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Sun Jul 15, 2012 00:34

Agree with Crystal that colleges do not look at early SAT scores, only the ones taken at the time of application. Since most kids improve over time (with more math instruction and more vocabulary), it would be unusual to use an early score for college entrance.

If you are thinking she would start taking regular college courses in the near future, you should check with the college of interet since they may have different testing requirements or for how long the scores are good for. My son took the SAT in 7th grade, and while he qualified for CTY, he still did so much better in 11th grade that we did not consider using the 7th grade scores. I never really thought about whether the middle school scores could be used for college, but not sure why they couldn't be.

Once she has taken the SAT, you can request a score report at any time from the Collegeboard sent to each college of choice. There is a fee involved.

Once she takes the SAT you may start getting college mailings based on her scores.

  • Early SAT testingDinky's Mom, Wed Jul 11 17:18
    After reviewing our CTY status. I'm trying to decide what the best course of testing will be. I was prepared for Dinky to take the SAT next year, before she turned 12. Found out they are offering a... more
    • SAT — dnasmom, Sun Jul 15 00:34
      • If you're considering DavidsonDonna, Fri Jul 20 18:23
        The SAT is a qualifying test, while the SCAT isn't, so that might figure into your choices. I admit that, given A's propensity for maxing out any test she's given, there's some wicked part of me that ... more
        • Davidson?Dinky's Mom, Mon Jul 23 20:36
          What does Davidson have?
    • Eary SATCrystal, Wed Jul 11 20:38
      DD took the SAT at age 11 for CTY. The scores were strictly for eligibility for CTY and were not reported to universities and aren't part of her official schooling record at all. Unless you are... more
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