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If you're considering Davidson
Fri Jul 20, 2012 18:23

The SAT is a qualifying test, while the SCAT isn't, so that might figure into your choices.

I admit that, given A's propensity for maxing out any test she's given, there's some wicked part of me that is sorely tempted to hand her an SAT practice test and see how she does. I'm hoping Belin-Blank will let her take the EXPLORE this year just so I can get a better idea of gaps (EXPLORE specifically BECAUSE it's accepted by DYS, and I'd much rather use less expensive talent search tests rather than have to pay for private testing, since the tests the local school district did apparently count for nothing but their program-which is basically nonexistent).

  • SATdnasmom, Sun Jul 15 00:34
    Agree with Crystal that colleges do not look at early SAT scores, only the ones taken at the time of application. Since most kids improve over time (with more math instruction and more vocabulary),... more
    • If you're considering Davidson — Donna, Fri Jul 20 18:23
      • Davidson?Dinky's Mom, Mon Jul 23 20:36
        What does Davidson have?
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