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J's mom
Support for all
Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:57

It seems this board has hit a summer slow down. Some of us have posted concerns about topics, new channels of communication, and other such things.

I still find great comfort in this particular board. My kiddo is 11, going on 30 with emotions of a toddler some days. No one else is in our particular situation (that I know of) but I do crave the support from others who have HG/PG kiddos.

The issues and concerns I had when J was preschool age are still the same concerns I have now. Will he fit in with age peers at camp, how will his academics end up, how am I going to keep up and what about my friends? I still have the same general issues, just a bigger kiddo and more logistics.

I hope this board stays active as it's been a great resource.

Also if anyone wants to share summer plans feel free to start a new thread!

    • summerCrystal, Sun Jun 17 03:43
      DD 15 has a really short summer this year and pretty much committed every day of it. She's working as a camp aide at her youth theatre the first 4 weeks and then finish with 4 weeks of studying and... more
    • summer & bragDinky's Mom, Fri Jun 15 13:47
      We have been scrambling ever since Theater Youth Conference. Because of the fires last fall our children's theater took a nose dive. We were so excited when Dinky was asked to take a show to... more
      • SumerDonna, Sat Jun 16 10:51
        A's doing dance classes this summer-she's doing ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pom, and tumbling right now, and she will be officially participating in Piano camp for the first time (I've taught there... more
    • summer plansChristine, Fri Jun 15 07:37
      We're going to Williamsburg, VA on Monday. We live in Southeastern PA, so the drive is relatively easy. Our children are 6 and 8 and we all love history, museums and sightseeing. The kids will love... more
      • Summer Plansj's mom, Mon Jun 18 09:27
        Ok- I'm game. We are in limbo. We just relocated to the mid west and I'm on the job hunt. J is taking a robotics class at the library this week, and a computer/robotics class next week as well. He... more
        • Re: Summer PlansS&J, Tue Jun 19 09:39
          You got out of here just in time. It is the worst summer in years! I hope you enjoy your new home. we will miss you guys, but want you to realize new and greater opportunities. As for plans, it is... more
          • Re: Summer PlansJ's mom, Tue Jun 19 19:08
            We miss you... drop me and email and we can chat. Obviously the group is no more. Maybe someone will pick up the idea in the fall. FWIW - there is an awesome tween/HS group where I am.
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