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Nigel Holmes
Nail Polish Fiends
Tue Apr 3, 2007 01:27

“Hey Professor, get your ass up.”

Nnrgh! At least, Nigel thought he articulated the noise, but apparently not well enough due to the poking in his side. Shortly after his blanket was the victim of a snatch and grab, before a blinding light scorched his eyes. That or he was being overly dramatic by jumping off the bed to beat whoever’s ass just woke him up from the nicest dream…

“You are such an ass, Devon!”

“Yeah yeah, don’t I know it,” the man murmured, throwing a pair of lounging pants at Nigel. What was wrong with the boxers he was wearing? Wait, what—Shit! “Always sleep in the nude?” He did not have to snicker like that! “I need to drive Mick to Langley, so your happy ass is getting up to sit with Lara.”

“Everything okay?”

“Likely not,” Devon called over his shoulder, wandering off down the hall to the bedroom that he and Mick had filched for… Well, he didn’t want to think of what they were using the room for.

With a sigh, Nigel raked a hand through his hair and stumbled down the hall, squinting at the light coming from the living room. Apparently it had been girl’s night out, considering there were drinks and snacks scattered across the end tables, along with… nail polish? Stumbling over to the sofa, he flopped down at one end, staring at Lara’s foot. The nails were… red. Jesus he needed some coffee.

Oooh, news! Meh, this was awfully depressing, to be honest. So were the two men that just wandered past, dressed like they were going to kill some CEOs gone mad. Now that would be good news! But, in the mean time, Nigel filched one of the bottles of nail polish and resumed playing with Lara’s toes. Which she was studiously ignoring. Fine, be that way! Then the door shut…

“There. Christmas toes.” Hey, he was awfully proud of the work he had managed to do in such a short time, frankly. Neon green. God, those were hideous! But Lara’s expression brought about that churning sensation, low in the belly, and he couldn’t resist dragging her over. The last two weeks had been the ultimate torture when it came to Laramie Sorensen. His brother – and brother-in-law for that matter – had been lurking about ever since the latest incident. And he was grateful, he really was, but it was still maddening to go to sleep in an empty bed at night! A man’s hand was not the finest company in the dark.

But those lips… They definitely were. “You taste so good in the morning, Lara.” And she did! Chamomile and honey, wrapped up in chocolate. It was a heady experience, one he wasn’t about to let pass.

“Nigel… this isn’t…” Oh, come now! At least that was what his mind set. Nigel’s body on the other hand… Well that had an entirely different proposal thought out here. Her legs draped across his, and that slow, languorous kiss that would rise a man from the dead, or near enough.

“Laramie Sorensen, I am not going to seduce you against your will.” It was the whimper that caused his low murmur to come about. But the things she did to his body! “What I am going to do is this…” It wasn’t fair for a woman to taste this good! Not even Jay… Well, that was a different story all together. She was a nice girl, she really was when not frighteningly scary. But Lara was lace and silk, where Jay was steel and barbwire. Scary. But why was she looking at him like that?

“I’m in love with you.”

What? Nigel stared, absolutely confounded by the words that had slipped from those sweet lips. Never, never, had he expected her to say this. Yet his fingers would not cease their insistent stroking of her lower backside – which was tantalizingly bare, may we add. Though he was not going to make the same mistakes that he had in the past, with stupid questions. Oh no, Nigel had learned his lesson the hard way on that one.

Instead, a slow smile erupted, curving his lips ever so slightly, before he leaned forward to place a gentle kiss at the hollow of Lara’s throat. His words were chosen carefully this time; he didn’t want to muck it up, bumbling about for… Sigh. “I care about you, Lara. So much…” The way her face was beginning to change expression did not help him any. She was obviously bracing herself for the worst; and that hurt more than a little, deep inside. “It… Feels different with you,” Nigel murmured, placing another gentle kiss along her throat. “I think… No, I already fell for you.” Pausing, he gave the woman a wry look. “If you couldn’t tell by the longing glances and thoughtful nature.” Humor was always a backdrop when he felt uncomfortable, and she had to know that by now.

“I…” punctuated by a kiss, as was every word that followed, leading up to Lara’s jaw line, then finally those tantalizing lips that he had dreamt of for so long now. “Am… Hopelessly… In… Love… With… You…”

It was like a switch had been flipped with the young musician. One moment they were exchanging teasing kisses, before that all ended. And not in a bad way either! Nigel had never felt a woman’s hands on him like this before. Dear God, was she hiding another pair of arms and hands somewhere?! But it was so easy, there on the sofa. The loose shirt went flying smoothly, and that lacy thong ignited a fire that he hadn’t known could exist.

She was absolutely exquisite. And he planned on showing Lara exactly how desirable she was.

From the top of her head, to the tips of her toes, Nigel lavished attention on every inch of her body. Teasing licks and curled fingers and just the… riiight spot… It wasn’t until the whimpers died down that he relented his assault. But she was having none of that.

