden nook that faced a hallway gave them more than enough privacy. And he was willing to take it at this point. The wicked things that this man did to him! Devon could hear himself whimper as sensitive points were found along his jaw-line, neck, and finally the earlobe, which made him only pull Michael that much closer.

“Your place or mine?” He could hear the joke in the actor’s voice, forcing him to lean in for another kiss.

“How about our place… If you want?” Devon’s breath caught momentarily at the stark shock flashing across Michael’s gaze. It lasted only a moment, something he very nearly missed. And his roaming hands were getting no response, either. “I mean… You don’t have to. You can have the second bedroom, if you want.” Shit, he fukked up, didn’t he? “I don’t…” Oh God.

“I'll stay over but I can't… I can't commit like… shit. You are a real pain in the ass, Holmes.” It wasn’t the answer he was hoping for, but he’d take it. For now.

The next morning though, he was beginning to regret it, a fist slamming into the alarm clock. Why the hell did brunch and tea time have to be at the ungodly early hour of ten in the morning?! Groaning, Devon dove headfirst back beneath the covers, before finding more interesting things to occupy his time. Like the nearly naked man that was refusing to wake up. He never would have thought that this could feel so… natural.

“C’mon sleepyhead. Go call your father.” It was something they had talked about while laying in bed, for once without being drunk. Both men had been uncertain, wavering on the precipice of something more frightening. Devon wasn’t sure if he wanted to take the leap of faith just yet or not. Maybe he’d fall and never realize it. Or had he already?

“Babe, come on. We need to get my car today anyhow.” He was ditching the rented SUV for something absolutely massive, bad for the environment, and a gas guzzler. A damned GMC Denali, but it was also going to be doubling as a work vehicle for personal use, whatever that meant. The government had funny ways of wording things, but he was more than happy to get the tax break on it. Smacking Michael on the ass, he crawled out of bed and stumbled off into the kitchen to begin coffee, then into the bathroom for a shower. He just hoped this day would go well enough.

This little lunch with Michael’s father had been his most unfortunate idea, and now he was regretting it wholeheartedly. Not because it was early in the morning, he had things to do today anyhow. More along the lines that even they were uncertain of what was developing between them. Was it a primal, physical need? More than just carnal desire? Last night he had taken great joy in making Michael whimper, and it was more than his pride and ego that the man had fed.

A nice, small bistro had been decided upon, apparently, near to downtown. It had both indoor and outdoor seating, but it was such a nice afternoon that Devon suspected they would be outside. Sneaking one last, lingering kiss, he turned off the engine and wandered toward the restaurant to snag a table before the lunch rush.

Jesus, it felt like everyone was staring at them!

“I could have sworn I picked up formula when I was at the store the other day…” Caleb muttered, staring at the empty spot in the cabinet where James’ food always was. “Lucifer! Did you pick up any formula?”

“I thought you got it!” was the reply tossed from the living room. Crap. Sighing, he trudged from the kitchen to give his wife and son a quick kiss each – though maybe not so quickly in Lucy’s case – before heading towards the door. “Oh! Pick up some dark chocolate!”

“Only if you’re good!” Slam.

Caleb was quickly coming to the realization that now his life was easy, even simple, now. He had his wife and child, which was a miracle in itself, and his family with him. Even if they all weren’t related by blood, they were still family. Hugh and Ben he could never repay for helping them on the West Coast. They had been ready to give up everything for Lucy, and consequentially, him. Maybe he really was blessed.

The jaunt through the store was quick, but it was the checkout lane that always took forever here. But he kept coming back because they had the one formula that James didn’t seem to be fussy with, so it was just easier this way.

“A smiley face!” someone in front of him said. A small woman, with the typical “I heart NYC” t-shirt that screamed she was a tourist. “Look, Nate!” She pointed frantically to the corner of her traveler’s cheque, nudging her companion in the ribs. “Right there. Doesn’t that look like one in the border?”

Wait, what?

Caleb stared for a long moment over the woman’s shoulder, before she realized he was doing exactly that. He received a wary look for his troubles, and he could only give her a helpless smile in return. But he did point toward the cheque with a curious expression. “You said a smiley face?” He was already debating on how to get a better peek, but the woman practically shoved it in his face.

“See? Right there! I’m not nuts, Nate.” This was said with some apparent satisfaction upon the woman’s part. Caleb fully believed the woman too, once he had carefully scrutinized the corner of the cheque very carefully. The denomination was for twenty dollars, U.S., and the woman possessed a very noticeable southern accent.

“Ma’am, did you get that inside the country?” She nodded, and he realized that something wasn’t right here. Inside the country, not overseas. Sighing, Caleb fished out his wallet, and displayed his badge, allowing them to peruse it at their leisure, before introducing himself. “You wouldn’t mind if I bought those cheques from you? With cash, you can walk with me to the ATM right over there.” They were shocked, which he would have been too when not given an explanation, but they acquiesced once he paid them an extra percentage on each cheque.

Hell, he barely even made it through checkout for the baby formula; it had nearly been forgotten on a shelf near the front of the store. Already Caleb was fumbling with his phone, dialing a quick succession of numbers after receiving a plastic bag from the clerk to put the cheques into.

“It’s me. Could you meet me at the house in say… Fifteen minutes? I’ve just had an enlightening trip to the grocery store.”

What’s wrong? Rob hadn’t quit his job, or gone into hiding. He was plodding away each and every day. But this would probably get him going for a while.

“Macavity.” Just one word, it was simple. But it meant so much more.

I’ll be right over.

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