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Bednobs and Broomsticks
Fri Apr 13, 2007 12:28

Lara was seated outside in a lounge chair, her frame wrapped snugly in a robe, quietly scrawling her autograph on several sheets of a notepad borrowed from the kitchen. There were two officers hunkered down next to her, each spelling out a different name. It seemed entirely unreasonable to refuse them her signature, especially as they had teenage daughters who actually liked her music. And there was that whole 'possible saving of life' thing, too.

She stayed there for a long time, waving once to Devon when he stalked passed, visibly looking for something, before curling up in the chair- knees pressed against her chest. The illusion of safety didn't stiffle the faint aura of helplessness; Benny’s raging still had her ears tingling. He’d called her every name in the book, and then some – even the cops had looked embarrassed on her behalf.

Hell, it had been extremely difficult to hold Nigel back after his brother had called her a two-timing whore.

James had taken Benny into his custody after giving her an apologetic hug, making her promise to call in the next few days and managed to stuff him into the backseat with Devon’s aid. It was rather disconcerting to get kissed by three male members of the same family, excluding Benny in the grounds that she didn’t trust herself to go near him at the moment without the possibility of extreme, prejudicial violence.

But that was over and done with now, for the time being.

It felt like weeks had passed until the house emptied of official types, leaving just herself and Nigel to recover from what for her was a decently traumatic event. When the shivers threatened to overtake her, Lara made herself begin cleaning up the mess that her ex-boyfriend had made, over loud protests from his brother. Physical work had always helped center her when nerves hit. Besides, it wouldn't be fair for Caleb to return and find a mess.

She managed not to grin when Nigel gave up and began helping.

Even then, it took almost two hours to repair most of the damage, minus the window that would have to be replaced. By that time, the sun had cleared the horizon and cast a watery light across the five burroughs. Lara found herself outside again, enjoying the warm rays on faintly chilled flesh, eyes flickering across a scene made surreal from the depths of exhaustion.

Golden beams flashed across the expanse of water held captive inside the pool environs, drawing her closer with each winking glint. Barely aware of what she was doing, Lara dipped a toe in, the warm temperature coming almost as a shock. Caleb and Lucy heated their pool?! Well, hot damn.

Thankful that the backyard wall was deliberately of a height to deflect casual peeping toms, she drew off the too-tight shirt and pants, tossing them into a heap by her chair and then dived in, the water accepting her bare body into it's embrace. Under the surface, the silence was almost deafening, the sense of being alone in the world overpowering. There was little sense of time, just the rough texture of concrete as she glided along the bottom like a mermaid until the supply if air ran dangerously low, propelling her back towards the sunlight.

Nigel was waiting for her at the steps, the child safety gate propped open for easier access between house and pool. There were two towels set on the chair behind him, his attention mostly centered on the mug of coffee currently attached to his mouth. Submerging again, she slithered her way to the stairs and quietly surfaced in front of him, rising halfway out of the water and making no attempt to hide herself.

His sharp intake of breath said it all, as did the near demise of the mug, set down so hastily that it almost broke. Sleeping pants did little to hide his physical state and Lara found herself reaching a hand out to press against his hidden arousal, prompting a strangled grunt from her … lover.

And retaliation. His mouth fused to hers, strong arms lifting her out of the water and against him, soft breeze leaving goose bumps against bare skin. Lara’s head swam as his mouth devoured her own before moving down across her neck and shoulder, only to end up teasing a nipple to life. The groan that followed was almost inhumane.

Nigel rose above her-- where had his pants gone?-- and thrust forward, a primal claim that left very little unanswered. Lara quite lost track of time after that, caught up in the ritual of mating with the man she loved, and quite willing to lose herself in waves of a very different sort. And then a not-so-different sort, when they made love a second time in the pool, bodies stretching and flexing in the nurturing warmth of the water until she felt like she was going to spontaneously combust in the heat of Nigel’s presence.

There was nothing quite like sex in water. Nothing.

It was almost noon when they sought the relative safety of the house, tossing wet and dirty clothing into the washer before seeking rest. In Nigel’s bed, because he refused to let Lara out of his sight, no matter what objection she gave. He simply kissed her senseless before crawling onto the mattress and tucking her snugly against him. They remained locked in each others arms until a well-meaning sibling intruded some hours later.


Lara stirred, reluctantly cracking one eye open, only to stare at Devon in the bedroom doorway, flanked by an amused Mick.

“------“ She said, trying to burrow against a … naked … sleeping … Nigel. Oh my. A semi-aroused, naked, not-quite-as-sleeping Nigel; one of his hands sliding across a breast.