“Condoms…!” It was groaned against his lips sometime later, his legs shaking with pent up sexual tension. God, it felt like he was going to explode! “Nigel… Condom…?” Oh! Hell, he didn’t even mind her giggles when he dashed off down the hall in his birthday suit. Caleb had explicitly mentioned there were some in the bathroom vanity drawer down here for just this reason; apparently he seemed to think that everyone came over to have sex on his furniture. Well, maybe they did. But it wasn’t their fault it was so perfect for the act!

“I return, triumphant!” Nigel decreed, striking an absolutely absurd pose as he slid back into the living room. The giggles flowered into outright laughter, and he had the temerity to look outraged. “Oh, this is funny, huh?” Stalking after Lara, he dragged the woman onto the sofa’s end, capturing her mouth with a groan. “Not so funny now, huh?” His grin said it all.

“Shut up and fu—Oooh…” That was the spot!

Oh God, he hadn’t used this muscles in a depressingly long time! Nigel groaned after an innumerable about of seconds had wandered merrily past the couple, half sprawled on the sofa. It was comfortable, but it wasn’t. But he felt good. And apparently so did Lara, judging by the silly grin toying about her features.

“Mmm… Remind me why we waited so long?” Nigel queried, toying with the woman’s hair in an absent-minded fashion.

“You played hard to get. I had to bide my time before I worked my wiles.” Was that laughter he heard in her voice?

“Oh really now, Miss Sorensen? We’ll just see about—” Nigel froze, cocking his head to the side as if he were a dog, listening intently for something. Once Lara began to ask what was wrong, he immediately shushed her. There was the noise again, a soft squeal near the back of the house. Following it was the sound of crashing glass. “Upstairs. Go!”

He wasn’t so silly as to stay downstairs, naked, not knowing where his pants were. Oh hell no! Nigel booked it right up the stairs with Lara, not even taking time to admire the sight of her behind. Now you know it’s serious! Quickly and quietly, he directed her to Caleb and Lucy’s room, closing and locking the door behind them. It was a typical house lock, unfortunately, but the panel right beside the door was not. He pressed the bright red button that had been housed under a small glass case marked ‘panic’ without hesitation, ushering Lara towards the bathroom.

As nearly an after thought, he snatched two shirts and lounging pants from the closet, along with a small case. Nigel realized he was wasting time, but just in case…

“Here, put these on.” He mimicked the woman’s actions, pulling on a pair of pants quickly while locking the door. Fortunately, the bathroom was large, and there was a window nearby. Peering around the ledge, he saw no one outside, and all the floodlights had been activated by his hasty push of that button. But they were behind two locked doors, and should be safe for just a few minutes… Maybe it would buy them enough time so he wouldn’t have to open that case he had pulled from the closet.

“LAAARA!” Both of them jumped at the scream, which was fairly muffled. It must have been coming from downstairs. Without thought, Nigel pressed the musician behind him, insistently moving her further away from the door. He was just not cut out for this stuff; for God’s sake, he was only a professor! He was not like his brothers, not one bit! “Baby! Where are youuu?” What the…

“Is that…?”

“Oh God, Benny!” What the fukk was he doing, breaking into the house like this? Unless…

“You don’t think he saw us…?” That could be the only explanation, but Lara was already shaking her head. Then they could hear it suddenly; the sound of encroaching sirens. Frankly, Nigel wasn’t about to step foot outside of this room until the police came, either. “What the hell is he thinking?!” A crash sounded from downstairs, followed by heavy footsteps on those ill-fated steps. He should have led her out the front door, not up here!

Without thought, Nigel wrapped his arms around Lara as sounds furthered ensued. More glass breaking, and heavy thuds, before shouting men rushed inside. It sounded like something out of a horror movie. That or a really bad episode of Cops. He wasn’t quite sure, not just yet. The bedroom door suddenly crashed in, someone calling out. “This is the Police!” Definitely capitalized. “Mister Holmes?” How could… Oh, Caleb must have registered the device.

With half a mind, Nigel unlocked the bathroom door, and slowly opened it. He was surprised to find several weapons trained upon him, until they saw his state of dress, and the quivering woman just behind him. Then, and only then, were the weapons holstered and the pair was urged to come out.

“It seems an inebriated young man made his way in through the garage,” one of the cops in a suit muttered, motioning down the hall. And there was Benny, definitely trashed, handcuffed and pinned against the wall.

“Oh my God… Bennett you stupid ass!” Nigel shouted, wrapping a protective arm around Lara. “What the fukk were you thinking?! You could’ve been killed!”

“Heeey baby!” Oh Jesus Christ, he must have been seriously trashed to be acting like this. Half-lidded eyes, a dopey smile, almost leering at Lara. Nigel found he wasn’t precisely fond of this side of his brother.

“Do you want to press charges?” Nigel actually hesitated, looking down at Lara, and then his brother. Part of him wanted to, so badly. But now that he was learning about what the press could do to a person’s career…

“No. Call our father, that’s where he’s staying. For now.” That was the right thing to do, wasn’t it?

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