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Spelling Bee
Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:02

No help on the spelling bee, but glad to see you here and reading that your dd is doing so well (in your other post). Do HSers have to go through a "Bee"?

In our town the spelling bee is not school sponsored. I think its the junior woman's club or something that does it. Maybe there are organizations in your town or your area that run a Bee.

  • I don't know that our homeschool group has enough interested participants to actually do a school level bee, and I see on the site that homeschoolers can register (for $89-Yikes!) as individuals. Has ... more
    • Spelling Bee — dnasmom, Tue Aug 28 10:02
      • spelling beeJ's mom, Tue Aug 28 16:48
        In my area the 'spelling bee' qualifies as an after school activity and is open to homeschoolers. (no different than theater try outs, soccer team, computer club etc). I would contact your local... more
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