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National spelling bee "Family" registration?
Tue Aug 28, 2012 08:23

I don't know that our homeschool group has enough interested participants to actually do a school level bee, and I see on the site that homeschoolers can register (for $89-Yikes!) as individuals. Has anyone done this? There is a homeschool preliminary in the area, but it's run by a group that requires a statement of faith that I'm not comfortable signing, and since they go by age/grade, DD isn't actually eligible to do their national bee preliminary-and won't be until she's 12 or so-by which time I suspect she'll have run afoul of the national bee's "number of high school classes" rule, because she's pretty solidly on middle school level content NOW, and starting to do more outside classes.

    • Spelling Beednasmom, Tue Aug 28 10:02
      No help on the spelling bee, but glad to see you here and reading that your dd is doing so well (in your other post). Do HSers have to go through a "Bee"? In our town the spelling bee is not school... more
      • spelling beeJ's mom, Tue Aug 28 16:48
        In my area the 'spelling bee' qualifies as an after school activity and is open to homeschoolers. (no different than theater try outs, soccer team, computer club etc). I would contact your local... more
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