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Are anyone else's kids doing Athena's Academy?
Fri Aug 17, 2012 08:50

A. did orientation for her first online class and LOVED it-there was one point when the instructor got locked out temporarily and the kids were all chatting with each other, and she discovered a lot of common interests. What's more, the last couple of days it's like she's lost her nervousness-she's discovered that she's NOT the only gifted kid out there, and suddenly she's more willing to go for it. Her tumbling coach commented last night that she came back from a month off and it was like she'd gained a year in skills, because suddenly she wasn't scared anymore, and I think that confidence has everything to do with being in a chatroom of 7-10 yr olds online and asking "I'm starting algebra, anyone else?" and getting responses of "Me too! I love math!!!".

    • Hi Donna- Glad to see you around and so glad A is finding her niche. J is still doing online classes but not AA. I took a gander over to the website and the program wont be a good fit for him but... more
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