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Sat Jun 16, 2012 10:51

A's doing dance classes this summer-she's doing ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pom, and tumbling right now, and she will be officially participating in Piano camp for the first time (I've taught there the last several years, and A's always hung out with the grad students in the office-although she's been creeping into more and more camp activities each year.) She'll be the youngest there, but the music school chair can't see any reason to not make official what's been the case for the last couple of years anyway. She's planning activities to do with various friends from different groups-and trying to pick activities to do with them (things like "I want to invite A and M and we can make jewelry, and S. can come over and we can paint frogs and make a pocket frogs home edition!" based on shared interests, which I'm more than willing to support because she's really trying to find common bonds instead of complaining that they're not interested in what she wants to do.

She's working through the middle school strands of mathletics and Key to Algebra this summer. She'll be taking her first online class this fall and is looking forward to it.

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