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Lara Sorensen
Memories Pt 2
Sun Nov 19, 2006 00:11

“Why is that?” He quirked a brow, much like a Vulcan. “Sorry, probably too personal a question.”

Lara stared at him. “Because … my dad died today.” Another hiccup, they were slowing down now. “Well, ten years ago today.”

“Ah. I’m sorry. Who was he?”

There was absolute silence despite the chaos around them. Half expecting Ashton Kutcher to jump out of a box somewhere with a legion of camera men, she just stared at Benny’s older brother for a very long second and then pointed up the street at the titanic screen above the Square where they were showing another Checkmate video now.

“Eddie Sorensen. He overdosed.”

She flinched at her own words. Raw. Brutal. And … apparently making very little impact on Nigel, who watched the current video for a few minutes in appreciation before looking back down at her.

“I’m sorry, Lara. May I give you a ride home?”

“No!” Lara blushed. “I mean, no thank you.” I’d rather not be alone there, if it’s all the same to you.

“Where’s Benny? Were you supposed to meet him back there?”

She looked away from him, wishing that were true. “I’ve been calling him all day, but he isn’t answering.”

“Oh.” It didn’t even take the amount of time needed to fight back a feeling of desolation. “Then you can stay with me for the night. I’m sure Declan wouldn’t mind.”

An arm guided her back to his side, Nigel’s quiet confidence a shield against outside intrusion as they moved down the sidewalk and turned a corner. And then another until the two stood on a quiet street just ten minutes from all the action, a row of art deco buildings providing eye candy for the well-read.

“A friend of mine is vacationing in Ireland and he lent me his apartment.”

Nigel ushered her past a night watchman, dutifully registering her name as a guest, and then led her up a couple flights of stairs to a studio apartment. It was uncommonly spacious; Nigel confided that it had once been a two bedroom but his friend had knocked down most of the walls, leaving only the kitchen and bathroom in peace.

It was nicely appointed, and sectioned into a living area and a sleeping area. The bed was huge, apparently this Declan was about six and a half feet tall, but there was a slightly smaller couch that would do her just fine.

Until Nigel pointed sternly at the bed. Exhausted from keeping herself marginally sane, Lara gave in and even accepted a pair of boxers and the top half of a pair of blue flannel pajamas. Suddenly, it seemed almost too much of an effort to dial Benny’s number one last time and let him know she’d run into his older sibling.

“I’ll call you later. Night.”

She set the phone down carefully, nerves barely holding it together.

“Here. Drink this up and ignore the burn.”

Nigel handed her a shot of whiskey, and damned if it didn’t help just a little.

“Thank you.” Two words, so inadequate to express her gratitude for his knight-in-shining-armor routine. But all he did was nod and … tuck her into the borrowed bed before turning off the lights, save one illuminating a desk stacked with papers.

“Good night, Lara.”

“Good night, Mist—Nigel.”

She woke up three hours later, trying to muffle her sobs against an already dampened pillow.

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