“Leave them alone, Devon. Can’t you see he’s busy?” Mick was definitely enjoying himself, Lara noted, the actor’s hands casually unbuttoning Devon’s shirt. “So let’s emulate the heterosexual couple. One hand slid into the feeb’s pants, which brought about a swift reaction. She watched as Devon slammed the Brit against the doorway, attacking his mouth with a growl. “Go get him, Tiger.”

The laughter stopped when Nigel shifted his frame over hers, blocking line-of-sight. She barely heard the door close, though another thump in the hallway outside brought back the giggles. Though they eventually stopped too, once Nigel his kissed his way down past her belly button to concentrate on another very sensitive area, which left her weak-limbed and practically screaming out his name.

Bastard didn’t have to look so smug about it either.

Once she’d retaliated and lavished attention on every inch of his body (one area in particular that brought hoarse grunts for her efforts) and she’d ridden him right into a state of gibberish, they took a shower together. It was the first time his hands behaved themselves, for the most part, as Nigel insisted on scrubbing her down from head to toe. And perhaps lingered on a few select parts of her body just to make sure they were exceptionally clean. It goes without saying that she took him against the shower stall, falling water only adding to the enjoyment.

Lara strolled into the kitchen half an hour later, tee shirt and a pair of Nigel’s boxers clinging to her still-damp frame. Mick was already there, wrapped only in a towel, concentrating on getting the coffee maker to work. He, too, smelled shower fresh.

“Get some?”

“Of course. My arse is a bit sore, so try not to bump into me, luv.”

“Awe. Need a rub?”

“No one touches his ass but me, sorry dear.” Devon lurked in the archway, a pair of sweats making him marginally more dressed that Michael. There was an extremely satisfied grin on his face, which told volumes about why the actor’s behind was so tender.

“We could always do a three-way, kiddies,” Mick finally turned away from the machine, looking triumphant. The new gadget had been smuggled over a couple days before, since Caleb and Lucy were due back mid-week. Supposedly Lucy’s grandfather was recovering his strength at a rapid pace and would no longer require her presence indefinitely. Which meant Lara could go home soon.

Devon snorted a laugh, shaking his head. "You know I don't share well with others," he managed, obviously trying not to laugh, and failing miserably.

"Who are we sharing now?" It was Nigel from the doorway, wearing trousers and an unbuttoned dress shirt.

"We're taking your woman like cavemen, apparently."

"Well, just don't forget to tape it. A man’s got to have his vices.” He headed towards the fridge, pausing only to pull Lara against him and bestow yet another of those toe-curling kisses he was so good at. And damnit, her eyes blurred for a whole three seconds before she could see the smarmy grins Devon and Mick were giving each other.

“Hmm.” She glanced back towards her lover (and it sounded right in her head to dub him such), who was frowning at the contents of the ice box.

“Lara, I’m taking you out to dinner tonight. I think you look ravishing in that, “ he mean the robe, “but in deference to the public, I’d advise something that covers … things.” Nigel was grinning.

“This covers things, professor.”

“It does,” he allowed, “but if you keep wearing that, I’m going to take you right here on the fl—“

Lara was already dashing for the stairs, slipping neatly around Devon in her haste. What did she have that was nice enough to eat out in. It didn’t sound exactly right in her head either, that awkward turn of phrase that occasionally tripped her up. Some musician, eh? Shirt, pants, shirt, pants, sweats—aha! Tucked away in the back of the guest room’s closet were several dresses, a quick peek at the labels provided the owner’s name. Maternity clothing left over from Lucy’s pregnancy at a point where she’d had more curves than she did now. All three were made of muted colors, a deep burgundy, a pale green and a navy blue.

Lara tried on all three, then made her choice – grateful she carried a pair of low heels in her travel bag. It wasn’t until she’d applied a little bit of makeup, just to let Nigel know she’d made an effort to look half-way decent, and reached the top of the stairs that the butterflies hit.

Benny had never actually taken her on a real date before, they’d just screwed like rabbits here and there on the tour. But Nigel … oh, he was another story altogether. Nervously, she smoothed down the skirt of her dress, hoping she didn’t look like a complete idiot. Fancy dresses for an awards ceremony had nothing on a woman’s first date with…

She took one step, then another, until she’d conquered all but the last stair, a blush staining her cheeks. Mick was leaning against the bannister, mouth open and eyes wide. Lara glanced down, hoping the neckline of the velvet burgundy wasn’t too deep, or the skirt riding indecently up her thighs. Sure, it was still a bit snug but---

“I don’t think I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing such a lovely young woman,” Mick murmured, before reaching out to brush a curl behind one ear. “Go on, he’s waiting for you.” But not before he leaned over and planted a kiss against her forehead.

Hair hanging loose down her back, Lara squeezed his hand before wandering into the kitchen.

“Nigel? I’m ready…”

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