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Cast of Characters
A Night on the Town
Mon Apr 30, 2007 11:34

“It does,” he allowed, “but if you keep wearing that, I’m going to take you right here on the fl—”

Nigel stared as Lara ran off.

“So this is Nigel the Pimp? Where’s the hat?” Grabbing a handful of grapes from the fridge, the professor began pelting Devon, one by one. “Hey, hey, hey! Don’t go wasting perfectly good food there!” But the feeb was laughing, which was all the better for him. “Shouldn’t you be getting ready?” Oh, crap.

“Ooh, good point. So what do you think? Italian, French, Chinese—”

“Greek.” Nigel furrowed his brow. Greek? “Trust me. Plenty of finger foods to share.” Oh now that was brilliant! Why hadn’t he thought of that?

“Polo or dress shirt?” Oh, he didn’t like that scrutinizing look from the couple. If it wasn’t his brother he would’ve thought the pair of them were sizing him up like a piece of meat. Hell! They were!

“Dress shirt, jacket, and tie.” That was Mick piping up from the back, before nudging Nigel away from the fridge. “Dear, do you want to order Chinese or… Greek, tonight?” Oh, that was a fiendish tone.

Without further adieu, Nigel rushed up the stairs before he witnessed fornication taking place atop the kitchen counters. Ew, his brother had sex with Mick! Gag. He could hear Lara down the hall, rummaging about, though the sound was severely muted. Well, he had a few suits here, considering school was about to be running again. Soon, as in tomorrow. He cringed at the thought, but at least the break was over.

After cleaning up and doing a quick shave – God bless electric razors! – Nigel hopped into a simple charcoal gray suit, maroon dress shirt, both accompanied by a tie that was a darker shade than his shirt. A spritz of aftershave, and then he was done! After so many years of rushing after a… liaison in the morning, Nigel had the art of getting ready in under ten minutes down pat. Hell, he even managed to get downstairs before Lara! Outstanding.

“Well don’t you look spiffy,” Devon murmured, pointing at the professor with a stick of celery, before biting the end off of it. “She’ll probably be down in a second; Mick is salivating at the thought of her all gussied up.” Now that earned a smirk. And she was his! Well, sort of. Were… Were they dating? Ew, sticky gray area, that was no good. Pushing it aside, he resolved to tackle the problem later. For now…

“Nigel? I’m ready…”

What he saw absolutely took his breath away.

He recognized the dress almost immediately, considering whose house they were in. Luciana had developed a surprising amount of curves during her pregnancy, which didn’t quite suit her – or her closet for that matter – but Lara… Holy shit. He didn’t say that aloud, did he?

“You look beautiful.” Now that Nigel managed to say with his usual amount of confidence, gently drawing Lara forward before placing a lingering kiss on her obviously made-up lips. The rest of her face looked clean, except for a bit of mascara and the like for eye enhancement. God, why the hell was that so sexy? “Mmm…” Suddenly he drew a deep breath and pulled back a bit, muttering something about a vile temptress. “Ready to go?” Oh, they were both ready all right. Just not for the course at the restaurant.

It was his own damn fault for suggesting it. But Lara needed to get out of the house. How long had she been cooped up in here with a guy she was boinking, and two guys that were boinking one another? Ew, brother having sex! Ew ew ew!

Imagine Lara’s surprised when he opted to drive down Broadway and turned down Walker before making that freaky u-turn to Hudson. She was eyeing him curiously, right until he pulled up to the front door of a not-so-quaint restaurant. Public, but quiet, and could be very discreet when the occasion called for it. Like now.

Inside there was a perfectly coifed hostess, asking for his name and number in the party. Long wait. For once, Nigel didn’t think about dallying in getting a table. Yes, he greased the wheels of culinary justice with a few greens. So what? It afforded them a table off on one side of the restaurant, where there was little foot traffic and plenty of privacy. This he could definitely get used to, just not on his salary. He had been here a few times, mainly with alumni functionaries. Ew. At least this time it would be enjoyable!

“May I?” Nigel actually held out her chair after doffing Lara’s coat and laying it over the back of his own chair? Apparently he thought this was being considerate, while others viewed him as a lady killer. But already the waiter came by for drink choices – though he only ordered a club soda – and… Menus! The staff here was ‘cold’, in a way, but the food was so worth it. As noted by the perfunctory manner in which their waiter treated them when he returned. The man with an accent. Hrm.

“Love, would you like me to order?” Lara’s eyes had been darting across the menu, in some cases sticking with the photographs of certain dishes. So not everyone understood Greek, what was the big deal? Though at his question she bobbed her head slightly, and was that… Was she blushing?! No, it had to be the lighting. Of course, thankfully for the waiter with the heavy accent and the woman accompanying the professor, Nigel ordered. In Greek.

