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Dinky's Mom
summer & brag
Fri Jun 15, 2012 13:47

We have been scrambling ever since Theater Youth Conference. Because of the fires last fall our children's theater took a nose dive. We were so excited when Dinky was asked to take a show to Conference. Quick brag...she swept the award ceremony Sun. night. She made All Star Cast for her second year in a row and this year also took home the Spirit Award. Plus a few small acknowledgements for best costume at dance(her favorite because she went as Sherlock Holmns) and her solo in the talent show. She's a very happy girl. Last years awards were bitter sweet because her best bud at the time cried on the way home from the awards. This year was much more joyous.

We have been in a hurry to sign up for Jazz summer intensive and get registered for her 5th year of environmental camp. Now that DH is on the mend and will be going back to work we have also included a local art class. (Even though I'm an artist, apparently I am not allowed to teach Dinky Art!) She also has her flex class from CTY in writing which will go all summer long. Plus DH has plans to take her to a big venue rock concert out of town this summer. I will be remembering to pack the ear plugs.

She's struggling with having friends lately. She's starting to experience the back biting little girls can do. She thinks finding a friend who is a stronger personality might be the answer. So I suspect our summer will include trying to hook up w/ some of our church friends we don't see as often. Wish us luck. I wish she could have a best friend.

  • Support for allJ's mom, Thu Jun 14 11:57
    It seems this board has hit a summer slow down. Some of us have posted concerns about topics, new channels of communication, and other such things. I still find great comfort in this particular... more
    • summerCrystal, Sun Jun 17 03:43
      DD 15 has a really short summer this year and pretty much committed every day of it. She's working as a camp aide at her youth theatre the first 4 weeks and then finish with 4 weeks of studying and... more
    • summer & brag — Dinky's Mom, Fri Jun 15 13:47
      • SumerDonna, Sat Jun 16 10:51
        A's doing dance classes this summer-she's doing ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pom, and tumbling right now, and she will be officially participating in Piano camp for the first time (I've taught there... more
    • summer plansChristine, Fri Jun 15 07:37
      We're going to Williamsburg, VA on Monday. We live in Southeastern PA, so the drive is relatively easy. Our children are 6 and 8 and we all love history, museums and sightseeing. The kids will love... more
      • Summer Plansj's mom, Mon Jun 18 09:27
        Ok- I'm game. We are in limbo. We just relocated to the mid west and I'm on the job hunt. J is taking a robotics class at the library this week, and a computer/robotics class next week as well. He... more
        • Re: Summer PlansS&J, Tue Jun 19 09:39
          You got out of here just in time. It is the worst summer in years! I hope you enjoy your new home. we will miss you guys, but want you to realize new and greater opportunities. As for plans, it is... more
          • Re: Summer PlansJ's mom, Tue Jun 19 19:08
            We miss you... drop me and email and we can chat. Obviously the group is no more. Maybe someone will pick up the idea in the fall. FWIW - there is an awesome tween/HS group where I am.
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