What he loved about Lara is she didn’t gawk or stare. Only a tad startled at the beginning before giving him a smirk and light kick on the shin. Other women he had gone out with in the past and ended up doing just that? It suddenly turned into a game of ‘Let’s worship the professor now’! It drove him absolutely bonkers and up the wall.

“It’s pretty quiet here tonight,” Nigel commented, clasping one of Lara’s hands across the table in an absent gesture. “I promise, the food is worth all the hassle in the world—” Ring ring. Ring ring. “Oh you have got to be kidding me.” Two seconds later the cell was at his ear. “What?”

Are you two playing footsie under the table yet? Argh!

“Make Devon stop being so annoying, please?” How could anyone resist the puppy dog expression when he held out the phone like that? And just for good measure, Nigel did start playing footsie, if only briefly. Hah, take that you bastard!

From there it was small talk. Nigel asked what Singularity’s big plans were for the upcoming year, and he got a diatribe about music. But it couldn’t be helped, Lara absolutely gushed when talking about the subject. It was adorable – though he would probably be kicked for saying that. His schooling always stayed the same, and he said as much when she asked. But there was an upcoming possibility of going across the pond for researching. Now that was exciting to him. To each their own!

Neither stumbled across the topic of Benny, for obvious reasons. Not so much that Lara had ‘dated’ him, but his dependencies… Well, those weren’t so great. But it was nice enjoying conversation with Lara outside the house. It felt more intimate somehow.

Amazingly, Nigel found himself wanting… more of the same.

“Would you stop bothering them? They’re trying to be a nice heterosexual couple and conform to society.”

Devon started laughing at Mick, unfortunately while on the telephone, and quickly hung up afterwards. His little bastard, and that was exactly what the Brit was. But even with their ups and downs through the last year, he wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world. Not even how things were when he was an NYC cop. And that was a starting revelation.

“See? Stopped bothering them,” Devon murmured, crawling to the other end of the sofa to plant a kiss at the base of Mick’s throat. Both were still in a healthy state of undress, just how he liked it. “The kids are gone, won’t be back until late…” Everything was punctuated by a little kiss down the actor’s torso while his hands became busy elsewhere. Like pulling the waistband of Mick’s pants down just a little further…

“Gentle now, love…” Oh, was that a hiss? The federal agent grinned to himself, or not so much to himself than at Mick’s stomach, before pulling something out from beneath a sofa cushion. That infamous white tube of personal lubricant; something that every couple – heterosexual or otherwise – learns to worship during their relationships. But instead of doing something with it, Devon placed the item not so discreetly upon Mick’s chest, and tapped it.

And just when the man was about to ready himself…

“No.” No? The Brit looked as equally perplexed as some phantom readers out there, all things considered. “Me.” Wait, you? Yes, Devon! His was a sly grin, considering this never – literally never – happened. He and Mick had been so close on the threshold of embarking into the world of fornication before his friends had toyed with him. But it had been long enough to work on those personal demons, thank you very much.

Mick’s expression was all carnality, practically pouncing on poor, unsuspecting Devon. Yeah, right. The agent in question laughed – a lot – right until it was cut short with a well placed hand and mouth. “Oh jeez—”

Thud. Wait, thud? There it came again, from the back of the house. Something fell after the sound came around a third time, along with footfalls. The couple was off the sofa in a flash, though. Mick went one way, Devon circled behind him, weapons snatched up along the way. Hey, they may enjoy being with one another, but that did not mean they were stupid!

“Son of a…”

“Benny!” Devon practically – maybe screeched wasn’t the right word, but close enough. Sighing, he motioned for Mick to take care of it while reaching for the phone on the kitchen countertop. That was the second night in a row! And after dialing a few numbers, he told the man on the other end of the line as much.

That’s it. Tomorrow he’s getting cleaned up.

“And tonight?”

He needs to learn a lesson. Perhaps Michael could…?

“Fine, I’ll tell him. Good night, Dad.” Hanging up the phone, he stared at Benny, who was now seated thanks to Mick’s not-so-gentle remonstrations, and shook his head. “Dad says he’s all yours.”

“Oh? He said that?” Don’t act so aloof, Mick, it doesn’t fit you.

“Benny gets cleaned up starting tomorrow. But maybe he needs a reminder?”

“Whachoo talkin’ ‘bout?” Ah, the slurs of a drunken little brother. Fantastic.

“Just don’t leave any scars, love.”

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